CVS CarePass Customer Service – How Do I Talk to a Live Person?

CVS (Consumer Value Stores) is owned by CVS Health Organization. The company has developed since its start and outgrown itself in eyes of patients, customers, and various communities. This company is efficient in providing and helping folks to get a better health routine. However, CYS (Consumer Value Stores) is dedicated to limited customers so the ones can have access to reasonably priced medicines, and other prescriptions.

You must have come across this article looking for a phone number or ways to connect with CVS CarePass Customer Service. To be precise, you have landed in the right place. We have added all the required details in this article to connect with CVS customer service.

CVS CarePass customer service

Let’s have a look.

What is CVS CarePass?

CYS (Consumer Value Stores) provides a membership program to its customers. It is a free membership program for all CYS pharmacy customers. CVS CarePass is available nationwide to all customers and their families. The CarePass members can avail themselves of interactive bonuses and incentives throughout the year.

CVS CarePass

This membership can be applied online or by visiting any CYS pharmacy store.

How to connect with CVS CarePass Customer Service?

We know that CVS comes under the best pharmacy stores in the United States. The best service provides the best customer service as well. Meanwhile, the patient can connect with them at any time for any emergency or help.

The patients can follow the below-given steps to connect with CVS Customer Service.

  • First, open the smartphone and dial this number 1 800 746 7287.
  • Wait on the line until the call gets connected to the customer service executive.
  • Once the call gets connected, share your issues with a live executive.

Main Menu: 

  • Press the button ‘1.’ for the store information, or speak ‘store information.’
  • Press the button ‘2.’ for the information regarding CVS rewards or bonus, or speak ‘extra care.’
  • Press the button ‘3.’ for the latest store experience, or speak ‘store feedback.’
  • Press the button ‘4.’ for help regarding the website or mobile application, or speak ‘’ or ‘mobile support.’
  • Press the button ‘5.’ for assistance or queries related to curbside pickup, or speak ‘curbside.’
  • Press the button ‘6.’ for questions regarding care pass, or speak ‘care pass.’
  • Press the button ‘7.’ for more options, or speak ‘more choices.’
  • Press the button ‘0.’ to speak with the customer service agent, or speak ‘agent.’

Representative Hours:

CVS CarePass customer service is available between 8 AM to 10 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday to Friday. The customer can even connect with the customer service on Saturday and Sunday between 10 AM to 6:30 PM (EST).

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CVS (Consumer Value Stores) is owned by CVS Health Organization. CYS (Consumer Value Stores) is all dedicated to limited customers who can have access to reasonably priced medicines, and other prescriptions. However, this article is solely related to connecting with CVS Customer Service. 

In this article, we have added everything that one needs to know for contacting CarePass customer service. We hope it does help.

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