Gold Rate in Mumbai Today And How Gold Price In Determined In Mumbai

India is the largest consumer in gold. Up down of gold rates depends on its international market. So the movement of gold prices in the global market has a massive crash on the prices in India. Clearly, one of the most significant factors that influence the Mumbai gold market is international factors. Gold Rate in Mumbai Today can be resolute as follows:

  1. The movement of the gold price in Mumbai is mostly dependent on the fixed prices by bullion jewelers of India. The fix the costs based on a few things.
  • The rates which are determined by the major dealers in Mumbai
  • The local importing are one of the most significant factors
  • Some dealers decide the prices based on a formula that arrived through the MCX’s futures market. This is the main factor of how gold price changes in Mumbai.

2. Supply pressure pushes the gold price in Mumbai higher. For example, for the last few years, the production has faced some severe declines. Here these declines are real of exaggerated difficult to ascertain. Indeed, this could lead the prices moving higher in not only Mumbai but also in many cities of the world.

3. Mining activities can also affect prices. If the mining activities deteriorate, obvious, there will be seen some supply constraints, which is the reason for decreasing the gold price in Mumbai.

4. If the melting of gold can push the supply to rise higher, the prices of gold in Mumbai will fall.

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Which Is Better: Invest On Gold Or Any Immovable Asset

Gold Rate in Mumbai

In the market situation, if we discover that real estate price is lower than the gold price, then real estate will be the better option, only if you have any long term plan.

Gold is a worldwide asset, and you can purchase it anytime, anywhere. You can buy gold when the market price is low and when the market price is high; earn the right amount by selling.

Gold Rate Today In Mumbai

You should always check the current gold price in Mumbai, before buying it. There are many old gold shops that are running from any generations in Mumbai. You can get the best rate of gold there.

The gold rate today in Mumbai is Rs. 3750 per gram.

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Last 10-Day Price Rate In Mumbai

Date 22ct 24ct
24 Nov 2019 Rs. 37500 Rs. 38500
23 Nov 2019 Rs. 37400 Rs. 38400
22 Nov 2019 Rs. 37450 Rs. 38450
21 Nov 2019 Rs. 37540 Rs. 38540
20 Nov 2019 Rs. 37340 Rs. 38340
19 Nov 2019 Rs. 37400 Rs. 38400
18 Nov 2019 Rs. 37340 Rs. 38340
17 Nov 2019 Rs. 37400 Rs. 38400
16 Nov 2019 Rs. 37520 Rs. 38520
15 Nov 2019 Rs. 37150 Rs. 38150


Usually, gold prices in Mumbai are much cheaper than any other city. The prices are fixed by the association here. As the gold price, today in Mumbai is cheaper than the other days. Even nowadays, investment demand for gold is surging across the globe. It’s a great idea always to park some money to invest in gold.

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