Andhra Bank Net Banking Register and Login Process for New Users !!

Andhra bank is also offering services like net banking to their account holders to make the transaction easy as well as hassle-free. Gone those days when you have to suffer the long waits just to get the update about your bank. You can easily do it with services like these. Check steps to Andhra Bank Net Banking Register and Login below.

Well, the bank needs certain things from you before you start the process, the first thing is you need to be an account holder with the Andhra bank. You also need to make sure, or in case you haven’t then done it now, register your number with the bank. Not just it’s important to get the updates regarding on your accent or notifications, but with all process need OTP or one-time password. The OTP is only sent to the number which is register with the bank. If you have the number registered already then make sure that you have the number with you

Once you have it all, you can simply start the activation and login process of net banking.


 How can you Log in?

Well, the login to the account is not hassle filled, you just need to visit the website of the bank and login. However, if you are going for the first time, you are going to need to follow certain steps. To your help, here are the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official bank ‘s website
  • You will get an option. mostly available on the right side of your screen
  • Click on the option retail login tab. You will get here two options, one for Andhra bank corporate login and second for Retail users. You need to choose the type of account you hold
  • Click on the option which says continue log in to net banking. It will take you to the login page of the bank
  • Now enter your id and password for net banking
  • You successfully log in, and now you can use the services

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How to Login If you are not Registered Andhra Bank Net Banking?

Well if you haven’t registered your account yet, then you need to follow certain steps before your login.

  • Visit the official webpage of the bank
  • Here you will get the options like retail users and corporate login; you must choose one to continue
  • Now get the continue login for a net banking option. here you will get the login page
  • Well, those who are not register need to click on register for internet banking
  • It will take you to another page where you have to enter a few information including your customer ID Andhra bank, what’s your access type as it can be transaction access or view access. Now you need to confirm for continuing the process. Enter your ATM card number and continue
  • Here you will get the OTP on your phone.  Note: you get it only If you have registered the number already with the bank. And make sure you have the number with yourself
  • Enter the OTP on asked space and continue
  • Enter the login password to activate the process successfully
  • Now you need to add some more credentials to log in as well as getting the access of the net banking services.

How to Reset your Password for Net Banking?

There are some points where you forget the password or its also recommended to keep your password change once in a while for protection. Well, in both case, here are your steps to follow:

  • Visit the website
  • Choose the account type
  • Continue with clicking on continuing to internet banking
  • Now go with a set or reset the login password
  • Give your customer ID, mobile number, etc. and now continue
  • Now enter the OTP which you get on the phone number registered with the bank
  • Here you will get the page to add a new password
  • Make sure you don’t add easy password but not hard enough to forget it again. Also, don’t note it anywhere in case of misplacing or getting caught in wrong hands
  • Once you are done, click on coniform
  • Now you can go back to the login page, continue with the new password you just set.

What are the Benefits?

Well, the bank is offering numerous benefits to their account holders in order to make sure that they are enjoying their experience with the Andhra bank.  However, to know more, here are the points which you can consider:


The service is not just simple but also keep it user-friendly. Also, you don’t have a personal visit to your bank every time you need to do some bank work or transactions. Simply use the service and get our service done without any issue

Easy to Access:

The account holder can easily use the service, depending on what kind of device they are using, you can use the laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet. The service is compatible with anything. Apart from that, you can use the service anywhere you like without getting worried about your location 

Reduce Paperwork and Time Waste:

The entire thing is competed based on real-time, which makes the need for paperwork almost zero. Not just that with the services you don’t have to wait or stand for a long period. Apart from this, you don’t have to interact with any person either.

Pay Bills:

The Andhra bank has a wide range when it comes to services, covering all the important need of the account holder. You can pay bills using the service; it includes water bills, electricity bills, etc.

24×7 Availability:

With the service, you don’t have to wait for anything or bank working days. You can simply use it anywhere and anytime. Apart from this, you can even use it on holidays or on Sundays too. It gives you complete availability of operating.


Andhra bank is one of the known names when it comes to top banks in this country. Well, they have different services which cover the requirements and the need for account holders. Once you successfully complete the steps of registration for internet banking with the bank, then you can simply use their internet banking services without any hassle.

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