How To Check Your SBI Bank CIF Number Online – Quick Guide

State Bank of India is the most popular and leading nationalized bank in the country that has several branches all over the nation. This bank offers numerous services to all the customers including different banking transactions like withdrawal, deposits, providing credit or debit cards for online processing and a lot more. The bank lets the users create an account in any of the branches and allow them to make different sorts of transactions either online or offline. When you create a new SBI account, the bank officials ask all the details of that particular person.

After authorizing all those particulars of the person, they will create an account, issue a passbook, debit card or ATM card, online baking or net banking details and much more. As there are millions of account holders across the nation, the CIF number is allocated to all the users. Using this unique number, the customers can view their account related statements with much ease. Here, in this post, we have come up with a detailed guide that helps the users to check your SBI account CIF number via Online and Offline modes. Have a look!

SBI CIF Number


What is CIF Number:

One of the significant features in modern banking services is CIF. CIF is an acronym for Customer Information File. CIF is a unique number given to each and every account holder in SBI bank. CIF number actually related to the file on the system that comprises of various personal and account related information of all the customers in a bank. CIF is a crucial number for all the banks using which the customer can easily check out their account statements and other account related details. If you want to know your CIF number from SBI bank, there are different solutions to find it. In this post, we have come up with a detailed step by step tutorial to find out your SBI CIF number with much ease. Check it out!

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5 Methods to View Your CIF Number in SBI Account:

There are four different ways that enable the users to find their CIF number in SBI account. Till now, you have understood the significance of the CIF number in SBI bank account. Now, you can get to know the simple methods that help the customers to view or get their CIF number in SBI account.

Method 1: Get CIF Number through Internet Banking:

We all know that internet banking has gained immense popularity in the current era. Most of the people are executing their online transactions through net banking. It is even possible to find your SBI bank CIF number through your net banking account. Follow the simple steps provided below to find out your CIF number from SBI bank via online mode:

  • First of all, go to the official web portal of SBI at
  • Click on the button that says Continue to Login.

SBI Online Login

  • Tick the checkbox of Personal Banking that appears on the screen.
  • You need to enter your username and password in the provided fields and hit the login button.
  • After landing on your SBI account online, you need to click on the section that says ‘Account Summary’.
  • You can then click on ‘View Nomination and PAN details’ present on the screen.

SBI Internet Banking

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  • On this page, the customer can see the CIF number, nominee registration, PAN Card number, and other essential details.

SBI CIF Number

  • You can also see the CIF number on the account information section alongside the account number and the balance in your SBI account.
  • This is the easy process to access your SBI CIF number via online mode.

Method 2: Get SBI CIF Number Offline on SBI Passbook:

Another mode of finding CIF number is through an offline method. The users can easily find out the CIF number of their SBI bank by using the following ways offline: The customers can easily find out their CIF number from their SBI passbook. The users can check the number that appears at the top of the passbook. You can see the number above the SBI account number. In some cases, the SBI bank doesn’t print the CIF number on their passbook. In such a case, there are some other alternatives to find it out in offline mode.

Method 3: Obtain CIF Number on SBI Cheque Book:

The bank offers the Cheque book for all the customers at the time of new account opening in SBI. The customers can find out the CIF number that appears on their checkbook. Usually, the CIF number printed on the first page of the checkbook. The customers can visit the SBI branch nearby in person and know your CIF number. Make sure that you carry your ID proof along with your account passbook.

Method 4: Get CIF Number through E-Statement:

If you don’t have a net banking account online then, you can use your email address. For this method, you need to register your bank account with your email address. You can easily send a request for e-statement through SMS. From the e-statement, you can find your CIF number. All you need to do is to send an SMS from your registered mobile number and get the e-statement. Once you get an e-statement, you can open the PDF file and view your CIF number easily.

SBI Online

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Method 5: Get CIF Number via SBI Anywhere App:

The customers can easily get their SBI account CIF number using State Bank Anywhere application. Follow the simple steps provided below:

  • First of all, log into your SBI Anywhere personal application.

SBI CIF number

  • From the homepage of the app, the users can open the ‘Services’ tab.

SBI Online App

  • You can then hit the option Online Nomination under the services tab.
  • From the next screen, you can choose the transaction amount in the account type.

SBI CIF Number

  • Choose your account number and view your CIF number.

Final Words:

That’s all! These are the 4 simple methods that enable the customers to check their SBI account CIF number. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section.

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