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JK Bank- Striving For Excellence – Most of us are quite familiar with the bank, a safe place to keep your money, a place where you can have an account to send or receive monetary aids. Apart from these, a bank like any other business strives to make the most of the money. The different aspects maybe like to pay bills, acquiring a loan for buying a house, car, for education and so on. Below are the steps to register JK bank net banking online.

The Basic Function Of The Bank- Acquiring The Funds

The basic strategy that the bank applies is by paying people a small amount of money to lend them and then lending that amount onto others for large margin profits.

For example, you want to buy a car and hence applies for a loan in a bank. The bank will lend you money for the interest of about 7-8% and thus will take the money from any of the savings accounts and give it to the borrower. When the borrower pays back the money along with interest, the bank returns about 2% to the savings account holder while keeps the rest of the share with themselves. Hence they acquire money and take their business forward.

JK Bank – Profile:


It is known as a universal bank in Jammu and Kashmir and functions as a conventional specialized bank like any other bank in the rest of the country. It is a private sector bank in the state that has a direct connection with RBI (Reserve Bank of India). It follows an integrated system to seek increased lending of people’s savings and to acquire a high margin profit in its functions at the same time. It embraces ingenuity in their approach and seeks social empowerment in banking. Moreover, it also provides financial solutions for small, medium, and large organizations across the state as well as from other states too. It has branches all over the country with ATM machinery to deposit money to your loved ones in J&K and vice-versa.

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JK Bank Digital Banking- Next Generation Banking:

Technology always remained as the thrust area of the bank as well as for other organizations too. The digital sector is well renowned in any business sector and so as in the banking domain also. Online banking and digital banking are the two significant areas in banking which promise a better future in this sector. Though internet banking comes under the roof of digital banking but will boost the economy soon. It is a strategic tool which is exploited mainly by the bank to improve the efficiency in providing the services to the customers of J&K. The primary motto of digital banking is to enhance the customer-friendly services by optimizing the 24×7 availability, multi portal banking gateways, and so on. Thus the bank comprises the following core elements in digital sectors-

  • ATM Services

Under this service, a network of ATMs is installed primarily in all states of the country. The ATMs of this bank accepts all kinds of cards like Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, other debit cards, additional credit cards, NPCI based ATM cards. The ATMs of this bank offers a wide range of features like 24-hour availability and accessibility of cash in the ATM. You can view your bank balance and mini statements through your debit cards in the ATM; you can set your ATM pin as per your convenience in the ATM. Moreover, the ATMs are installed mainly all over the states of the country. Hence if you have an account in this bank(JK Bank), then you can access money from any ATM located in any part of the country.

  • Internet Banking

Internet banking is the most convenient element in banking. It is significant for both corporate and general retail customers You can easily view the bank account or send money to the account without standing in massive queues under the roof of the internet.

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Basic Requirements To Experience JK Bank Net Banking Facility:

  1. Account number associated with the bank
  2. Mobile number or E-mail linked with the bank
  3. Debit card- For authentication

Utilities of JK Bank Internet Banking

  1. You have a free of access for your bank account.
  2. You can transfer money between J&K bank account holders and to other non-J&K bank account holders all over the country.
  3. You can pay utility bills like power development department bills for J&K state.
  4. Lastly, you can access the statement of your account

How to Register for J&K Online Banking Service?

Following are the necessary steps that need to be followed to experience the user-friendly operation of online banking.

  1. Firstly, you have to provide your account number along with Date of birth details. Instead of giving the date of birth details, you can also give the pan card details.
  2. Then you must enter the OTP (One time password) received on your registered mobile number or Email.
  3. Authenticate by providing the debit card details.
  4. Set or generate your login and transaction passwords and user ids as per your convenience
  5. Use the generated user id and password to login to your net banking. It will take roughly around 48 hrs for your account to remain updated.
  • Mobile Banking

To improve or enhance the efficiency you can use mobile banking which is the most user-friendly banking application to date. It provides the best portability and flexibility elements that are major game changers in these sectors. Apart from providing better and efficient services, mobile banking offers the following features

  1. Interbank money transfer using NEFT and RTGS
  2. Mini statement
  3. Mobile to mobile money transfer
  4. ATM locator services
  5. Money transfer using IMPS
  • BHIM Aadhaar Pay- J&K Bank App

It is a digital application where the customers or merchants can receive funds through Aadhaar authentication. Based on this authentication, the money is transferred mainly through Aadhaar linked customer accounts to merchants account. The best part of this is that you don’t have to carry a debit card.


Thus with the emerging technology, you can access the efficient banking solutions for your savings. With coming years, online banking will change the current version of banking and will increase the user-friendly approach for better services. Moreover, J&K online banking through a range of its support services will try to harness the ingenuity like approach and will try to preserve the efficient banking solutions from the J&K to other states and within its boundaries. This is the JK Bank Net Banking and It’s services.

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