Why Land Patta is a Vital Legal Document for Ownership of Land?

The following blog post explains the importance of having the legal document for land ownership called a ‘Patta’. It stresses how important document proof it becomes when there are issues of land ownership. Check the detailed guide on Why Land Patta Importance for Ownership of Land below.

All your Doubt is What is Patta?

Patta is a legal document with a record of revenue. It is an excerpt from the Land registry, generally maintained at the Tahsildar office. Patta acts as an instrument showcasing ownership of property. It shall be given on behalf of the person or individuals on whose name the ownership documents exist.

There are also three levels of documents supporting title claims–title documents, authorizations, or other municipal records and records for revenue. Patta may be received for three purchases, depending on the nature of the land and its possession.

Why a Patta is Important?

Land Patta

The issuance of Patta means that you own the land lawfully. It is given on behalf of the owner or, in the case of a joint venture, in favor of the partnership.

Even if the state wants to buy land, payment must be given to the holder of Patta, as the holder of Patta has the first right to own the property. If the property is sold, Patta will be the primary claimant to the property’s ownership.

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Steps to Attain Patta?

  1. Visit the Tahsildar office and submit the form of a simple requisition to get the Patta to the respected officer.
  2. Enclose all documents along with the form.
  3. The concerned Tahsildar officer may enquire or conduct your land survey before issuing the Patta.

Is Patta Needed for Every Property?

Patta, as the key document for creating licensed possession, is a must for vacant land. Patta is also the principal document to determine the legal ownership of the property with buildings and structures. It also includes other important information, such as the extent of properties and land measurements.

Do Apartment Owners Need a Patta?

Patta is mainly a land document and not a building document. The Patta may, however, include details concerning the buildings. Regarding apartments, the property is usually held by undivided shares of the co-owners and Patta is not given regarding undivided land shares. The Patta will, however, be listed in the names of all the co-owners.

In Which Cases is Patta Transferred?

Patta may in some cases be transferred from person to person. Patta’s convenience is that it does not have to be renewed occasionally. A renewal must only be carried out after a property transfer or transaction of the property has occurred.

Finances rule
  • If a current owner who has a Patta on his behalf dies without leaving a will, the legitimate heirs of the deceased person are entitled to have Patta on their behalf for the land.
  • In the case of a person leaving his will, with the permission of others who are actual heirs of the deceased, Patta can be passed to the beneficiaries/nominees.
  • When a property is bought/sold, the Patta can be purchased directly on behalf of a purchaser or seller.
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