Bhoomi Karnataka – How to Check Land Records (RTC) Online?

Bhoomi is one of the latest projects from the Karnataka Government, which has been making a lot of noise because of the endless benefits that it possesses. The Bhoomi initiative was initially taken by the government of Karnataka for keeping track of all the land records. The Karnataka government launched the Bhoomi initiative in the year, and it was one of the most advanced government initiative being taken as Bhoomi during its time was the only initiate from the government which used the internet facility for maintaining and keeping records. The usage of internet for government initiative helped the people of the Karnataka a lot as they can now finally digitalize the RTC, which is also known as the Record of Rights, and crop information.

Bhoomi RTC / Bhoomi Karnataka:

If you are looking forward to attaining the ownership of the RTC, then you can attain the ownership of the RTC from any of the Bhoomi office which is spread all over in Karnataka. As of now, there is a total number of 175 taluks and six thousand gram panchayats in Karnataka.


If you are citizen or farmer from Karnataka, then you can straight away walk into any of the 175 offices and apply for the RTC. All you will need to provide is the necessary documents which are related to the land. And if you are looking forward to knowing the status of your application, then you can do that too by visiting any of the offices throughout Karnataka, they can help you to find out about the status of your application.

And to learn about the status of your application, that you will need to do is visit any of the Bhoomi offices and hand over to them your acknowledgment number and ask them to tell you about the status of your application.

Once that you have acquired the application, you can use it for checking your land records via the internet. To help you better, we have listed out the various steps that you can utilize for checking your land records.

Steps to Verify your Land Records or Bhoomi RTC in Karnataka Online:

Step 1: The first step to check your land records online is to visit the website of Bhoomi

Step 2: Then, all that you will need to do is click on View MR and RTC

Step 3: After you have clicked on view MR and RTC, you will be redirected to a new page where it will be required to fill in all your information.

Step 4: The next step is to fill in all the information as per the requirement which is being asked on the website.

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Step 5: Now, the next step that you need to follow is to click on the option where it states, “Fetch Details.”

Step 6: All the information that is related to your lands will now be displayed on the screen only if you have followed the above steps precisely.

How to Register your Land?

  1. The individual should initially buy stamp paper and keep every one of the records convenient
  2. The records must be submitted to the Sub-Registrar responsible for that specific locale
  3. After approving these archives, the individual must pay a charge for enrolling the land
  4. He/she will at that point get a receipt for the equivalent
  5. The photograph of the individual will at that point be taken on the spot
  6. Verbal assent between the purchaser and vendor will be required, alongside an observer
  7. The report is presently enrolled, and a one of a kind enlistment number is dispensed to this archive

Benefits of the Bhoomi RTC Portal:

The Bhoomi entrance has demonstrated to be an accessible mode for ranchers to profit land related reports and records throughout the years. The entrance gives ranchers administrations to benefit significant records, for example,

  1. Copy of land records that a rancher could later use to apply for advances or some other purposes
  2. Copy of RTC can be effectively gotten by giving the plot number or the name of the land proprietor
  3. Mutation demands that ranchers can use to modify land records in the event of offer or legacy of a land
  4. Crop information in the I-RTC which can be later used for guaranteeing yields or guarantee protection.
  5. The Bhoomi gateway additionally gives ranchers access to check the application status of transformation demands
  6. Land debate reports if a rancher is required to submit them at courts concerning land-related questions

On the off chance that the income officer neglects to approve the changing demand in 50 days, a rancher can demand another monitor at the Taluk level to finish the solicitation.

What is Covered Under RTC?

The RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops) likewise alluded to as Pahani is a significant land record in Karnataka that is issued to the current land proprietor. The reports incorporate the proprietor subtleties and all the land subtleties, for example,

  • Information about the land proprietor
  • Identification of soil type
  • Type of land
  • Crops developed on the land
  • Area of the Land
  • Water Rate, for example, the amount of water is to be used to keep the land
  • Commercial, agrarian and non-horticultural private flood region
  • Nature of ownership
  • Liabilities, for example, bank credits on the land
  • Tenancy

Transformation of a property is the methodology engaged with moving the title responsibility for the concerned property, commencing with one individual then onto the next.  You can apply for change by visiting the Kiosk focus and presenting the concerned land records alongside the transformation application. You will be issued an affirmation number by the inside which you can utilize later to know the status of your change application.

The Bhoomi is one of the best initiatives from the government that has allowed the citizens of the State to check the status of their land as well as apply for mutation, or any other land-related case online.

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