How to Track your Tamilnadu Patta Chitta Status Online?

Chitta is a legal document or proof from the Tamil Nadu government. In all property transactions, it plays an objective role. The property relevant document is managed by the Taluka office and concerned Village Administrative Officer. A Chitta includes the mandatory and required details of the property area, size, and ownership. This classifies the land into two sections, respectively punjai, and nanjai. The wetland is named Punjai and the dry land is referred to as Nanjai in Tamil. Punjai is land-related with fewer water bodies and wide facilities. Nanjai is a land that typically has a lot of water bodies such as canals, lakes, rivers and so on. Check How to Track your Tamilnadu Patta Chitta Status Online below.

Changes in Tamilnadu Chitta Online System:

Patta Chitta Status Online

As with Tamil Nadu’s state, the Chitta process has experienced a serious change. In 2015, the State restricted itself to the problem of the Chitta process, while Chitta was paired with Patta as one document with all required information in Patta. The document is now being called “PattaChitta.”

What do you know about Patta?

The legal document ie., Patta is circulated on behalf of the actual owner of the property by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The document contains information on land area, location, and land ownership details. All Patta documents must be approved during the purchasing of land. The land will be bought from the right sources according to documents of the state. A vendor should have valid Patta land details if he/she wants to sell. The Tahsildar district office issues a Patta.

Procedure to Apply for Online PattaChitta:

The seller must have a valid Patta for the land he/she sells for a clear title of the property. The customer must apply for the transfer of the patta to the buyer’s name in the Taluka office concerned, after purchasing the property.

  1. Visit website
  2. The website can be accessed in 2 languages Tamil and English as per your convenience
  3. Select either Chitta/Patta & FMB and TSLR Extract
  4. Enter your district where your property lies.
  5. Attach property details: Village, Taluk, Block, Sub Division Number and Survey Number
  6. A certificate will be generated online from the Town Survey Land registration.

Steps to Track the Status of Patta Chitta:

  1. Open the Tamilnadu Government official website:
  2. Select the ‘Click here’ option at the left side of the webpage to know your application status
  3. Enter your ‘Application Id’ in the field and also Captcha Values for authentication
  4. Choose the ‘Get Status’ option
  5. Know your status details in the webpage

Validity Period of Patta Certificate:

Patta Chitta land revenue documents, managed by the Tamil Nadu government, are accessed by online users. To know the validity status, follow these steps:

Visit the official Government website and select the “Verify Patta” button

Submit a unique reference number and click on submit button

Get to know the validity details on the screen

Fees for Patta Chitta Online:

Finances rule

Users will be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 100 to apply for the Patta Chitta online.

Financesrule telegram

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