Get your Property Land Records with Banglarbhumi Plot Map Information

A property land registry is a repository of information relating to the property involved, including the owner’s name, location of the property, plot amount, current owner, and price, among others. Check Banglarbhumi Khatian Plot Information below.

What do you Know about Banglarbhumi?

The West Bengal Ministry of Land and Land Reforms Banglarbhumi is one of the most popular Websites in West Bengal. The West Bengal state is the pioneer of agricultural land reform and the state with India’s largest population.

As West Bengal has more agricultural reforms, it is difficult to get information about a specific land. To make ease for land users, West Bengal Government and Land & Land Reforms Department created this Banglarbhumi website in 2010, which provides updated information about property and property owners.

Banglarbhumi Khatian Plot

Like any state in India, West Bengal has an online portal named “Banglarbhumi,” which provides access to your property’s land record information. The website allows you to collect information regarding land records, including the rights record, without any complications and with a fast turnaround. Remember that land record data are significant information during property transactions both for the buyer and seller.

We list everything you need to hear about Banglarbhumi property and land reforms here. Check citizen service online detail information in the official website – Application/ Receipt Reprint; GRN Search; Khatian & Plot Information; Land Classification; LR-RS Plot Information; Mouza map; Mutation Case; Plot Information; ROR Request; and finally Online application form

People who are living both inside and outside the West Bengal state, knowing the plot information are more important. You may query your documentation surrounding old records of the plot. This required information is provided by the West Bengal Government’s Land Records and Surveys Department.

The Land & Land Reforms department will also show details about Khatian. Each step must be followed and Land records services can be applied. All valid documents must be supported by the first user. You can also report feedback on the plot’s online services here. This website is always available to read and review the whole instructions

Steps to Know West Bengal Land Record with Khatian or Plot Information Online:

Banglarbhumi Plot

Step #1: Go to Banglarbhumi or Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department West Bengal official website link

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Step #2: Click on the “Know Your Property” option button on the right-hand side top of the webpage

Step #3: Users can view Property Information on the Banglarbhumi page.

Step #4: Residents need to fill all the required fields.

Step #5: Users should enter the captcha for the human verification process, and click on the “View” button.

Step #6: Users can either search by plot or “Khaitan” number, as their preference.

Steps to Search for Banglarbhumi Khatian/Plot Information via Query Number:

Step #1: Open the Banglarbhumi West Bengal portal and press the “Query Search” button present on the right-hand side top of the page.

Step #2: Users should enter the query number and year.

Step #3: Click the “Show” button upon entering the captcha code to view the required plot information.

Get more details and services of West Bengal land reforms instantly with Banglarbhumi!

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