How to Check Online Banglarbhumi Application/ Receipt Reprint Form?

West Bengal (WB) is one of the most ancient and diversified peoples in India. But also in the land reforms in the world, the WB state is the leader. Compared to other Indian territories, West Bengal has more than 15 lakh bargadar/investors. The government also allocated land to more than 5.6 lakh (23%) beneficiaries in the country and distributed 53% of the beneficiaries concerning other states. Therefore, the government has around 30 lakh patta owners in general in the state. Learn How to Check Online Banglarbhumi Application/Receipt Reprint Form below.

Launch of West Bengal Banglarbhumi Portal:

The website was introduced in 2010 by the Ministry of West Bengal to educate local common citizens regarding the current land and land reform data. The webpage also contains information on the state of West Bengal’s Government Rehabilitation and Refugee Relief Department. More than fifteen lakh Bargadars/Share Cropper data have been registered in the Banglarbhumi official website, and the department stored 30 Khatian crores and 42,042 Mouzas.

How Banglarbhumi Benefits Common People?

West Bengal Banglarbhumi e-platform offers various e-services online such as khatian & plot information Checking Details mutation case status, RS/LR plot information and more. Citizens can view directly the market value of land by selecting their required land district, local body, Mouza, Road, Thana, Plot No, area, etc. Users can also know the particulars of land owner’s records by providing the LR plot and Khatian number in the online West Bengal Land Reforms portal of

Are you worried about how to check the Banglarbhumi Application/Receipt Reprint of the Mutation application form? Want to know how to get Bangalrbhumi conversion application/mutation declaration form/Receipt etc…? The following blog post lets you get a clear idea on how to get rid out of your West Bengal land information issues.

Banglarbhumi Application/Receipt Reprint:

The daily visitors can come and check above all the information on the website itself. The Banglarbhumi official website was recently updated. The individuals who have submitted data of the Mutation application form, Mutation declaration form, Conversion request form, and Receipt forms can be shown on the Banglarbhumi website.

Users can get this type of information in the form of Request type. So whoever wants their Mutation application form, Conversion application and Receipt, and mutation declaration form can check details to download it in a hassle-free manner as mentioned below.

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Steps to Application/Receipt Reprint Process:

Banglarbhumi Receipt Reprint

Step #1: Open official West Bengal portal of Banglarbhumi

Step #2: Look at the menu bar, click on “Online Application or Service Delivery” option

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Step #3: In the sub-menu, go to the “Application/Receipt Reprint” option

Step #4: Users are redirected to the new window with various Request type Options to choose: Mutation Application Form, Mutation Declaration Form, Conversion Application Form, and Receipt

Step #5: Select the required option and enter application number & Captcha code for human verification

Step #6: The page shows the required form details

Step #7: Visitors can select download or reprint option

Do you want any more information other than the mentioned process? West Bengal Banglarbhumi website also offers online application services for its valued users to submit their inquiries, queries, registration requests and other service processes on the website.

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