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Banglarbhumi Land Classification, a web application initiated by the State Government of Western Bengal (WB), a website designed for providing land records and services offered by the WB Land & Lands Department. Since its launch, the Banglarbhumi website has proven effective. This is mostly because the people of West Bengal now have easy access to their plot or piece of land.

You should first look for a Land & Lands Department office before you get any necessary service. Luckily, it’s now a thing of the past as the services are a button click away today. Banglarbhumi website offers several services to land users. You must, however, have a system that can access the web without issues, i.e. PC or Mobile or Smartphone or desktop computers. You may use any of the following services with any of these tools.


Banglarbhumi Online Application Service:

Users can perform actions with the online application service of West Bengal Banglarbhumi such as Mutation application; Conversion application; Payment of Fees; GRN Application search; Application/Receipt Reprint; and Service Delivery.

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The residents of West Bengal may access the following options using the “Service Delivery” option provided by the Banglarbhumi website namely ROR Request; Plot Information Request; PLOT Map-Request; Request GRN Search; LR-RS Plot information; Land Classification information; Land Classification information; and Citizen Services.

In addition to the services of the land provided by the Department of Land & Lands, you can also get data on your region. This service is specifically intended for citizens of West Bengal who want to know more about the land. Users can get some options under “Citizen Service” include:

  1. Know your property
  2. Mutation Status
  3. RS-LR Information
  4. Land Classification

Banglarbhumi Land Classification/Valuation of Land:

Banglarbhumi land classification also often referred to as the Banglarbhumi valuation of Land which is available at the citizen services option. As West Bengal has more agriculture reforms, it is difficult to obtain information about a given land and valuation details.

The Banglarbhumi portal, which offers up-to-date information regarding property and landlords, started in 2010.

If you want to know your land or any land in West Bengal, you can use this service of Banglarbhumi. Carefully follow the steps that are mentioned in detail about the Banglarbhumi service.

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The Process to Find Banglarbhumi Land Classification:

Banglarbhumi land classification information

Users let’s have a glance at the following steps to find Banglarbhumi Land Classification details:

  • Open official land portal of West Bengal Banglarbhumi
  • Visit the page
  • Select the citizen services menu visible on the left side of the website
  • From the drop-down list of options, opt the Land Classification submenu
  • Pick your district from the options to find out about your land classification
  • Users can able to view the land classification property code and the land classification details.

If you face any issues in finding land classification details, users can contact the concerned person at the Land LRO office. Thus the issues will be solved very simply. You don’t need to worry about getting whatever service you need with the Banglarbhumi website. This is mostly because everything is available on the internet every day.

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