Banglarbhumi Khatian and Plot Information by Name or Plot Number

Know more how the website of Banglarbhumi or helps West Bengal citizens in the following article. Check Banglarbhumi Khatian and Plot Information by Name below.

As with other Indian states, West Bengal has also begun to digitalize land records (Bhulekh). West Bengal Land Digitalisation is progressing under the NLRMP initiative of the Indian government. The West Bengal Government Department of Agriculture and Land Reform has established an online portal using NIC. This land record website in the State is most commonly referred to as Banglarbhumi ( Banglarbhumi is still in the process of digitizing land records. West Bengal Government Department of Land and Land Reforms operates constantly to review all documents on this initiative.

Check Details Online for Banglarbhumi Plot Information by Name, Plot number, and Address:

Banglarbhumi Plot by Name

West Bengal Banglarbhumi allows users to retrieve information about property details like original/current owner, Khaitan number, plot number, land mutation, and property assessment. Khatian & Plot information service at the website shows the typical buyer’s significance or landowner’s value.

At, users can know about complete plot information by name, plot number, and address. Since Banglarbhumi provides information on the plot and land classification in-depth, many people are often confused to get the details that they want.

Banglarbhumi website is designed in such a way that users can find online documents on their territory online easily. Before the takeover, it was possible for individuals to track the value of different fields at different locations on the Western Bengal Banglarbhumi platform.

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More than 15 lakh bargadar or investors data has been registered in the database of Banglarbhumi, and the department has deposited more than 30 crores of Khatian and 42,041 Mouzas.

How to Search West Bengal Banglarbhumi Khatian by Name? Plot Info is the service to provide users with data on the status of a certain plot. This way, the details on the plot can be sought by requesting it on the website

You have to follow the steps below carefully to understand the information request for plot information.

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Step #1: Log in to the Banglarbhumi authorized website:

Step #2: Look for the ‘Menu’ option on the left side home page of the website

Step #3: Click on the ‘Menu’ button

Step #4: Select ‘Know Your Property’ in the submenu from the drop-down list

Step #5: The selected page will be redirected to the ‘Khatian & Plot Information‘

Step #6: Select your district name from the drop-down menu

Step #7: Choose Block name and Mouza name from the available list

Step #8: Users can view two options on the page.

Step #9: Get the details of the plot by selecting plot information

Step #10: Enter the plot number in the given field

Step #11: Click on the submit button

Step #12: You can view the entire details of required Banglarbhumi Plot Information on the page

The official website of West Bengal Banglarbhumi allows buyers and sellers to check the authenticity of particular land on the website before planning to purchase/sell the land. People can save from getting tricked, check the land value, get landowners’ information, and download various property certified papers.

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