Allahabad Internet Banking – Easy Steps to Register and Login !!

Allahabad bank is one of the well-known banks of India. It has different branches across different states of our country. This bank is available to serve their customers for many years, and they are trying their best to provide better banking services in this competition. This bank has more bank accounts than any other average-sized bank, and it is because of the trust and services they provide to the user. Meanwhile, It is possible to open a zero balance account on this bank and avail of most of the banking services on the same account.

In this post, we will be talking about internet banking. We know how internet banking is essential for customers in this century. It is because, after the demonetization in 2016, everyone is aware of using digital services as a mode of payment. Before that, people use to spend more time at the banks for getting their task or transaction done and when they are aware of digital banking facilities. They now do most of their banking tasks from their home only. The same, we will be talking about

in this article. In case, if you have not activated internet banking for your Allahabad bank account, then we will show you the registration process for the same.

How to Register for Allahabad Internet Banking?

Allahabad Bank Net Banking Registration

The registration process for Allahabad internet banking is quick. However, there is a need to visit the bank to complete the registration process. Allahabad bank is not like the other banks, which allow customers to opt for self-registration service. Meanwhile, registration for internet banking can be a bit lengthy process. Let me explain using the steps.


  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of Allahabad bank, and you can do this by clicking here or type Allahabad net banking in google, and you will directly be redirected to the login page.

Allahabad internet banking register

  • Click on continue to log in and find out the option for new registration.
  • Click on a particular option and download the application form.

Allahabad internet banking form

  • Once downloaded, take a print out of the application form.
  • Fill in every information required in the form correctly. The information will be CIF Number, Date of Birth, Customer Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email ID, etc
  • Once you are done, submit the form to the nearest and home branch of Allahabad bank.
  • Post submission of the form, you will receive your user ID from the bank to your postal address within a few days.
  • When you receive your user ID, you can revisit the login page of Allahabad internet banking, and from there you can set the new password and activate your internet banking account.
  • On the screen, you need to enter your user ID and mobile number linked to your bank account.
  • After that, enter OTP, and then you will be able to set a new password for your internet banking account.
  • That’s it. You have completed the activation process of Allahabad bank internet banking.

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How to Login to Allahabad Bank Internet Banking?

So, now you have completed the registration and activation process for Allahabad bank internet banking. It is time to show you the login process for the same. Let me tell using steps that how can you log in to Allahabad bank internet banking portal.

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  • Revisit the login page of Allahabad bank internet banking.

Allahabad internet banking login

  • Enter the user ID and password on the screen.

login allahabad online banking

  • Click on the Login button, and you will get redirected to the internet banking portal.
  • It is always advised to the customer to logout from a portal once the work or transaction is done. It is for security reasons and purposes only.

Note: The same process could be done for corporate login. You only have to click on the corporate login option, and fill in the login details.

How to generate Allahabad Bank Internet Banking Transaction Password?

  • First, you need to get logged in to the online banking portal.
  • Once logged in. You will be asked to set the transaction password on the very first attempt.
  • Create the transaction password of your choice. However, it should be different than the login password.
  • That’s it.

How to Reset Allahabad Bank Net-banking Password?

  • First, you need to visit the official webpage of Allahabad online banking. You can visit by clicking here.
  • Second, you will find the option of “Forget password” below the login form. Just click on it.

allahabad internet bankin reset password

  • On the next screen, you need to select the customer type. (Personal or corporate)
  • After that, enter the user id and registered mobile number on the screen.

internet banking allahabad bank

  • Click on the send OTP option.
  • Enter the OTP and all other required details.
  • Fill in the new password. That’s it.

Advantages of Internet Banking:

There are too many advantages of using internet banking, and for customer convenience, we are adding some of the advantages down below.

  • Convenience: The first benefit of using internet banking is the convenience to customers. It is because, before internet banking customers need to visit the bank every time for getting their transactions done. However, after internet banking, they now able to process most of the transactions online and from anywhere. That is how it is more convenient for the customers of Allahabad bank.
  • 24/7 Service: There is no need to be upset about bank holidays. It is because internet banking facility is available 24/7 and also during the bank holidays as well.
  • Efficient Transactions: It means you can do most of the transactions quickly using internet banking. The transactions include the transfer of funds, purchasing anything online or making any payments. It is an efficient and quick way to do this.
  • Secure: You are now able to have full access to your bank account using internet banking. It means you can report to the bank and freeze your account anytime. In case you found any activity.
  • Fixed Deposits: There is no need to go to your bank for opening a fixed deposit account. That is too by standing in a line and filling up the form. You can now quickly open a fixed deposit account using Allahabad bank internet banking service.
  • Service Requests: You now have access to request most of the banking services directly from the internet banking account. It means you can request for cheque book, debit card or any other activation service online.
  • Bill Payments: It is now possible to make most of the bill payments online using internet banking.
  • Account Information: There is no need to visit the bank for checking your account balance or updation of your passbook. It is now possible to check your account balance and transactions using Allahabad bank internet banking.

These are the advantages of using Allahabad bank internet banking service. 

Frequently asked questions

Some questions have been frequently asked to us related to Allahabad online banking. Therefore, we have decided to answer all the questions here in this part. However, if there is any other question that is not mentioned over here then do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section. Let’s have a look.

How can I access the internet banking facility of Allahabad bank?

To be an instance, you need to download the internet banking application form online or from the branch. After that, you need to fill the particular form to the home branch. 

Post submission of the internet banking application, you need to wait for seven days to get the access details.

Note: You can generate the transaction password after getting logged in to the portal.

I have not received the user ID and password? What could be done now?

In case you do not get the user id and password post 24 hours of submitting the application form then prefer contacting the branch for more assistance. You can simply ask them for the details or clarification.

How to enable Allahabad online banking after getting user id and password?

There is nothing much you need to do for the activation of internet banking. The online banking of Allahabad bank activates automatically post issuing of the login id and password. Furthermore, you only need to change the password after the first login.

Can I use a computer to access the online banking of Allahabad bank?

Yes, you can use a laptop or computer with an active internet connection to access the online banking of Allahabad bank.

Are there any charges applicable for internet banking in Allahabad bank?

No, there are no charges for activating or using online banking of Allahabad bank. You can also confirm with the bank.

Are login and transaction passwords the same?

No, the login password and transaction passwords are different. The login password is used for getting you logged in to the online banking portal. However, the transaction password is generally used in the fund transfers facility only.


Allahabad bank is one of the well-known and leading banks of India. It has more than 3200 branches located in our nation. The main headquarter of Allahabad bank is located in Kolkata, India. Allahabad bank is all set to provide all the banking services to customers, including digital banking service. The same we have discussed in this article. We have added the process for the activation and registration of Allahabad bank internet banking. However, you can always contact us or comment down below if anything is not understandable.

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