Bhulekh Orissa Land Records

There have been a lot of issues regarding land possession and purchase in the past couple of decades in Orissa. To overcome this problem, the government of Orissa launched a web portal known as the Bhulekh Orissa, which provides its users with the details of land records. This website acts as a platform to easily access such information. The main objective of this web portal is to provide every site visitor with the most recent and relevant information about the plot of land the user is searching for.

The list of details it provides includes not only the name of the current owner but also the previous ones.   The only other way of gathering this information before Bhulekh Orissa was from the Nagar Nigam. However, it was not as efficient and led to several acts of deceit. This was when the web portal of Bhulekh Orissa was made to eliminate any act of fraud or fake selling that took place due to the lack of information to the general population.

How to Check Land Records of Orissa Online?


Before the introduction of Bhulekh Orissa, gathering information for a specific land plot was very difficult and required a lot of patience, since it was time-consuming. However, with this new endeavor, it became a lot easier. With this web portal, all you have to do is log onto it, and the rest is very simple. However, if you cannot find the designated website, you can just simply search ‘ Bhulekh Orissa’ on any search engine, for example, Google, and click on the first result. There you can search for your land’s details and know more about it.

How to check for the land owner’s name in the state of Orissa?

Once a user has logged onto the official website of Bhulekh Orissa, the webpage provides several options you can choose from. You have to input all the necessary details and can easily gather information on any plot of land you wish to. Further mentioned below are the steps you need to follow in order to check the name of a landowner in Orissa:

Step 1: After logging in to the website, you need first to enter which district you want the information about.

Step 2: Once that is done, go through the list of options and select the relevant Tahasil.

Step 3: After that, you have to choose the name of the village where the property in question is located and then pick the correct RI circle from the options given below.

Once completed, the web page will redirect you to a new page which will give you all the necessary information about the current and previous landowners. However, getting a printed copy of this information is known to be a very cumbersome and time taking process. But with the help of this site, you can use the same steps and then click on print to get a printout of Bhulekh Orissa Land Record Online.

What are the required steps to check Odisha Khatiyan and ROR with Khasra number?

You can also check your Odisha Khatiyan and ROR by utilizing your Khasra number. Further mentioned below are the few steps that you must follow in order to do that.

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Step 1: Open your web browser and log on to the official website of Orissa bhulekh.

Step 2: Once you are on the website, search for the option of ‘ROR View’ and click on it.

Step 3: After the website has redirected you to a new page, select the Khatiyan option on the window saying ‘select location for ROR.’ After this, fill in the details of your property in the spaces like district, village, RI circle, and Tahasil.

Step 4: Once done, enter the Khasra number on the highlighted window and press enter on the keyboard, and you will get the information you had been looking for in the next page you are redirected to.

What are the uses of Odisha ROR?

There are a lot of ways in which the Records of Rights can be helpful in a deal regarding the land. Further mentioned below are some of the purposes of Odisha Records of Rights:

  • In Orissa, the Records of Rights can be used to check the ownership details of any land property.
  • You can get details of the land type and the several types of activities that have been carried out on the land.
  • Orissa ROR is a necessary document which can help users obtain information about the agricultural aspect of the land and its surrounding areas.
  • It is also considered to be a necessary document to get a loan from the bank.
  • It is required at the registrar’s office for the mutation (sale transaction) of the land is taking place.
  • The court asks for land record proofs in case of any civil litigation, in such a case, this extract ROR-ID can be provided for this.
  • This report is also important as it helps ensure the ownership of a property during its sale.
  • A buyer has to verify the purchase of the land on which the flat is being constructed in the case of buying or selling.

What are the attributes of Odisha Records of Rights?

An extract of the Odisha Records of Rights consists of the following information about property or land:

  • Changes in ownership
  • Type of irrigation facilitated in the land
  • Mutation numbers
  • Limits and nature of the owner’s conditions and rights
  • Type of soil
  • If the area is fit for cultivation
  • Survey number of land
  • Aspects of taxes (paid or unpaid)
  • Details of the loans taken by the land occupant
  • Details about pending loans to buy pesticides, seeds or fertilizers

These are only some of the information a Record of Rights provide the buyer with. After the introduction of the web portal, Bhulekh Orissa, it has been very easy to avail such information, and the process has been made a lot faster. It is a great initiative by the government and has significantly lessened cases of fraudulence as well.

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