How to Register/Activate United Bank of India Net Banking Online

Internet banking is one of the preferred methods and it has taken over the traditional mode of banking. It can be done irrespective of place and time. The major banks offer net banking facility to its customers to their convenience. Therefore, by the help of this facility, customers are able to get access to their bank account anytime they want. Internet banking facility offered by e-banking United Bank of India is known as e-banking United Online that offers plenty of benefits to the customers.

For easy access, customers should know the simple steps of registration to the online account. Customers should have correct credentials with the help of which users can log in to the online bank account. Users have to be careful when going through the online registration procedure.

United Bank of India Net Banking

How to Register/Activate the United Bank of India Net Banking:

This banking registration is one of the quickest and easiest ways of banking. Some of the steps for registration are mentioned in the following part of the article.

  1. First, users have to submit an application form in your nearby branch of United Bank of India.
  2. After submission of the application form in the branch, a PIN mailer will be sent to users within 10 working days. The mailer contains user ID, log in details, transaction details and others. For a corporate user, corporate ID, login password, user details, and transaction details will be sent.
  3. A user has to visit the official website of the bank after receiving the login details. With the given ID and password, the user should try to get access to the net banking account.
  4. From the online website of United Bank of India, the user has to click on the register online link which is the perfect choice for the first time users.
  5. Following this, the user has to choose whether they wish to register with the help of debit card or IPIN.
  6. After this, they have to enter their debit card details and click on submit button as they choose to register by using the debit card options.
  7. In case the user wants to register by using IPIN, they have to provide necessary details. After filling the details, they have to click on submit button.
  8. For availing the net banking facility offered by the bank, the user should go by the terms and conditions and register successfully to get free access to the Net banking.

Login procedure

After the first login procedure, the user has to change their login password along with the transaction password. This is done as per the instructions are given at the bottom of the page of internet banking. After users are able to change their passwords successfully, they will receive a message on the registered mobile number notifying that their password has been changed properly. After proper login, users can get access to their account page.

From the password alert tab, the user gets to know about the expiry of their password. If they forget the password, they have to apply for a duplicate one with assistance from the branch. For any kind of issues, while logging into the net banking account, the user should feel free to contact the concerned branch for help.

How to Reset Forgot Password Process Guide:

  1. In case users forget the login password, they have to visit the online portal of the United Bank of India. Under the login section, the user has to click on the forget password link.
  2. After clicking on the link, the reset password page shows up on the screen. Following this, the user will be asked whether they wish to reset the password using their IPin or using their Debit card. Depending on the option that they choose, they have to provide the details of either IPIN or their debit card.
  3. If the user clicks on the reset password via debit card option, they have to provide details such as debit card number, pin number, user ID, expiry date including other details. Among the requirement for resetting the password, PAN number, customer ID and registered mobile number are vital.
  4. After the user clicks on the submit button, ‘set sign in password’ page shows up. It helps to enter the new password. While resetting it, the user has to enter an OTP that has been sent to their registered mobile number.
  5. After this, the user will be shown a message that they have successfully reset the login password.

Requirements for E-Banking Facility:

For internet banking, customers belonging to any branch of United Bank of India are capable of availing the online facilities. The internet banking service is provided for free to every customer registered with the bank. The internet banking service is offered 24X7 for the convenience of the customers. For any kind of assistance the user should get in touch with the nearby branch so that they can solve the problem easily. It is important that the user should remember the login credentials. Under no circumstances, the user should not share their login credentials with any third party. It should be known to them that the bank authorities never ask for the login credentials.

How fund transfer becomes easy through Net banking?

Whether it is the transfer of funds between inter banks through NEFT or RTGS or transfer from self-account to others, it can be done easily through net banking facilities. Gone are the days when users have to wait for long in the queue and invest time in branches in order to transfer funds. These can be done easily through facilities offered by net banking of united bank of India.


Starting from details of the account, to information of every transaction, the user can get easy access to their accounts via the facilities of United Bank of India net banking. Whether they have one account or more, they can easily get information about it via the net banking facilities. In addition, the user gets to know about the date and time of the last login to the account ensuring that there has been no unauthorized use of the account.

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