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A Patta is a legal document issued by the State on behalf of the actual landowner. It may also be given to lands with buildings or houses built on them, etc. Nonetheless, It can be shown that this sort of property is continually used, and cannot be used in any unsanitary region. Check TN Patta Chitta App info below.

It can mostly be obtained from the office of Tehsildar in the administrative district concerned. If there are several landholders, separate Pattas will not be provided for a single property. In such instances, one Patta will be given with the name clearly stated by all the co-owners. It should also be remembered that Patta will not be issued for lands with undivided shares.


How to Get a Patta?

The normal procedure shall apply in a format prescribed by the Revenue Department to the concerned Tehsildar, or any appropriate administrative authority.

Details of the owner, where applicable, and documents relating to the particular plot must be included. The Tehsildar may ask the applicant for an interview if necessary. Or if the Tehsildar is so convinced, it is also possible to visit the land. But these are usually for lands in which legal disputes are involved.

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Patta Chitta Importance

The ownership record is very important. A Patta is necessary for transactions involving the land concerned. The right of ownership can also be used to set up in a court of law. Compensation from the government’s acquisition of land is a significant problem.

If there are problems and claims in dispute with the country by the state or any external person, then the Patta may be presented as helpful evidence.

But, if you have a Patta in your name, it can easily be solved. That demonstrates that ownership and remuneration of the property can be achieved without much hassle.

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TN Patta Chitta EC Application Download:

TN Patta, Chitta, EC is a Free Software application, part of the category System Utilities. The app has been updated in 2016-10-21 and is currently available in English. You can install the program on Android. You can use it.

To ensure transparency in services and easy accountability and encourage access, many websites are allowing users to get download Tamilnadu Patta Chitta App. You may simply start by pressing the green Download button. Users have to ensure a safe download link also scan the downloaded software with your antivirus software.

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