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State bank of India is one of the leading government banks. It has more customers than any other bank and also famous for providing the best banking and financial services towards government schemes to the people compared to any other government bank. We do know about the digital banking services provided by the State bank of India to the customers, but what if the same service is down for the moment and you need to do some essential transactions? Well, there is a solution. If you think that OnlineSBI is down right now and you need to access the digital banking facility of your account, then, you can choose some of the alternatives for the same. In this post, we have added what can you do to check SBI services if OnineSBI is down.

Why is OnlineSBI Down Right Now?

sbi-connection-has-timed-outThere can be many reasons maybe they are upgrading their website towards performance, and better UI to the customers or sometimes the internet connectivity of yours can be the reason. However, in both of the cases, you won’t be able to access OnlineSBI for using the net banking facility of the state bank of India. The only solution to this problem is to use alternatives, and the other options for OnlineSBI mentioned below.


Alternatives of OnlineSBI:

If you are in urgent of using digital banking facility of SBI and the OnlineSBI is right down now then maybe these alternatives can help you out.

  • SBI Mobile Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Missed Call Banking
  • Customer Care.

#1 SBI Mobile Banking:

The first alternative to the above problem is SBI mobile banking. Online SBI is down right now, not the mobile banking application. You can use the same application for doing most of the financial activities which you can do in internet banking. However, sometimes there can be a severe issue on their website, and this may take some time for upgrading. In this case, the mobile banking facility will not work as well.

#2 Phone Banking:

The second option is Phone banking. You can do most of the banking transactions by talking to your phone banking officer. The only thing you need to do is call the official phone banking number of SBI, verify yourself using your debit card, and post verification your call will get diverted to the phone banking officer. You can provide him with the TPIN and ask for any regular banking facility.

#3 Missed Call Banking:

If there is no urgency and the only thing you want to check is your balance, then you can use missed call banking services by SBI bank. The only thing you need to do is give a missed call and wait for the disconnect. Once it gets disconnected, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number containing your account information and bank balance details.

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#4 Customer Care:

The fourth option is via Customer Care. Please do note that the phone banking officer helpline is different, and the customer care helpline is different. You can use the customer care helpline as well for the call diversion to the phone banking officer.

Is It Down Really?

This could be possible due to the huge load on the bank server. However, we do not believe that. It could be possible due to several reasons why online SBI is not working in your system.

You can check your internet connectivity. Sometimes, this error could be due to the non-working of internet connectivity.

You can check your web browser settings. Sometimes, this error could be due to incorrect web browser settings. 

However, if the OnlineSBI is showing that the site is under maintenance then It is true that the bank website is down right now. You cannot do anything to access this website if the site is under maintenance.

OnlineSBI Maintenance

Whenever there is something big going under the system, the website and the online services get down for some hours. However, this update is only for the customers so that they do not face any issues related to online transactions or facilities during the update.

Therefore, the State bank of India shuts down its server for several hours for maintenance. To be precise, the maintenance is required once in several months for every website. It is generally to ensure that all the services under the website are working fine for the customers or not.

If the technical team found any misconfiguration or error in the service then it could take some time to re-live the website for the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions related to OnlineSBI has been asked to us earlier. Therefore, we have decided to answer them all in a single place.

Why is OnlineSBI down right now?

There could be several reasons why is OnlineSBI down right now. We can not list any single reason over here. It could be due to the maintenance as SBI upgrades the user interface of the website once in several months to provide a better experience to the customers.

Sometimes, the error occurs due to the non-connectivity of the internet. You can always cross-check with the operator first.

There is no need to panic if the website is down. It will get up once the maintenance gets finished.

What are the alternative options?

There are several alternative options if the OnlineSBI website gets down. You can use mobile banking or phone banking services instead. However, you can check the definitive details regarding the alternative to OnlineSBI above in this article.

Is Phone Banking is an appropriate banking option?

Yes, phone banking is an appropriate banking option if the internet banking website “OnlineSBI” is down right now. You can always talk to customer care for banking transactions.

Is there is something we can do if the OnlineSBI gets down?

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything if the OnlineSBI gets down. We can only wait until the website goes live again.

What does the “Site under maintenance” means?

The “Site under maintenance” means the website is under maintenance and it will go live once the maintenance gets finished. It is generally to provide a better user experience to the customers.


We do know that many customers get worried when one of the bank websites gets down. Especially the leading banks of India, one of them is SBI (State bank of India). However, there can be any reason for the downtime of the bank websites and the main reason so far we know is they do down their website for maintaining or upgrading purposes. However, if you found out that Online SBI is down right now and you need to use an urgent banking facility, then you can try some alternatives of In this post, we have added all the other options we know for usage when Online SBI is down.

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