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The West Bengal government has recently launched an online web land portal called Banglarbhumi. This portal consists of all the information of rehabilitation and relief department, land, and land reforms. Such information comes in handy in case you want to purchase land. This portal acts as a reliable source and helps the buyer gather basic and vital information that one might need to know beforehand. The web portal mainly consists of information like plot number, land area, property value, previous owner, and even present owner.

Bengal is known to be the most populated and biggest states of India. Along with that, Bengal is considered to be a leading power in land improvements for the country, with over 15 lac Bargadars, also known as Share Croppers. Such a high number of Bargadars can be seen in no other state. With homestead land distributed to over 5.6 lac beneficiaries, the overall state has over 30 lac patta holders.

Such a high ratio of distributed land in West Bengal makes a planned system of land records a necessity in this state. Such information is made to benefit the government as well as the buyers and sellers. Nevertheless, for easy access, this information is compiled on the web page of Banglarbhumi by the Land and Reforms Department of West Bengal. Further mentioned below are given a few ways it helps both the parties.

  • For the government: Keeping a proper track and record of land listings further aids the government check if any deceitful transactions are or might take place in the stately transactions. It also provides for easy recovery of any paper or document that might be required for audit or validation purposes. All in all, it saves a significant amount of time and manpower and acts as a convenient way to know more about a land listing.
  • For the sellers and buyers:Having the information compiled in one place helps the buyers and sellers check the genuineness of any land. This further helps them overcome any cases of trickery or deceit. Along with the authenticity, these buyers and sellers can also check the price of the land; gather more information relating the owners and download required land papers such as Record of Rights in a significantly easier fashion.

This site also provides the users with an option to compare land prices throughout the state, which can further help them plan a more thought out decision. In addition to that, you can also avail this information from an app on your phone on the move, which only adds to the convenience.

How would you check Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot information using Plot Number or Khatian Number in

Banglarbhumi Online

It is of utter importance for a buyer to check the maximum amount they ought to pay for a plot to avoid any cases of fraudulence or deceit. This feature comes in handy as it lets you check the estimate worth of the land you select before the definite purchase. The government website of has made it very easy to check the Banglarbhumi Khatian number and Khatian Number wise Property Value. However, you will need to know the precise Khatian number to avail this information. Nevertheless, if you do not know the Khatain number, knowing your Plot number comes in handy. Further mentioned below are the vital steps that any user must follow to on the website to avail such services:

  • Firstly, the user will need to sign into the government site of BanglarBhumi by using the following link.
  • This will further take the user to the home page, where they will find several menu options on the top corner of the site.
  • In that menu list, the user will have to click the third option from left, ‘Citizen Service’ which will open several options they can choose from. There choose the ‘know your property’ option.
  • This will redirect the user to another page with the heading ‘Khatian and Plot Information.’ This page will ask the user to put in the name of your district, mouza name, and the block name from a drop-down menu. However, you should ensure that you input the right information, as a result, is heavily dependent on this.
  • Once done, the user will have to just enter the Banglarbhumi Plot Number or even the West Bengal Banglarbhumi Khatian number, as they prefer to.
  • After the user is done with entering these details, they need to submit it and will be provided with the relevant information.

A more in-depth understanding of details to be entered

Selection of Block/District: since the website provides different color codes to show different information about district areas, it can sometimes be tough for a common user to understand what they mean. Mentioned below are the color schemes and what they signify:

Green: This color signifies Centrally Co-Located live data.

Black: The color black signifies that there is no data available.

Blue: Legacy data is denoted by this color. 

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To search by plot number or Banglarbhumi Khatian number

  • If the user’s Plot or Banglarbhumi number has the sequence of 888/88, then they should put in the portion before the oblique in one box, and the latter in the next. For example, if your plot number is 486/1, then 486 should be entered in the first given box, and the rest of it in the second box after the oblique.
  • However, if there is no backslash in your Plot number, as per the example just 486, the only the first given box before the oblique should be filled.
  • The keyword ‘CC’ denotes any court case that might be against the plan of a Khatian.
  • In some cases, it shows ‘no records found,’ this can mean that either there has been an in acceptable entry or there is no record available for that particular entry.

Such a structural change and informational development offer the people a lot of control and financial savings as they do not even have to visit the site anymore to make the decision. Amongst the several things a person can check on this app, they can also select the BanglarBhumi Khatian number and check plot information.

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