Guide for Tamilnadu Patta Name Change Process Online

Patta is also recognized as an Ownership Deed land document. It is usually considered to be evidence of your property/land. The Tamil Nadu Government has been handling the operations of the Online Patta Service for the general public. The Tamil Nadu State Revenue Department looks after every aspect of the related lands and property. Below is the Guide for Tamilnadu Patta Name Change Process Online.

Documents to Carry for Patta Name Change:

Tamilnadu Patta Name Change

If you want to change the Patta title for the newly acquired plot with the survey number of the subdivision for single or combined Patta, here is the process.

Once the application is completed, you’ll find that you have a number of signatures, undertakings, and declarations following your personal information to complete to finalize the process.

For the purposes of your Patta transfer process, the details should be as follows:

  • Previous Owner Name
  • Current Owner Name
  • Both the parties signed in the documents
  • Stamp paper in compliance with government standards etc.

Ensure to fill all mandatory sections of the document successfully without having been overwritten or corrected. Enter details that do match with your Aadhaar card. All public organizations are now using it to enforce a basic authentication method.

Complete the application by providing the form along with all the required proof documents, such as:

  • Patta Transfer Form
  • Land Register/Transaction Papers
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Chalan

Submit the whole documents to the department concerned and have acknowledgment copy. This receipt is very useful for future reference where you can verify your application status. The fee would be only from Rs. 80 – Rs. 240 based on your clause.

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Online Patta Transfer Procedure:

As mentioned in the subheading itself, we’ll learn how to change your Patta name. When the plot or property is sold to another individual, possession has to be changed. Currently, the online feature is not available. Let’s do possible with the offline process by following simple steps stated below:

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Step #1: Walk into the Tehsildar or Village Administration Officers (VAO) Office near your region.

Step #2: If you face trouble in finding the nearest office, ask locals or visit District Headquarters.

Step #3: Approach the inquiry desk and ask for the Patta Transfer form.

Step #4: Once you get the form, you can view just a glimpse of simple specifications to make applicants easier to understand on what details to fill and provide in the form.

Step #5: Enter all the mandatory fields in the form carefully without any mistakes

Step #6: Need to enter specific details of currently owned land particulars.

Step #8: Enclose documents that support the Patta Transfer form.

Step #9: Submit the form along with supporting documents.

Step #10: Take the acknowledgment receipt and wait until the process is completed

Tamilnadu Patta Name Change Procedure:

  1. Note down your land/plot Survey Number
  2. Get Chalan of Rs. 40 in payee to the Bank from Revenue dept section
  3. Ensure Seal with Date in Treasury, Revenue, and Land Survey departments
  4. Visit SBI bank to make payment.
  5. Take Xerox of one copy of land documents and submit to the Land Survey Department in the Tasildhar office.
  6. Later Surveyor/Village Administrative Officer will visit survey land.
  7. New Survey/Patta number with your own Name will be allotted.
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