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The government of Rajasthan has launched a website for the people of the state. The website is meant for storing the land records of the people of the state. The website is called Apna Khata and the main objective of the website is to keep all the records related to agricultural land that eventually helps to earn revenue. The benefits of the website can be experienced by the residents of the state. There is a few ways through which benefits can be earned.

  • The website enables the people to download the copies of the JamabandiNakal records of rights or ROR.
  • Due to the presence of the website the meetings with the village accountant is reduced. One does not need to travel to a long distance in order to get the moneys related issues.
  • Through this website the residents of the state can select the district in the map and one needs to enter the relevant account number to get the Bhulekh.

The above mentioned process is also followed while making the application for Apna Khata. You need a special permission in order to get JamalbandiNakal of Land Records in Rajasthan.



The khasrais the document that is authenticated by the agricultural department of the state. The document has all the minute details about the agricultural land. The Khasra also includes the specification about the crop production of the land.

The Bhulekh

It is a document that has all the records of the land that is also known as the Bhulekh. It is used in several states in India like, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajastha, etc. The Bhulekh is used to store the land records. The state Rajasthan is no different and people of the state requireto link their Bhulekh with the Rajasthan govt’s website.

Feature of ApnaKhata

The article will discuss about the important features of the Rajasthan ApnaKhata – JamabandiNakal.

  • The website that deals with land related issues. You can download the land acquisition bill in 2014, from the landowners from the website.
  • The website holds the rights of the land record and the Bhulekh of the state can be provided by the official website.
  • The cyber cafes in the state help to get the access to the ApnaKhata website.
  • One will get all the contact numbers of the Tehsil management from the website. More importantly the contact details of the revenue leaders are also found in the website.
  • While checking the documents the applicants can check the record copies like Record Serial Number in the website.
  • With the help of the website all the districts of Rajasthan can avail the benefits of ApnaKhata.

Steps for application

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  • In order to apply for the website you need to go to the ApnaKhata website.
  • You will find a map icon and you need to click on that icon and get the option select the state and the district.
  • After selecting the region you will an option related to the Tehsil and you need to select it.
  • After selecting all these you need to download the JamabandiNakal for the village you resides.
  • After that you need to enter the khasra number. You can download the Rajasthan ApnaKhataNakalJamabandi only after entering the number.
  • Then you will see the Rajasthan ApnaKhataNakalJamabandi on the screen.

The state government of Rajasthan has launched the website and named it ApnaKhata. It for the people of Rajasthan who can see their land records on the website. According to the Land Revenue Act, all the people of the state can download the Jamabandi NAKAL for the Records of Rights. This will help the people to reduce the visit to the Patwari or the village accountant of the registered village. In order to select the district you can find the place on the map. Then you need to enter the Khasra number in order to get the Bhulekh. This step will help to maintain the transparency of the land records. It will safeguard the people of Rajasthan in regarding land related issue. The website will help you to be informed regarding the land issue and they will not be misled.

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