Wells Fargo Routing Number – How To Find Wells Fargo Routing Number?

You must have come across this article looking for the guide to find the Wells Fargo Routing Number. You have landed in the right place. Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks in the United States. This bank has over 1300+ ATMs and 5400+ Branches all across the country. If you have moved around and still have a bank account with this bank? Then, it could be tricky to find out the correct routing number to complete transactions.

You might need the ABA Routing number for a direct deposit, get a paycheck deposited, or transfer funds to the other bank accounts. It was a pain before to find out such information, but not today. You are looking for the Wells Fargo Routing Number, and here we are to help you with it.

This article is solely about finding out the routing number of Wells Fargo Bank. Here we will be adding complete information that one needs to know about. Let’s have a deeper look.

Wells Fargo Routing Number

It is consists of a 9-digit number that is often used to recognize the Wells Fargo Bank or to consider any financial transaction. A routing number is also known as a routing transit number. For instance, every financial institution has its unique routing number. This helps to identify the geographical location of the particular bank.

Wells Fargo Routing Number

For instance, Wells Fargo Routing Number is generally to find out the location of the bank and branch. It is more likely to use for financial transactions such as direct deposits or fund transfers.

How to Find the Wells Fargo Routing Number?

We know about the routing numbers. A 9-digit routing number is often used for completing financial transactions like direct deposits, paycheck, or complete fund transfers. It is often required when a customer opts for an electronic banking transaction. The bank itself ask for the routing number to complete the transaction.

You often need the routing numbers for filing taxes and getting rebates. For instance, the bank can have a lot of routing numbers. It is because of the merging of two banks and a lot of branches. Therefore, it is advised to check for the correct routing number before completing any financial transaction. If the routing number of the bank gets changed? Then, Wells Fargo or any other bank will send you a prior notification about the same.

Anyway, Let’s have a look at the ways to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number. 

  1. You can look out for the routing number by state. (It would be a little longer process)
  2. Speak to the customer service executive.
  3. Personal Checkbook.
  4. Wells Fargo Online Website.
  5. Wells Fargo Mobile Application.

Routing Number By State – 1

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You should believe us. Each state, bank, and branch is having a different routing number. For instance, we are adding a piece of quick information below to find out the routing number of Wells Fargo Bank.

State: Routing Number –

  • Alabama: 062000080
  • Alaska: 125200057
  • Arizona: 122105278
  • Arkansas: 111900659
  • California: 121042882
  • Colorado: 102000076
  • Connecticut: 021101108
  • Delaware: 031100869
  • Florida: 063107513
  • Georgia: 061000227
  • Hawaii: 121042882
  • Idaho: 124103799
  • Illinois: 071101307
  • Indiana: 074900275
  • Iowa: 073000228
  • Kansas: 101089292
  • Kentucky: 121042882
  • Louisiana: 121042882
  • Maine: 121042882
  • Maryland: 055003201
  • Massachusetts: 121042882
  • Michigan: 091101455
  • Minnesota: 091000019
  • Mississippi: 062203751
  • Missouri: 113105449
  • Montana: 092905278
  • Nebraska: 104000058
  • Nevada: 321270742
  • New Hampshire: 121042882
  • New Jersey: 021200025
  • New Mexico: 107002192
  • New York: 026012881
  • North Carolina: 053000219
  • North Dakota: 091300010
  • Ohio: 041215537
  • Oklahoma: 121042882
  • Oregon: 123006800
  • Pennsylvania: 031000503
  • Rhode Island: 121042882
  • South Carolina: 053207766
  • South Dakota: 091400046
  • Tennessee: 064003768
  • Texas: 111900659
  • Texas-El Paso: 112000066
  • Utah: 124002971
  • Vermont: 121042882
  • Virginia: 051400549
  • Washington: 125008547
  • Washington D.C.: 054001220
  • West Virginia: 121042882
  • Wisconsin: 075911988
  • Wyoming: 102301092

Speak to the Customer Service Executive – 2

Wells Fargo Customer Service is available 24/7. For instance, this bank is quite popular for providing the best customer services to their customers. The customer can quickly ask for the ABA Routing Number from the Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service Executive. This can quickly help you to locate and find out the right routing number of Wells Fargo Bank.

Wells Fargo Phone Number: 1 – 800 – 869 – 3557

Just connect a call with them. They will help you out.

Personal Checkbook – 3

We are living in 2021. Therefore, writing the checks is still a thing in this century. It is often used for completing business transactions. Thus, if one is having any of their checks? Then, the routing number is generally mentioned on the bottom left of the personal check.

Wells Fargo Routing Number

It will be the 9-digit ABA routing number. Moreover, one can even verify the routing number at the ABA website.

Wells Fargo Online Website – 4

You are lucky enough to have this section. Luckily, Wells Fargo offers the most valuable digital resources to its customers. Meanwhile, the customer can look out for their Wells Fargo Routing Number on the official website.

The customer can use their tool of Routing Numbers and Account Numbers to find out the same.

Wells Fargo Routing Number

You only have to enter few details to complete the process.

Wells Fargo Mobile Application – 5

You must be like us. Therefore, you must be familiar with the mobile banking application of Wells Fargo Bank. For instance, the customer can also find out the Wells Fargo Routing Number using the mobile banking application of the bank. Let’s have a look at the process.

  • Open the application and complete the login process.
  • Under the account summary option, one has to click on the checking account option.
  • Now under the particular option, click on the routing numbers.
  • That’s all. A 9-Digit Routing Number is now visible on the smartphone screen.
  • You can write it down for future purposes.

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Here we come at the end. Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks in the United States. This bank has over 1300+ ATMs and 5400+ Branches all across the country. This bank is serving a lot of people by offering them the best banking services.

However, this article is all about finding the Wells Fargo Routing Number. Thus, we have added a complete piece of information that one needs to know about to find the routing number. We hope it does help. If there is anything apart from this? You can always ask us in the comments section.

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