How To Get Advance PF Money From your EPF Account

It is serious. Usually, the EPF policies do not allow any employee to withdraw EPF funds in advance but, in the case of any severe need, you can get advance PF money from your EPF account. You can take the provident fund in advance in case of any critical need but note that it will be not refundable. You can take advance in your service period if you are suffering from illness, marriage or any other loan repayments which are pending.

However, the amount varies from the individual to individual you first need to meet the required criteria to get your PF withdrawn in advance. Usually, the employee can withdraw up to 90% of their EPF fund in the year before the retirement. In case of unemployment, they can withdraw up to 75% of the funds available in EPF account.

How To Get Advance PF Money? – EPF Money Withdrawal Procedure:


We already mentioned above. You can withdraw up to 90% during the service period and 75% on unemployment period only in the case of serious need. Such as:

Illness: You can get advance money from your EPF account in case of any severe disease of yours or your family.

Marriages: Sometimes, we do spend more than in our family weddings, and in such cases, you are allowed to withdraw your funds in advance.

Education: We do everything to get our child educated, and if the purpose is of your child education, you can receive your EPF amount in advance.

Construction of the new house: We do like buying new things, and the house is one of the best investment. The EPF policies allow you to take your PF in advance for the construction of your new home.

Retirement: An EPFO member can withdraw up to 90% from his PF balance in advance after the retirement. Usually, Retirement happens after the age of 54.

Unemployment: You can withdraw your PF balance in advance in the case of unemployment and no job for more than one month.

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The procedure of EPF Withdrawal:

There are two main types of process to get your EPF funds withdrawn.

  1. Submission of a physical application for withdrawal
  2. Submission of an online application

#1 Submission of a Physical Application for Withdrawal:

  • First, you need to download the form for physical submission, and you can do this by clicking here:
  • Fill out the required information on the form.
  • Go to the regional EPFO office and get it submitted.
  • Post-approval, you can withdraw up to 90% of your PF fund offline.

#2 Submission of an Online Application:

It is now accessible for the employees as they can make a request online for withdrawing of their PF funds in advance. You need to make sure you are having proper EPFO login details like your UAN number and password, and, the KYC has done. If all the things are perfect.

  • Then, visit the EPFO portal.
  • Login with UAN number and password.
  • Fill the online form and get it submitted.
  • Post-approval of the document, you can go to any regional office to get your PF funds withdrawn else, you can receive in your account.


It is not often recommended to withdraw your funds in advance. It may affect your future pensions. However, we do know about the severe and significant needs we face in our daily lives, and it is okay to withdraw the PF in advance. In this post, we have added all the details that are required to get your PF withdrawn in advance.

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