How to Check West Bengal Online Land Records at Banglarbhumi?

The costs of land in different places can be measured to help them decide to purchase. It is also possible to access the same data with an app that allows customers to search on the mobile on land-related details. The total systematic transition and growth allow people to control and save money because people do not have to frequently visit the land section department. Check West Bengal Land Records Online Below.

In other terms, a formal system needs to be necessary for land records in the State, as is the recording of documents for the two parties. Most of the data were collected by the West Bengal land and reform department on a website of Banglarbhumi for the benefit of the land records. Any person can use this portal to retrieve land and property-related information such as the name of the owner, land area, plot number, the value of the property and also the present owner.

Launched in 2010 by the Government of West Bengal, Banglarbhumi, a robust Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), is the backbone of today’s land record management. This departmental website gives the public access for live-data of West Bengal Land Records instantly.

West Bengal Online Land Records

So you are now clear with what is Banglarbhumi and its services. Is it right? Let’s go into the details of the Banglarbhumi land services portal.

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Property Registration Deed:

The final agreement signed between two parties is generally known as Property registration deed. The purchaser is the lawful owner of the property once the asset has been licensed on behalf of the buyer. Such a contract is also called the purchase/land certificate which must be registered with the government. The process to file an acquisition/land registry form is accessible in the portal. The E-appointment for the registration of this deed can also be done on the same website.

Application Process for Online Mutation:

The process of transferring/changing the landowner/title from one person to another is known as Mutation. It can be only initiated only if the property is rightly registered. Fill up and submit the required details in the mutation form online. Users can check the status of the application by entering the application number generated at the time of the application process. After registering, citizens can opt for the ‘Fees Payment’ option to pay the fee.

If the user pays the fees online, then the mutation case number will be registered instantly. If the payment is done through offline mode, he/she can verify the status of his payment and registration via the ‘Online Application’ of the ‘Application- GRN Search’.

Certified Copy of Plot Information Request/Record Of Right (ROR) Request/Plot Map Request:

Select either ROR Request/Plot Info Request/Plot map Request/Request GRN search/Application/Receipt Reprint under the ‘Service Delivery option’. The redirected page needs users to fill the required details. Use automated calculation of the fee for the online payment.

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Property Information:

Choose “Know Your Property” under the Citizen Service option in the WB portal. Submit district, block, and mouza details and search information by entering ‘Khaitan number/plot number’. If entered details matched with the online land records, the user will get the exact details.

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