How to Register/Activate SBI Bank Net Banking Online free

About SBI Bank Net Banking:

State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the biggest banks in the nation. It gives banking services to individuals, households, small merchants, big corporate and government establishments.  SBI is providing net banking services to its users with various rights and limits of the transaction. A person can avail the SBI net banking services if that person is a current or savings account holder in SBI. To get registered yourself in net banking you have to submit the application form. To stay with time and to guarantee that its users keep on getting quality services, SBI has launched net banking services. Users having an account with SBI can make transactions effectively, while sitting in the comfort and safety of their homes or workplaces given they have to activate online SBI net banking.  Some of the net banking services provided by SBI:

  • Account details
  • Account statement
  • Last 10 transactions
  • Nomination and PAN details
  • Checking CIBIL Score
  • Change login password
  • Update profile details
  • Update Aadhar in the bank account
  • Fund transfer within SBI
  • Fund transfer outside SBI, etc.

SBI Bank Net Banking

How to Register SBI Bank Internet Banking in SBI Online:

When you have an active account in SBI, you can apply for registration of netbanking service if you own a personal account with SBI ATM facility. For accounts with joint names, they have to contact their bank to finish the conventions.

  1. Log on to the SBI net banking website.
  2. Then, click on the new user registration or activation option.
  3. Type in your acct. number, CIF details, branch number, country, registered phone number, service required then press on the Submit icon.
  4. Type in the unique One Time Password (OTP) generated on your registered phone number.
  5. Choose the ATM card for activating the net banking facility. If you haven’t got ATM card from the bank, the respective bank branch will finish the process of registration on behalf of you.
  6. After noting the temporary user name and create a log in password. Re-enter the login password and click on submit to finish the registration process. Make sure that the password is of minimum 8 characters in length comprising of lower case and upper case alphabets, with a minimum of 1 special character and one numeric digit.
  7. Then login with the only a limited period of time user name and the password created in the above step.
  8. Create a permanent user name of your own choice.
  9. Accept the T&C and then set up the Login & Profile passwords respectively. Also, fill out options for hint questions with answers.
  10. Provide your DOB, country of residence and registered contact number.
  11. Select the Account Summary option and you can view all the accounts associated with your name.
  12. In case you were provided only “view-only rights” then you should reach out to your branch to asking for “transaction rights” privileges with a hardcopy showing your online registration process.

SBI Bank Net Banking

How to Activate If you have an ATM card:

You can easily activate the net banking facility if you have an ATM card. The process is hassle-free. If you already have an ATM card you have to follow the below-given steps:

  • After completing the registration option will be displayed for you.
  • In the case, you have an ATM you can finish the registration and activate the net banking facility for your account.
  • Choose the ATM card option and then click on submit.

What if you do not have an ATM Card:

In the case you do not have ATM card you have to follow the following steps:

  • When you do not have an ATM card you have to select the relevant option. Select the option after providing your cif number, account number, phone number and facility required.
  • Then click on submit.


Net banking is the way forward for India’s Apex Bank. Net banking provides comfort to the customers and at the same time saves the time of both the customer as well as the bank. In this article, we come to know about the net banking facility provided by the State Bank of India and the registration process. The registration or activation process of SBI net banking is simple and easy. If you follow the steps without any fault you will be able to activate net banking for your account. In case you have a personal account with all the relevant information for the registration then activating net banking for your account will take no time, but if you have a joint account then you will have to visit the branch. The most asked questions related to activation of net banking in SBI has been answered above. This will give you more clarity when you are activating net banking facility.

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