Best Places To Order Checks Online? What to Look? (Detailed)

If you are also one of those uses who checks regularly then the given information will definitely prove to be helpful for you. The cost of new to blank checks must be familiar with you and also it gets added up so fast as well. If your bank is not providing you free checks then it is necessary for you to order them from somewhere else so that you can easily restock your supply. Now there are people who usually look for check coupons with the Sunday papers but still, if you are willing to order the check online then there are some options available. Getting the checks from the bank may prove to be an expensive option. Hence, you should go for the companies that are providing you the best deals to order checks.

Best Places To Order Checks Online

Whenever you are in need of checks then you are suggested to order them in plenty of time before getting run out. In case your rent is due or you are in need of paying some urgent will then in such a situation, your check will only be the last help you will be having. Considering all such situations and in order to help you out in getting the checks from the best vendors, here we have stated some information. We have stated the best places from where you can easily order the checks online. So, let’s get started.

Best Places to Order Checks Online

Get the check in the mail

Checks in the Mail actually offer you a great selection of check styles along with competitive pricing. Apart from this, it simply adds up to the best online check buying experience. In case you are a new customer then the chances of getting a high discount also get enhanced. The least expensive checks are usually available at the price of $20 that includes around a hundred checks. Apart from this, there are several others available at a huge price.

Walmart checks

It is one of the popular stores that are famous for rock bottom prices. Especially, it helps you out in order checks ordering and saving money with the branded ones. From this store, you can easily order the movie and character branding checks that too at the lowest price. As compared to other stores, the checks available at Walmart stores are less expensive. The collection starts at the price of around $8 for 150 checks. You can also get your customized checks featuring your favorite picture that you want to upload.

Bradford exchange

It is also one of the major well-known trusted brands that you can consider to order checks. It is actually noteworthy and has a wide collection of checks available. The site claims that there are more than 800 designs available. The best part about this site is that you can easily get the checks at the most affordable prices. Along with the sports teams, American petroleum, and other designs, you can also go for the generic styled checks along with the images of your pets, or scenery, or artwork as well. It only depends upon you which type of check you are willing to have. Additionally, this site provides you amazing discount options as well.

What to Look for in Places to Order Checks Online?

Some things are essential. Therefore, we should not hurry for anything. The same goes while ordering checks online. It is one of the essential parts of our life. Therefore, it is always good to look at the things that are needed to consider while ordering checks online.

For instance, we have added simple data to look for in places to order checks online. Let’s have a look.


The best vendors that are currently providing online check services will provide a variety of designs and services to their customers. It is always good to look at new designs that suit both personal and professional experience. However, one has to make sure that the designs are licensed and available to use.


Saving money should be the #1 priority for all the customers. It is always good to compare the deal online. It is generally to see the price cost and benefit of ordering online versus getting it from the bank directly. However, we are living in such an era where we hardly use check services. So, consider opting for fewer checks if the uses are low and prefer comparing it with many online check providers.

Shipping Time

It is one of the essential parts that everyone should consider. Although, we are familiar with online shopping and their quick delivery service. Still, when it comes to the checks it takes more time to deliver the package than usual. So, it is always good to review the shipping time. 

If you are running late? Then, prefer getting it from the website with less shipping time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions have been repeatedly asked to us related to ordering checks online. Therefore, we have added quick answers to all the usual questions below. Let’s have a look.

What do you need to order checks online?

While ordering the checks online, one needs to have the essential information ready with them to complete the order. You can also take the previous check for usual information such as complete bank account number and bank routing number.

If you do not have any check left with you? Then, prefer connecting with the customer service executive or log in to the online banking service for the particular bank. (For example, M&T Bank)

What are secure or high-security checks?

All the checks provided by the bank and the ones that come online are secured with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). It is a chip code that contains a bank routing number and account number that can be only accessed via MICR reader. This prevents the other companies to create duplicate copies for the same. Additionally, some high-security checks contain more security features that include visible and invisible fluorescent fibers.

What is the difference between single and duplicate checks?

Most people use single checks for the business. Still, duplicate checks are available that are made of thin carbon paper. It is generally for keeping the records. However, such checks are expensive and not in use in this period. It is because most people now rely on digital record keeping.


Hence these are some of the popular vendors through which you can order checks online. Additionally, it will help you out in saving your money up to an extent. Purchasing checks from banks usually proves to be an expensive affair. If there is anything else? You can ask us in the comments section.


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