Here’s Why You Should Consider Buying a 24×7 Roadside Assistance Add-On

We all have, at some point, been stranded on the road waiting to seek help facing a vehicle breakdown. Those who haven’t experienced this, consider yourself lucky. Be it a city commute or your next road-trip, vehicle breakdowns can cause inconvenience. It can be in the form of cancellation of journey or rescheduling or looking for alternate means to reach your destination.

Have you wondered your four wheeler insurance can come to rescue in such times of vehicle breakdown? Yes, you read it right. Using an add-on facility, you can enhance the coverage of your motor insurance policy.

A roadside assistance cover or breakdown add-on is popularly known as RSA cover and can help you steer out of such uncertain situations. This add-on facility can be opted for at a nominal price when purchasing a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy.

Let us look at the scenarios where a roadside assistance cover can be helpful –

Flat tyre: A flat tyre is one of the most common scenarios that we face while driving/riding our vehicle. God forbid, you are stranded in a place where there’s no accessible help, a roadside assistance cover will save you by getting the right technicians and also a spare wheel.

Dead battery: It is one of the common problems why most vehicles breakdown midway. In case there is some fault in the alternator, or you have a battery with lower voltage, your car’s electricals can fail, and it can stall your journey. At these times, using the help of RSA cover, you can jumpstart your vehicle or arrange for a replacement battery.

Fuel assistance: An empty fuel tank is a nightmare for a motorist. It happens to the best of us. Even though you plan your journey, some unprecedented situations can leave you stranded on the road with an empty fuel tank. An RSA cover ensures you receive a pre-defined quantity of fuel as per the terms of the policy. It can be a boon when the next fuel station is miles away.

Towing facility: Sometimes, the problems on your vehicle are severe and cannot be fixed on the spot. Using the towing facility of your roadside assistance add-on, you can safely take your vehicle to the nearest service station to get it running back on the roads.

Minor repairs: There are times when a small yet critical screw can be a hurdle in your leisure family trip. A breakdown cover includes minor repairs to your vehicle that do not hamper your journey at any time.

Keep in mind the above RSA benefits and compare car insurance policy from different insurance companies. While you avail an RSA add-on, you can purchase other add-ons like an engine protect or zero depreciation cover. Use a car insurance calculator facility to check for the premiums when you avail such additional covers. Stay safe and stay insured!


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