Two-wheeler loan: You’d rather spend more time with family than commute

Balancing work life, personal life, and family life in Mumbai has become increasingly difficult, given our busy schedules. For many, the long daily commute to work is one of the contributing factors. One of the ways to deal with this is by cutting short the commute time.

Travelling by a four-wheeler invariably takes up more time in the traffic – which is a common phenomenon on Mumbai roads. Additionally, manoeuvring a car or a bus or any four-wheeler is difficult at a signal or traffic jams. Hence, a two-wheeler comes in handy in cutting short your travel time to a large extent.

In this article, we will look at how two-wheelers will help you commute better. We will also discuss how to go about buyingtwo-wheeler loans.

How two-wheelers can help you commute better

Some the reasons why switching to a two-wheeler commute can help you are:

  • Helps you escape the crowd:

Opting for a two-wheeler to commute to work helps you avoid any delays you could experience with public transport. You also get to avoid the crowd and commotion faced on public transport. The lesser you have to deal with people on the way to work, the clearerwill be your headspace as you enter the workspace.

  • It’s quicker:

Commuting on a two-wheeleris a lot quicker than alternatives like public transport or 4-wheelers, especially in crowded cities like Mumbai. Not only can two-wheelers help you legally filter through heavy traffic to save time, but, you can almost always get to your destination. Plus, it also saves you some parking time.

  • Less stress:

With reference to the above points, being in a more controlled bubble of commute takes away a considerable amount of stress too. With your vehicle, you are more in control of the time and the pace of your travel. Add to the fact that riding a two-wheeler is, ingeneral, a delightful experience.

Therefore, commuting by a two-wheeler helps you save time. You can then use this time to spend with your family and create memories.

Now, buying a two-wheeler can be an expensive affair but, with a two-wheeler loan, that’s easy too. Before we end this article, here are some of the benefits of opting for a two-wheeler loan.

  • 100% financing:

Many banks and Non-banking finance companies (NBFC) offer two-wheeler loans which finance the complete road price value of the vehicle.

  • Covers insurance

Another benefit of opting for a two-wheeler loan is that it includes the cost of registration of the two-wheeler and insurance cover.

  • Low-interest rates:

Two-wheeler loan interest rates are comparatively low as it is a secured loan. Generally, the interest rates start at 9% and can go up to 26%. The two-wheeler loan interest rates depend massively on the credit profile of the individual.

  • Simple and easy process:

Also, the documentation for a two-wheeler loan is very simple, minimal, and relatively quick as compared to other loans.

Given the benefit of commuting by a two-wheeler, we hope you opt for it and spend the much-earned time with your loved ones.


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