Tripura Gramin Bank Customer Care, Toll Free and Helpline Numbers !!

Tripura Gramin bank is one of the popular and most trusted banks in Tripura. Most of the people in Tripura opened their bank account with this bank. It is because they provide most of the services like any other private or government sector banks. They do have a bunch of services and features available for their customer. You will get all kinds of solutions to personal banking, corporate banking. This is not the end. There are tons of schemes and reasonable interest rates available on opening a new savings account with Tripura Gramin bank. Check Tripura Gramin Bank Customer Care, Toll Free and Helpline Numbers below.

Tripura Gramin bank is all set to deal with modern banking facilities. Apart from providing regular banking access to the customers, they are now also providing access to digital banking services to their customers. However, in this post, we will be talking about the customer care services of the Tripura Gramin bank.

Tripura Gramin Bank Customer Care

Tripura Gramin Bank Customer Care:

We know how important sometimes is to contact the customer care for any particular service. It is because most of the solution to the problem is only available to customer care. It is about reporting a transaction or creating a ticket for any particular issue. Do you know that the best part of Tripura Gramin bank? The best part is their customer care executive service is available 24/7 to help out the customers in any issue.

Let me list out the numbers of Tripura Gramin bank customer care.

  • 0331 2324774
  • 0381 2226502
  • 0381 2323931
  • 0381 2323935
  • 0381 2327027
  • 0381 2329743
  • 0381 2320103
  • 0381 2300323
  • 0381 2316987
  • 0381 2300325

The only thing you need to do is dial the particular number and when the call is connected to customer care executive. You need to verify all the details by entering your debit card details and the account number. Once the details are verified, the call will be automatically transferred to the customer care executive.

The customer care executive of Tripura Gramin bank is available to help out in any case. The above-listed numbers are proof for the same. There are many helplines, and you can contact to another number if the one is busy.

Customer Care for Debit or Credit Card:

We know that most of the banks have a different section for the particular helpline. It is not same with Tripura Gramin bank. They only have one line to contact the customer care executive. You can check out the above-listed contact number and connect to any particular customer care for the same.

Another Option?

There is no other option I guess in Tripura Gramin bank to contact customer care executive. However, you can visit their website, and there you will find all the details related to contact and mailing address. Alternatively, you can visit the main branch and report any issue.

That is the only option for the customers to contact their helpline number provided above or visit the official website for any other details.

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Let me mention, some of the features of Tripura Gramin bank.

Features of Tripura Gramin Bank:

There are many features and benefits for the account holder of Tripura Gramin bank. The features you will love to know.

  • Instant savings account: Tripura Gramin bank provide instant savings bank account to the customers. It means they can easily open their bank account by visiting the branch along with government-approved documents. 
  • Zero Balance accounts: Don’t have the cash to maintain a monthly average balance requirement? No issue, Tripura Gramin bank also provides the zero balance account to their customers along with most of the facilities. The facilities and the access of zero balance savings account and MAB savings are the same. The only difference in the charges of transaction.
  • Attractive Savings & Fixed Deposit interest rates: Every bank does provide a particular interest rate for keeping a sum amount of money in their bank account. There are many banks which do provide more than 4% interest rates on savings balance and more than 7% on fixed deposit. The Tripura Gramin bank is one of those banks which does provide attractive interest rates to the customers.
  • Internet & mobile banking: Every bank is digital now, and the Tripura Gramin bank is also all set to provide digital services to the customers. The bank account holders of Tripura Gramin bank can easily visit the branch and ask for internet and mobile banking activation. Once the service is activated, they can do most of the banking tasks from home.
  • No charges on Fund transfer: Most of the bank do charge a sum of amount for transferring the funds from one bank to the another. Tripura Gramin bank does not charge anything for using this facility via internet banking or branch. You can transfer the funds from your bank account to any other bank account at any time during the banking hours.
  • 24/7 Customer care: The best part of the bank is 24/7 customer service. Meanwhile, you can contact to Tripura Gramin bank customer care helpline any time and ask for the resolution of your problem. 

These are the features and benefits of opening a bank account with Tripura Gramin bank. You can avail most of the services from this bank at no extra cost. To be the instance, this post is all about the customer care toll-free number for various problems, but we have added the features as well to let the customers know more about the Tripura Gramin bank.


Tripura Gramin Bank was established in 1926, and the bank is owned by the United bank of India. The government of India jointly owns it. The main headquarter of Tripura Gramin bank is located at Tripura. The bank has more than 140 branches located over four different states of our country and access to more than 150+ ATM. This bank does provide all the banking facility to the customers, including personal and corporate banking facilities. In this post, we have mentioned all the details about the customer care executive of Tripura Gramin bank. We have added the contact details and the process to resolve most of the issues.

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