How to Pay Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment Online and Offline?

We know that Citibank is one of the most famous banks for businessman and professional celebrities in India. It has lesser accounts to operate, but the services they provide are unbeatable if we compared it with any other private banks. However, It is not the top in the list of best private banks in India as the minimum balance required to open a savings account with them is high. If you are a middle-class person, then I am sorry you cannot open a savings account with them. There is a minimum of one lakh monthly average balance required to open a bank account with them. Check steps to Pay Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment Online and Offline below.

In this post, we are talking about the Citibank credit card. We know that from the earlier part that it is not easy to open a bank account and it is not easy as well to get a credit card issued from Citibank. It is only issued for those who have higher ITR transactions and keeps MAB in banks. However, if you already have a credit card from Citibank and looking for a most convenient option to pay credit card bills, then this post is for you.

Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment:


There are two options for the payment of Citibank credit card bills. You can choose and use the one whichever is most convenient for you. The two options consist of some online and offline methods for making credit card bill payments. Let me mention some of the online options to pay credit card bills more conventionally.


  • Internet banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Pay online from any other bank account
  • Auto payment debit setup

#1 Internet Banking:

The first option in our list is via internet banking. Internet banking is a sensation in digital banking. We are most likely to use this feature for our day to day banking activities. You can take the help of internet banking for saving most of the time you spend in banks. However, we are talking about credit card bill payments. So, it is possible to make your Citibank credit card bill payment online via internet banking. Let me tell you the process.


  • Login to the internet banking portal.
  • Go to credit card options.
  • Link your Citibank credit card.
  • Check out the pending due amount on credit card.
  • Make the payment using your bank account.
  • That’s it. The same payment will get reflected in your credit card within three working days.

#2 Mobile Banking:

The second option to pay credit card bills online is via using mobile banking facility. The bank provides it, and it has the same features of internet banking. It means you will be able to do most of the net banking transactions using the mobile banking application. Let me explain the process of paying bills of Citibank credit card.


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  • First, you need to download the Citibank mobile banking application in your smartphone.
  • Second, you need to login to the mobile banking application.
  • After that, go through the credit card option.
  • Link your credit card by entering all of the correct details in your smartphone.
  • Check out the pending dues and payments.
  • Click on payment and the same will get deducted from your bank account and get reflected in your credit card within three working days.

#3 Pay Online from Any Other Bank Account:

The third option to pay bills online is from any other bank account. It means if you do own the credit card from Citibank but not the account. Still, it is possible to make payments online using any other bank account online. Let me explain using the steps.


  • You need to register as a payee on your internet banking account.
  • You need to put the credit card number in the account number box.
  • IFSC code you can search over the internet for a particular branch.
  • Post activation, you can process with fund transfer using NEFT or RTGS.

#4 Auto Payment Debit Setup:

The fourth and the last option to make Citibank credit card bill payments online is using the auto-payment debit set up on your savings account. To activate this option, you need to maintain MAB for three months and then you can ask the customer care or bank for the activation of this feature. In this way, you will not miss any payments, and the balance will get debited automatically from your account.

These are the online methods for making credit card bills payment of Citibank. Let me mention some of the offline methods as well, in case you don’t have access to online options.

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Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment in Offline Mode:

  • Transfer through ATM
  • Cash payment
  • Cheque payment

#1 Transfer Through ATM:

This facility is available 24/7 and also the most convenient way to make credit card bills payment using your debit card. The only thing you need to do is visit the nearest Citibank ATM, swipe your card and then proceed with the payment using options shown on the screen.

#2 Cash Payment:

You can also pay your Citibank credit card bills at nearest Citibank branches. It is a convenient option, but this may require some extra charges and processing fees for the cash transaction.

#3 Cheque Payment:

This option seems to be more convenient for customers. We all use a cheque to pay some of the legal payments. Therefore, we can use a cheque to clear our pending dues in our credit card as well. You only need to fill the cheque using correct information and then drop it to nearest Citibank ATM. 

The cheque will clear automatically, and once the money is debited from your account, it will automatically get reflected in your credit card within three to four working days.


Getting a credit card is easy, but paying the bills is the most difficult task. This is important somehow as if we don’t pay the credit card bills on time. Then it will affect our credit score and credit limit. That is the reason we have added some of the most convenient options to clear credit card pending dues on time. It is because most of the payments do fail due to convenience. You can check out the online and offline options we have added in this post and check, which is more manageable for you.

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