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After the formation of ICICI in the year 1955 with an initiative of the World Bank, the organization has aimed to initiate medium and long-term financing to Indian Businesses. The principal objective of forming the ICICI Bank was to collect funds from Indian People and utilize those for the benefits of Entrepreneurs. With the expansion of responsibilities, the bank started to feel the need to introduce a financial tool for the benefit of large demography in the country. To offer proper service to the underserved people of the country, the bank decided to put forward the ICICI Bank Credit Card.

A credit card is a financial instrument with which people can meet their intermittent needs. Therefore, the management had decided to expand the services in the semi-urban and rural areas too besides urban areas.

Launching of ICICI Credit Card:


ICICI Bank has entered into an agreement with BPL mobile. The purpose was to introduce a co-branded Credit Card which ultimately came into existence in the year 2002. The first in this operation was the Drivesmart Card. In the year 2003, ICICI Bank took possession of the Credit Card Division of the Tata Finance.

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From such acquisition, the business of ICICI Credit Card took a boom. In the year 2004, the total sales crossed two million customers.

The bank was a pioneer among the Indian Private Banks to launch such a financial tool. In the year 2005, total sales of ICICI Credit Card crossed City Bank Cards with the total sales reached 3 million while the number of customers with City Bank stood at 2.5 million.

About Cards offered by ICICI:

From the inception of credit card division, the financial experts with the Bank have undergone thorough researches about the ways the cards could serve the Indian People better.

The cards are designed to cater to the needs of people at different levels of financial situations. As a result, we find ICICI Credit Card with different patterns and features.

For Instance, we can see the detailing of Amazon Pay Credit Card. It is exclusively designed for Amazon Customers – a joint venture of ICICI Bank and Amazon Pay.

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The card is offered to Amazon Prime Customers without any cost; additional reward points are offered beyond a certain level of purchase. The most meaningful attribute in these cards is that the CIBIL score of an applicant is not checked. The Bonus Value of these cards is fixed at Re. 1. The bonus items stay unbolted and never expire. Bonus value comes infrequently and you can’t place any limitation upon earnings.

ICICI Bank Ascent American Express Credit Card:

This is a basic corporate card launched jointly by ICICI and the American Express Bank. The professional cards are offered with a one-year free service for the high-end customers of both the corporations.

Standard reward points are available from this card; the benefits offered under the card range from categories to fashion, travel, dining, and many others.


People aged between 21 and 65 years are eligible to apply for this type of ICICI Credit Card. Applicants for this type of credit card must have a polished CIBIL score. Income sources are properly verified before offering.

The ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card:

While going for online transactions, security comes in the first priority. Considering the aspect, ICICI Credit Card has incorporated defense features to all of its cards. Post realization of the importance of security, the management had decided to launch the Carbon Credit Card that incorporates myriad features of security.  The customers need not pay a farthing for enjoying the card.

Till this date, The Carbon Credit Card is the top secured card with the inclusion of Visa Codesure, It is an outcome of a technology of coding that was acquired by ICICI by dint of a pact with Visa. It comprises a 12-digit button touch keypad technology offered in the smartphones these days.

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Primary cardholders under the scheme are offered with Airport Lounger Access offers. 10 percentile discounts are offered on hotel booking and 7% on domestic and international holiday bookings. The cardholders are also eligible to get two movie tickets per month of Rs. 400 each.  Fifteen percent discount is also offered on dining in 2500 selected restaurants; the treat is offered under the Culinary Treat program.

The Platinum Identity Credit Card:

The card is offered to all sorts of Indian citizens against a nominal fee of Rs. 500. Only Indian Citizen Aged between 21 and 60 are eligible for application. The salaried applicant must have to be appointed in any Government, PSU or MNC organization.  The maximum age for business and self-employed people is 65 years.

Owners of the ICICI Bank Credit Card will enjoy fantastic rewards. There are beautiful offers for travel, shopping, dining, and electronics. Air miles are also provided in the bonanza offers.


With ICICI Credit Card, you can bring out ease in the lifestyle. For accessing proper and tailor-made variety for you, visit the website for the card in the bank and chose the fittest for yours. Your credit score and Income status must have to be updated at the time of application.

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