SBI ATM Pin – How to Generate or Reset Forgot SBI Debit Card PIN?

We know that ATM transactions, digital transactions, petrol pumps whenever we are swiping our card. It requires pin verification. What if we forget our ATM pin? That is the worst situation, I guess. It is when we don’t have cash even. That is the reason we are posting a detailed guide on recovering or generating new SBI ATM pin or SBI debit card PIN.

We know that the state bank of India is one of the largest and leading banks of India. The government of India owns it. Moreover, SBI has more customers than any other bank. State bank of India is all set to provide all the better facilities and giving a fierce competition to most of the private banks. That is the reason. However, the rush in SBI bank branches are more than any private bank, and it is also because of the largest group of customers accounts they are holding. Anyway, we were talking about the SBI ATM pin generation. In this post, you will find five different options to recover your debit card pin. 

How Reset SBI ATM Debit Card PIN?


We update that earlier that there is a total of five options from which you can quickly recover the SBI ATM or Debit card pin. However, not all the options are easier, and some of the options may require your visit to the bank as well. The options are:

  • Internet banking
  • IVR
  • ATM
  • SMS banking
  • Branch

#1 Internet Banking:

The first option to recover SBI ATM or debit card pin is via using Internet banking. We already know about SBI internet banking. It allows us to transact digitally and save a lot of our time. Internet banking is a new sensation, which helps us to operate our bank account from anywhere. Let me explain the recover process of SBI ATM Pin.



  • After that, go through the login page of internet banking.
  • Enter the correct user ID and password on the login page and click on submit.


  • Post submission, you will be redirected to the internet banking portal.
  • Now, click on the e-services tab.
  • After that, click on ATM card services and then ATM pin generation.
  • Follow the instructions given on-screen and verify yourself using OTP.
  • That’s it. Set the new pin, and you are done.

#2 IVR:

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The second option to reset SBI debit card pin is via using IVR. IVR stands for interactive voice response. It is another most convenient way to recover the pin of an SBI debit card. The only thing you need is to register your mobile number with your bank account. If it is already done, then you can continue by following the below-given steps.


  • First, you need to call on the official SBI customer care number 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800
  • Once the call is connected, you will get a response from IVR.
  • Select the card services and then ATM pin generation from the option.
  • Verify yourself.
  • Follow the instructions, and that’s it. Set the new PIN through IVR.

#3 ATM:

ATM stands for automatic teller machine. This is the third option which we use to recover the SBI ATM pin. This can be not easier for some people, but if any SBI ATM is near your location, then you can try this method. Let me explain using steps.


  • You need to visit any nearest SBI ATM First.
  • After that, swipe your SBI ATM card on the machine.
  • Select the pin generation option.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • Set the new pin.
  • That’s it.

#4 SMS Banking:

The fourth and most used option to recover or generate new ATM pin for SBI ATM card is via using SMS banking. Again, you need to make sure that your mobile number is registered with your SBI bank account. If yes, then let’s check out the process to recover pin.


  • First, you need to send SMS to 567676 in the following format from your registered mobile number – ‘PIN<space>CCCC<space>AAAA.’ 
  • Whereas, CCCC stand for the last four digits of your card number, and AAAA stands for the last four digits of your account number.
  • After that, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Verify it and set the new pin by following instructions.

#5 Branch:

The fifth and the last option to reset SBI ATM pin is via visiting the branch. This is the only option which is left, and you can try this if any of the above-given options are not working for you. The only thing you need to do is, visit the nearest home branch of SBI, ask for the pin generation form. After that, you need to fill the form and submit it to the bank. Once submitted the pin would be sent to your postal address within a week.

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Safety Tips for using SBI ATM PIN:

There is a reason why we need to put the pin every time on the machine to process the transaction. It is because of the security purposes, and ATM pin helps to secure the transaction that is why it is needed to put ATM pin every time on the machine. Let me add some key points which will help you to secure your ATM pin any situation.

  • Do not write your ATM pin at any paper.
  • Do not send SMS or email containing your ATM pin.
  • You can generate or recover ATM pin anytime. Hence it is not needed to store the number on any device.
  • During transacting at ATM’s, make sure no one is looking at your PIN.


State bank of India has more branches and access to overall nation ATM’s than any other bank. We know that SBI is trying to be one of the best government banks of India. Therefore, they are providing convenience and better services to customers. Like the self internet banking registration, Pin generation etc. In this post, we have added a detailed guide to recover SBI ATM or Debit card pin. If there is anything else to ask, then you can ask us in the comments section.

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