Ambuja Cements Ltd is a leading cement manufacturer in India, known for its sustainable and innovative home-building solutions. With a strong presence in 80 countries and backed by the Adani Group, the company has earned the trust of customers for its tailor-made products suited to Indian climatic conditions. As a subsidiary of Holcim Group, Ambuja Cement Ltd is well-positioned to capitalize on India’s fast-expanding construction industry, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking long-term growth potential. Its commitment to sustainable operations and societal advancement further solidifies its position as a responsible and reliable player in the Indian cement market.

As of 14th June 2024, the share price of Ambuja Cement is ₹679. This article examines Ambuja Cement’s share price target from 2024 to 2030 and considers whether it is a good stock to buy for investors seeking long-term growth potential.

Ambuja Cements Reports 6% YoY Increase in Q4 FY24 Net Profit, Announces ₹2 Dividend

  • Ambuja Cements reported a standalone net profit of ₹532.29 crore in Q4 FY24, marking a 6% increase from the previous year.
  • Revenue from operations rose by 12.3% year-on-year to ₹4,780.32 crore.
  • EBITDA increased by 1.2% to ₹797.8 crore, although the EBITDA margin narrowed by 180 basis points to 16.7%.
  • On a consolidated basis, net profit surged by 64% to ₹1,055.30 crore, with consolidated revenue increasing by 12% to ₹8,893.99 crore.
  • The company emphasized its commitment to long-term value creation and sustainable growth, focusing on capacity doubling, efficiency improvement, and green power investments.
  • Strategic acquisitions, including Sanghi, Asian Cements, and GU in Tuticorin, contributed to an 11.4 MTPA expansion in cement capacity, reaching 78.9 MTPA.
  • The Board recommended a dividend of ₹2 per equity share for FY23-24.
  • Despite a 1.60% decline in share price on the BSE, Ambuja Cements remains optimistic about capitalizing on positive industry outlook and government infrastructure development.

How to purchase Ambuja Cement shares?

Below are the trading platforms that you can use to purchase Ambuja Cement shares:

➤ Zerodha

➤ Upstox

➤ Groww

➤ AngelOne

➤ ICICIDirect

Ambuja Cement Share Price Prediction: 2024 to 2030

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
June 2024 692.60 602.26
July 2024 685.68 596.24
August 2024 713.11 620.09
September 2024 741.63 644.90
October 2024 727.09 632.25
November 2024 756.17 657.54
December 2024 763.73 664.12

As we step into June 2024, Ambuja Cement’s maximum price is expected to be ₹692.60, with a minimum of ₹602.26. In July 2024, the maximum price is projected at ₹685.68 and the minimum at ₹596.24. For August 2024, the maximum price is forecasted to be ₹713.11, with a minimum of ₹620.09. By September 2024, the maximum price is anticipated to reach ₹741.63, with a minimum of ₹644.90. In October 2024, the maximum price is expected to be ₹727.09, with a minimum of ₹632.25. In November 2024, the maximum price is projected at ₹756.17 and the minimum at ₹657.54. Finally, as we step into December 2024, Ambuja Cement’s maximum price is expected to be ₹763.73, with a minimum of ₹664.12.

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Ambuja Cement Share Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 771.37 593.36
February 2025 779.16 599.36
March 2025 795.52 611.94
April 2025 787.65 605.88
May 2025 764.71 588.24
June 2025 799.12 614.71
July 2025 783.45 602.65
August 2025 807.68 621.29
September 2025 817.37 628.75
October 2025 838.62 645.09
November 2025 859.59 661.22
December 2025 898.27 690.98

In 2025, Ambuja Cement’s share prices are expected to fluctuate as follows: In January, the maximum price will be ₹771.37, and the minimum will be ₹593.36. February will see prices at ₹779.16 and ₹599.36. In March, prices are projected to reach ₹795.52 and ₹611.94. April’s maximum will be ₹787.65 and the minimum ₹605.88.

In May, prices will be ₹764.71 and ₹588.24, while June will see them at ₹799.12 and ₹614.71. July’s prices are expected to be ₹783.45 and ₹602.65. In August, the prices will rise to ₹807.68 and ₹621.29. September’s projections are ₹817.37 and ₹628.75.

In October, prices will reach ₹838.62 and ₹645.09. November will see an increase to ₹859.59 and ₹661.22. Finally, in December, Ambuja Cement’s prices are expected to peak at ₹898.27 and drop to ₹690.98.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2026-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 1,008.20 660.70
2027 1,217.09 783.30
2028 1,483.80 954.95
2029 1,808.96 1,164.21
2030 2,205.38 1,419.34

In 2026, Ambuja Cement’s shares are projected to reach a maximum price of ₹1,008.20 and a minimum price of ₹660.70. Moving forward to 2027, the maximum price is expected to rise to ₹1,217.09, with the minimum price increasing to ₹783.30. By 2028, Ambuja Cement’s shares could reach a maximum price of ₹1,483.80 and a minimum price of ₹954.95. Looking ahead to 2029, the maximum price is forecasted to soar to ₹1,808.96, while the minimum price is expected to climb to ₹1,164.21. Finally, in 2030, Ambuja Cement’s shares may reach a maximum price of ₹2,205.38 and a minimum price of ₹1,419.34.

Financial Condition of Ambuja Cement: Last 5 years

Dec 2019 Dec 2020 Dec 2021 Mar 2023 Mar 2024
Sales + 27,104 24,516 28,965 38,937 33,160
Expenses + 22,507 19,511 22,755 33,815 26,760
Operating Profit 4,597 5,006 6,210 5,122 6,400
OPM % 17% 20% 21% 13% 19%
Other Income + 601 288 252 447 1,401
Interest 170 140 146 195 276
Depreciation 1,153 1,162 1,152 1,645 1,623
Profit before tax 3,875 3,992 5,164 3,729 5,901
Tax % 28% 22% 28% 19% 20%
Net Profit + 2,783 3,107 3,711 3,024 4,738
EPS in Rs 10.55 11.91 14 13.01 18.01
Dividend Payout % 14% 151% 45% 19% 12%
  • Sales: The company experienced fluctuations in sales over the years, with a notable increase from December 2019 to December 2021, reaching ₹28,965 crores, followed by a decline to ₹33,160 crores by March 2024.
  • Expenses: Similarly, expenses fluctuated, peaking in December 2021 at ₹22,755 crores and then decreasing to ₹26,760 crores by March 2024.
  • Operating Profit: Despite fluctuations in sales and expenses, the operating profit showed an increasing trend, reaching ₹6,210 crores in December 2021 and ₹6,400 crores by March 2024.
  • Other Income: Other income also experienced fluctuations but showed a significant increase over the years, reaching ₹1,401 crores by March 2024.
  • Interest and Depreciation: Both interest and depreciation expenses fluctuated over the years but remained within a relatively stable range.
  • Profit before Tax and Net Profit: Profit before tax showed an increasing trend, reaching ₹5,164 crores by December 2021 and ₹5,901 crores by March 2024. Net profit followed a similar trend, increasing from ₹2,783 crores in December 2019 to ₹4,738 crores by March 2024.
  • EPS and Dividend Payout: Earnings per share (EPS) showed a consistent increase over the years, reaching ₹18.01 by March 2024. The dividend payout percentage fluctuated but showed a decreasing trend, indicating the company’s reinvestment of profits for growth and expansion.


What is the current share price of Ambuja Cement?

As of June 14th, 2024, the current share price of Ambuja Cement is approximately INR 679. However, share prices can fluctuate significantly over time.

What is the share price target for Ambuja Cement for 2030?

As per our analysis, Ambuja Cement is expected to reach a maximum of ₹2,205.38 by the end of 2030.

Can Ambuja Cement reach a share price of 1000 INR by 2025?

While reaching ₹1,000 INR by 2025 may be a stretch, our analysis suggests that Ambuja Cement could come tantalizingly close. According to our projections, Ambuja Cement is anticipated to attain a maximum share price of ₹898.27 by the conclusion of 2025.

What are some factors that could impact the share price of Ambuja Cement in the future?

Several factors could impact the share price of Ambuja Cement in the future, including changes in the global and Indian cement markets, fluctuations in raw material prices, changes in government policies and regulations, and shifts in consumer demand.

How has Ambuja Cement performed in recent years?

Ambuja Cement has shown consistent growth in recent years, with increasing revenue and profits. The company has also invested in new technologies and processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

How does Ambuja Cement compare to other cement companies in India?

Ambuja Cement is one of the top cement companies in India, competing with other major players like UltraTech Cement and ACC. It has a strong market position and a large production capacity.

What are some potential risks associated with investing in Ambuja Cement?

As with any investment, there are potential risks associated with investing in Ambuja Cement. These risks include changes in market conditions, regulatory changes, shifts in consumer demand, and industry-specific risks such as fluctuations in raw material prices.

What should investors consider when deciding whether to invest in Ambuja Cement?

Investors should consider a variety of factors when deciding whether to invest in Ambuja Cement, including the company’s financial performance, market trends, competitive landscape, and overall market conditions. It is also important to consider the investor’s own risk tolerance and investment objectives.



In conclusion, Ambuja Cement continues to demonstrate resilience and growth potential, evident from its Q4 FY24 results and financial performance. Despite challenges in operating margins, the company reported a notable 6% YoY increase in standalone net profit, reaching ₹532.29 crore, and a robust 64% surge in consolidated net profit to ₹1,055.30 crore. Ambuja Cement’s strategic focus on sustainable operations, capacity expansion, and efficiency improvement, coupled with its commitment to long-term value creation, positions it as a compelling investment opportunity in India’s cement sector. Furthermore, its consistent financial growth, increasing revenue, and expanding market presence underscore its potential for sustained success in the years to come.

Disclaimer: The article ‘Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2024 to 2030′ is just an opinion and not financial advice. Please consult a financial advisor before investing in Ambuja Cement

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