How To Request ICICI Bank Cheque Book Online

ICICI is one of the old and leading Private sector Bank in India. The main aim of the Bank is to provide better banking facilities to its customers. If we talk about the competition, then it is already increasing not only among the private sector but in the government sector as well.

While opening the account with ICICI bank, you will receive a Startup kit that contains your Debit aka ATM card, Cheque book and other accounts related information (Including Net Banking logins as well). 

A Cheque is proof of any financial transaction, and most of the businesses are relies on it. But what, if you had misplaced your cheque book or finished your cheque book? No worries, you don’t need to stand in line to order a new one. ICICI bank is all set to provide the latest modern facilities that include an online cheque book request as well.

How To Request ICICI Bank Cheque Book Online

Account-holders of ICICI bank receives several options to request for a cheque book online. You only need to activate your Net banking once and for a while to get access to an internet portal. After gaining access, you can not only request for services but can also transfer funds on the go.

  1. SMS Banking
  2. Net Banking
  3. Mobile Banking
  4. Phone Banking

#1 SMS Banking

Requesting for new cheque book is simple. You need to send the SMS to apply for the booklet. Let me show you how:

Type the code ‘ICBR Last six digits of the account number ‘ and Send the code to 5676766 or 9215676766. 

You will receive a confirmation message post sending the SMS that your booklet will dispatch to your registered address within one week.

#2 Net Banking:

For this, you need to have accurate login details of the ICICI net banking. If not, then you can visit your branch or can activate from your home by using your debit card. If everything is all right, let’s move on the steps.

  1. Visit net banking portal by clicking here:
  2. Fill up the required details asked for login.
  3. Under the customer service tab, you will find the service requests option tap on it.
  4. on the next screen, select the Cheque book request.
  5. Select the account number & confirm other details and then click on submit. That’s it.

#3 Mobile Banking:

For mobile banking, you need to install iMobile application in your smartphone to access various facilities provided under Mobile Banking by ICICI Bank. You can request a cheque book via Mobile Banking by opening the app, and under the services tab, you will find cheque book request option. Tap on it, fill out the required details and done.

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#4 Phone Banking:

You need to search for the local customer care number (depends upon the area you are living) then, connect the call with customer executive. 

Once the call is connected, you will be asked to verify that you are its account holder and you can easily verify it by using your Debit aka ATM Card details.

Once verified, you can request for new cheque book by talking to the customer executive.


Time is precious, and we do not want to waste it. Gone are the days where we regularly need to visit the Bank for getting our new cheque book applied. As modern issues require modern solutions, ICICI bank is all set to provide the facilities that we can avail by sitting at our home. Meanwhile, This article is for to understand that how can we request ICICI bank cheque book online.

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