Newton-Raphson Method Concept Formula and Advantages Explained

When a student goes for searching the roots, then the way the student uses is the false position method. In this method, generally, a student uses the two points that lie between the root and then use the chord joins the two locations. But in the case of the Newton-Raphson method, in this, you need to take the help of only one point. The point is said to be very close to the root and is tangent to the chord too. The method is said to be like the iterative method and is generally used to improve all the solution that is obtained by the process.

Newton Raphson Method Formula

If you are in search of getting the answer in the right way, then you need the recipe for the same. So to determine the recipe for the same, let assume that you need to find the root of the continuous as well as differentiable function f(x). From this, the root that you are looking is near the point in place of getting some good approximation for the root. You can determine the formula by:


The process by which it is said to be repeated many times as necessary, and it can give you with all accuracy. After that, when you go searching for the next new value, then for that you need to find it by the next formula.


Explanation Guide of the Newton-Raphson Method:


When a student goes for the technique, the student must have understood the formula in a better way. So to make it clear for you all here is the clear explanation about it. So when you are going for applying the formula. You can understand about it by implying the calculus concepts. There are many ways by which you can evaluate the roots of all the complicated functions.

As a student when you use the Newton-Raphson method, then the iterative process is said to be followed by the new set of guideline that exists to the approximate one root, and it considers with the function, derivative as well as an initial x-value.

For that all you to need to go back to the algebra that of the root of the function which is said to be zero for the function. All these things show that the root of the function equals to zero. If you are trying to find the origins of that function, then you can represent it by f(x)= x2-4 and setting the function to zero, and then you need to solve it.

After that all, in Newton-raphson method, you will be using an iterative process. The process that you use is for approaching the one root of the function, and the specific root of all method is said to depend on all arbitrarily and initially chosen x-value. The formula can give it:

In the above formula, xn represents the value of x and function of it f(xn) shows the derivative slope. All these represent the next x-value of the data that you are searching. When you go for the more iterations, then you can see that it will get close to dx and it will be zero.

By going theoretically, you can see that you can execute some infinite number of iterations. All these can be used to find all the perfect representation for the root of the function, and it is like the numerical method by which you can use to decrease the burden of roots searching. But to avoid it, you need to assume that the process has now worked correctly and the delta-x has become less than 0.1. Here the precision method is said to be applied and used, and they are essential as well.

Some advantages of the Newton-Raphson method

To find the roots of the numbers and solve some difficult problems, you can see that there are many methods. But still Newton-Raphson method is said to be used and advice to students to follow. The advantage that the process provides to you over other processes is mentioned here.

  • If you are ever have gone for the Newton-Raphson method, then you can find that the load flow method is very much faster, more reliable, and the results that you get from the technique is accurate too.
  • In this method, you may have seen that it requires very less number of iterations for convergence.
  • It also got several iterations, and all are independent of the size of the system.
  • The order of convergence that you get is quadratic.
  • The rate of converges is high-speed, and it is possible when they converge.

Application of the Newton Raphson method:

The application of the Newton-Raphson process is said to be very wide and can be applied anywhere and anywhere. Here is the application that is generally used in the real world and at real-time.

  1. All the problem which comes to the students with all kinds of variables data. And the data that here are present may be given or even known data then here you can apply about the method.
  2. When you go for putting the Newton-Raphson method, then you need to know that the method is only applicable in all relevant equations only. You can’t put them in other method or any other problems.
  3. When you are going to attempt the solution, then you can try to get that answer via different methods. So, before attempting about anything, you need to understand the question, and after that, you can put the formula and can effortlessly get the answer.


Here in the whole above article, you need to understand that it is all about the Netwon-Raphson method. If you are searching about to know about all the details about Netwon-Raphson and how to apply then here is the one-stop for you. All the information on the formula are explained in a better manner, and you can get all the information about the formula that you can use here in the method to find the answer to some questions.

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