Capital Budgeting: What are the purpose and techniques of using it?

For a business, its crucial to understand how they are going to earn profit in the market. Not just it’s essential in the sense of getting a step ahead from their competitors but also gets the attention of investors and financiers. To get better insight, different tools are available. One of those is capital budgeting, well this formed by adding two words i.e., capital and budgeting.

Capital Budgeting Introduction and Techniques:

Well, capital budgeting is a process that the business undertakes in order to evaluate investments and projects which have potential. It also includes new plants conservation and big investments in an outside venture that will need the capital budgeting even before they get rejected or get approved.

Assessing the project’s cash inflows for lifetime and outflows to understand that the project has enough potential return to meet with the target, well, this is also considered as part of the capital budgeting. This process is also known as investment appraisal.



Well, the process has its effects that will be for the long term. That’s why it’s important for the company to get their objective right when they are performing capital budgeting. To enjoy the best results in its importance for the companies to find out there objecting while they do their capital budgeting. Here are the points that can help:

  • Get the projects which will be profitable

The company gets various projects more often. However, to choose the best one, the company should choose the right mix that will boost the shareholder investment

  • Control capital expenditure

Along with choosing the investment, which is profitable, controlling capital expenditure is also an important aspect. This helps in ensuring that the investment should not get lost in budgeting crux.

  • Find the source of funds

Capital budgeting’s another important part of finding the quantum funds along with the right source. It’s crucial to get the difference between the returns on investment and cost of borrowing as its one of the important goals.


There are various techniques which are available; however, it depends on the comparison of their cash inflows and outflows.  To know it much better and to understand, its crucial to understand the techniques and what they to in capital budgeting. Here are some techniques:

  • Payback Period Method: This is the technique which is used to get the time period that the initial investment would start to earn. In this case, those who have a short time period or durations are chosen or opted.
  • Accounting Rate of Return: This is used to get the total net income, which is divided by average investments or initials to find the investments which will be most profitable.
  • Net Present Value: Taking the difference between the cash flow and inflow from the present over the time period, the net present value is calculated. That who invest who have higher or positive NPV will be considered for the selection.  
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