Have a dream project? Here’s how investment schemes can come to the aid

If you want to save money for your financial requirements in the future like fulfilling your dream project or starting a business, you must store your funds in investment schemes to prevent them from losing their value with inflation and instead grow in value.

Besides your fundamental needs of food, shelter, and goals, you might have your own desires, plans, and dreams that require a significant corpus of financial resources to become a reality. That’s when investment plans come into play.

There are also several tax saving plans for investment over the long term that act as an added advantage for your savings. It is a crucial aspect of your life and when done the right way, it can yield amazing benefits that’ll allow you to live life on your own terms.

How Investment Schemes Power a Bright Future?

Having investment schemes is important because the savings you make today can help you beat inflation in the future and save money for your retirement or future goals. This is exactly like putting your money to work and providing you more financial resources. Here’s how it can power a bright future for you:

  1. Surpassing the Inflation Rate

If you even gain crores worth of money, you’ll still end up being poor after 40-50 years as money tends to lose its value over time. This means keeping your money under mattresses doesn’t help with anything, except making for an uncomfortable sleep.

Additionally, not even preserving your money in banks would do any good because their provided returns cannot help you beat inflation. However, with the help of investment plans, you can gain the most out of your capital and get better returns with a higher chance of outpacing the rate of inflation.

  1. Making Money Work for You

If you’re working at a company as a salaried professional, you are working to earn money and investing your time and intelligence to make a living. However, with the help of the best investment schemes in the market, you can make your money work for you instead.

With the help of these plans, your existing money will grow without you even having to bat an eye. This allows you to focus on other important things such as enjoying your life and spending more time with your loved ones.

  1. Owning More Financial Resources

There are some investment plans and schemes that provide you more than just the benefits of savings and serve multiple purposes. For example, when you invest in real estate, there’s a high chance of gaining greater returns over time.

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This may allow you to make a large amount of profit by selling the property afterward. Moreover, as you pay your monthly mortgages, you’re building up your equity, which is nothing but the amount of the ownership stake of the particular estate.

These stakes can be used as collateral to take a home equity loan that may prove to be helpful when you have an immediate need of monetary help. Therefore, you should certainly choose a good investment scheme.

Best Investment Schemes in India

  1. HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth

HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth is a unit-linked insurance plan that provides good returns by investing your capital in market-linked financial instruments. It also offers financial protection to your family in the event of your unfortunate death.

As it is a non-participating plan, the profits from the investments will be given completely to you. The plan also offers various additional riders such as a premium waiver benefit that allows you to extend the coverage or benefits of your policy even more.

It also provides you great flexibility by allowing you to choose from ten different fund options, along with unlimited switches absolutely free of cost. Therefore, make sure you have a look at this plan.

  1. Exide Life Wealth Maxima

The Wealth Maxima plan by Exide Life is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that allows you to invest your capital to yield good returns from the market and also provides all-around financial protection to your family in the event of any eventualities.

If you’re looking for an investment plan that allows efficient wealth creation in addition to providing higher financial protection for your family, then you must take a look at the Wealth Maxima plan offered by Exide Life.

This plan includes three different options as per the different stages of your life, along with three unique investment strategies as per your risk-bearing capacity. It even includes systematic investment options to gain benefits from equity markets.

  1. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Invest 4G Plan

The Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Invest 4G Plan is a unit-linked insurance plan that allows you to accumulate a large corpus of money for your future goals through various customization options as per the changing requirements and goals of your life.

There is a wide range of portfolio management options featured with this plan, and it also offers exceptional flexibility in terms of payments and payouts that provides you complete control over your financial investments.

Furthermore, it is a non-participating investment plan that provides all the profits to you. There are three different cover options to choose from as per the different stages of life, and you can also enjoy loyalty add-ons to supercharge your investments.

In this plan, you can also opt-in for a systematic withdrawal option that acts as a regular income stream throughout your policy term. There’s even a unique milestone withdrawal option that offers enhanced liquidity at regular targets.

Final Words

Whether you want to save up to establish a business or collect funds for your retirement, a good investment policy can certainly help you achieve your milestone with ease. Therefore, make sure you choose a good policy from the list of best investment schemes available above.

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