Now a days everything is automated and people have started using digitalized procedures for everything as it is easier. There are many ways to deposit cash into a bank. One of the best and newest ways to deposit cash is through the bank ATM or CDM (Cash Deposit Machine).

When you deposit money into an ATM machine there is no hassle of being bound by time as it is open 24/7 unlike a bank. It is more reliable and secure as you do direct dealing with cash to credit your account. Whereas people may make mistakes while making a direct deposit as they are humans and all humans can make errors. 

How to deposit money in SBI ATM? Step by step process

Step 1: Locate a SBI CDM machine near you. Reach there with your SBI ATM card. Please note not all ATM machines are CDM machines.

Step 2:  Once reached, you must insert the card into the card holder. Then the ATM or CDM will start reading your card

Step 3: The screen in front of you will change to a page with many options like registration, mini statement, services, quick cash, banking, balance enquiry and transfer . Then choose the option of banking.

Step 4: Choose your preferred language either English or Hindi. 

Step 5: A new screen will appear that will ask you to put in any digit between 10 to 99 for security reasons. Choose any random number and proceed by clicking yes.

Step 6: The next screen will show your account holder and will ask you to enter your pin.

Step 7: The screen will then give you an option to choose your method of transaction. Next you must select the option of deposit.

Step 8: The next screen displays ‘Please select deposit transaction’. Choose the cash deposit option. 

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Step 9: After that has been proceeded a screen with the deposit transaction limit will show. That is either Rupees 49900 or Rupees 200000 based on your selection. Next choose continue.

Step 10: Choose between a current or saving bank account.

Step 11: The cash box shutter will open where you can put the notes of the amount you wish to credit your account with. You must make sure that the notes don’t stick with each other neither are they torn or folded. 

Step 12: After pressing enter, the machine will process the notes and a detailed description will be shown to you giving you the details of the specific denominations and their quantity. 

Step 13: Next you will see 3 options, first to add more notes, second to confirm and third to cancel. You can choose the appropriate option for yourself.

Step 14: After completing the cash process you will be given a receipt after which you can withdraw your card. 

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How much money can you deposit into an SBI ATM? 

There are three rules that you must keep in mind while depositing cash in an SBI CDM : 

  • For a cardless deposit you can deposit ₹49900. 
  • For depositing cash through a debit card you can deposit upto ₹200000.
  • You can deposit a maximum of 200 currency notes of any denomination in one transaction.

Can you deposit cash into an SBI ATM throughout 24 hours? 

Answer: Yes, the ATMs and CDMs are open 24/7. 

Do SBI ATMs accept coins? 

The ATMs and CDMs do not accept coin deposits. For a coin deposit you need to go to a branch for direct deposit.

Is an SBI ATM money deposit safe? 

Yes, It is generally safe but rarely there might be a machine error. 

What denominations do SBI ATMs accept? 

SBI ATMs accept 4 denominations: 

  1. ₹100
  2. ₹200
  3. ₹500
  4. ₹2000

What accounts can you deposit the cash into in an SBI ATM?

You can deposit into a PPF, RD and Loan account. Both saving and current accounts are included. 

Is there a fee or service charge? 

There is no fee charged if you use the debit card linked to the account. However through these methods you will need to pay the following : 

  • Cardless transfer – ₹22 + GST 
  • Debit Card (3rd Party) – ₹22 + GST
  • SME Insta Deposit – ₹22 + GST
  • GRC Card – ₹22 + GST
  • Business Debit Card – ₹22 + GST

How to deposit money in an SBI ATM with your own card? 

To deposit money in SBI CDM, just insert your card and follow the steps mentioned above. 

How to deposit cash in an SBI ATM without your own card? 

You can deposit cash in SBI CDM through the following ways: 

  • Mobile deposit through the YONO app
  • SME Insta Deposit
  • GRC Card
  • Business Debit Card
  • Debit Card of third Party 
  • Shared Branching
  • Direct deposit at bank  

What are some alternative methods to deposit money in SBI bank? 

  • Direct deposit
  • Shared Branching
  • Mobile Deposit

How to deposit money in an SBI ATM without an ATM card? 

Step 1: At the first screen that appears Saying “ Please insert your card” there you must choose the ‘Cardless deposit number”. 

Step 2: Choose your preferred language.

Step 3: You will need to enter your 10 digit mobile number. 

Step 4: Select your account type.

Step 5: Enter your 11 digit beneficiary’s account number.

Step 6: Then you have to deposit the notes into the box and proceed.

How to deposit money in an SBI ATM with the YONO App? 

Step 1: Install and login into your YONO SBI app on your phone.

Step 2: Choose the ‘YONO Pay’ option on the next screen. 

Step 3: Select the ‘ Bank Account’ option 

Step 4 : Then you will see two options out of which you need to choose the own account option and then choose the ‘other deposits a/c’.

Step 5 : You can enter the desired amount on the line showing ‘Amount’

Step 6: You can put any desired remark, example : ppf or your name this will be shown on the receipt. Then press the ‘Next’ Button. 

Step 7: After it has been processed you can check the payment and exit the app. 

How to check / verify if the cash has been transferred to the bank through the SBI ATM? 

Follow these step to confirm if your account has been credited with the amount that you inserting in the ATM: Step 1: Insert your card again

Step 2: When the screen will show “ Please choose ‘BANKING’ for Cash Withdrawal”.Then you can click on either balance enquiry or mini statement wherein it will give you the details.

Question: What do I do if there is some error?

If you see that there is some error then you must speak to the bank by showing your transaction receipt. They will surely ensure and fix the problem. 

Depositing Money Via SBI ATM: Additional Tips

  • Choose a safe ATM deposit location.
  • Always check if the bank has received your deposit after you processed it through the above method.
  • Prepare and count the cash in advance.
  • Only use the SBI ATM deposit to credit money in your SBI account.
  • Do not put torn, folded or wet notes as they will get rejected. 
  • Be careful and read all the terms and conditions before going from one step to another.

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