BHIM SBI Pay – How to Download & Activate to Send and Receive Money

Every Indian do have trust in one of the leading banks in India, which is SBI. State bank of India holds more accounts than any other banks and currently leading the competition. BHIM SBI Pay is another facility to the account holders of SBI. It is the Unified Payment System (UPI). We know that there is much other application which offers UPI payment transfers like paytm, Google pay but due to being one of the best and trusted banks in India people do have trust on BHIM SBI pay more.

This application is not only limited to the customers who hold accounts with SBI bank but also for every UPI enabled bank. Any bank account holder can register and use this application for hassle-free money transfers via smartphone. This application is available on Android and iOS. You only need to download the application and link your bank account with it, and it is ready to use.

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How To Download BHIM SBI Pay?

  • Open the play store or app store on your smartphone.
  • Head over to the search bar and type SBI Pay.
  • Download the application using touch id or face ID (It is for iPhone only)
  • After downloading it will be automatically installed in your smartphone.

So, now you have installed BHIM SBI pay in your device. Let’s head over to the registration and login process.

How To Register & Login to BHIM SBI Pay?


  • Open the application in your smartphone.
  • Enter the mobile number whichever is linked with your bank accounts.
  • Verify using OTP.
  • Set the MPIN for login.
  • Post verification, select the bank account from the list of banks on the screen.
  • Click on particular bank and then it will ask you to send SMS for the verification.
  • Send SMS.
  • Post verification, you will be asked to set UPI pin. 
  • Set your UPI pin and It is now ready to use.
  • Next time, when you log in to the application, use your MPIN.

How to Transfer Money using SBI Pay:

  • Open the application and log in using MPIN.
  • Click on the pay option.
  • Enter VPA of receiver account (VPA stands for virtual private address, you will also get the same)
  • Post verification of the VPA account.
  • Enter the amount and click on send.
  • Enter your UPI pin and proceed.
  • The money will be instantly transferred to the VPA and the bank account linked with particular VPA.

How to Receive Money using SBI Pay:

  • Open BHIM SBI Pay application and log in using MPIN.
  • Copy the VPA (Virtual private address)
  • Send the particular VPA to the sender.
  • The sender will use the same VPA address to transfer the funds into your bank account directly.
  • Alternatively, you can use the sender VPA and put on the collect option under the application.


UPI is another method for transferring funds instantly to anyone anytime and anywhere. Many applications use UPI interface. Most of the people do trust in SBI BHIM pay because SBI is one of the trusted banks in India. In this post, we have mentioned all the details for downloading, registering and login to the SBI Pay along with payment transfer guide. Let us know in the comments section if you need to know anything else.

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