How to Write a Bank statement Request letter to Manager?

We know the importance of a bank statement. We know how important it is for the people. It contains the record of all financial transactions that occur in a particular period. For instance, the bank statement is generally issued by the bank on a monthly basis. The bank statement includes the list of all financial transactions such as bank deposits, debits, and all other transactions.

Every month the bank sends the statement to the customer email id or is kept in the bank for direct pickup. Therefore, to keep a record of all financial transactions and maintain the budget, the bank statement plays an essential role.

Bank statement Request letter to Manager

In this article, we will let the people know about the writing procedure of ‘Bank statement request letter to manager.’ Let’s have a look.

How to Write a Bank statement Request letter to Manager?

Nowadays, most people have access to internet banking and mobile banking applications. For instance, the account holder can quickly view their account statement online using internet banking.

But, sometimes we do need the hard copy of the statement, whichever should be issued by the bank. Therefore, we need to write a bank statement request letter to the manager.

No worries, we have added the complete points in this article to write the best formal letter to the bank manager for requesting a bank statement. Let’s have a look.

For instance, have a look at the below image to understand the format of the statement letter.

Bank statement Request letter to Manager

Just follow these points while writing the letter to the bank;

  • Write the recipient name, address on the top left corner of the letter: To start writing this letter first you need to write the recipient details on the left side of the letter. In this case, the recipient is the bank. Thus, write bank name, address and all other details on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Place the date: Place the date just below the recipient corner.
  • Write sender’s name and address: You are sending this letter to the bank manager. Therefore, you need to write your details just before the subject.
  • Subject: You now have to write the subject. For instance, the subject should be ‘Statement Request Letter.’
  • Body: You now have to write all of your details in the body box of the letter. Just mention all the bank account details along with proper salutation to give respect to the manager. Make sure to mention each detail correctly.
  • End with the proper salutation: You now have completed writing up this letter. Therefore, you need to end this letter with proper salutation by thanking them and adding up your name.

These are the points that one needs to keep in mind while writing a bank statement request letter to the manager. Just write this letter and submit it to the bank manager at your home branch. Once the request gets fulfilled, you will get the hard copy of your bank account statement within some time in your hands.

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Here we come at the end. We are living in a time where all the normal banking tasks can be done using internet banking. Even most people prefer using online banking services for getting a bank account statement. 

But, sometimes the hard copy of the bank statement is even necessary. The reason we have added this article is for people who do not know the procedure for requesting a bank statement from the bank. 

In this article, we have added every information one needs to know for writing a bank statement letter to the bank manager. We hope it helps. Is something else left to ask? You can always ask us in the comments section.

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