What are the ways to know the customer id of India Post Payment bank?

Do you have a bank account with India Post Payment bank? Are you looking for ways to know the customer id of India Post Payment bank? If yes, then you are in the right place. India Post Payment bank is one of the best banks in the country. This bank provides the foremost banking services to its customers to make their transactions simple and secure.

One of the best facility of this bank is the internet banking services. The customer can quickly activate internet banking services with the help of the customer id, account number, and mobile number.

know the customer id of India Post Payment Bank

However, your account number and mobile number are with you but what about the customer id? No worries. If you do not know your customer id of IPPB bank, then you can have a look at the below-given methods to know the customer id of India Post Payment Bank.

How to know the customer id of India Post Payment Bank?

There are four different ways to find out the customer id of IPPB Bank. To make it more simple and easier, we have added all the ways over here.

Passbook or Cheque book – 1

During the account opening, every customer gets the welcome kit along with the passbook and cheque book. In this case, you can always find the customer id on the first page of your bank account passbook.

Alternatively, you can always look at your cheque book page for getting your customer id.

Helpline number – 2

The second method to know about the customer id of IPPB Bank is by calling the helpline number. The customer can quickly call the toll-free helpline number 155299, and ask the customer executive directly for the customer id.

However, the customer must have to call from the registered mobile number and even have to complete the verification before getting any information from the customer care executive.

Internet Banking – 3

Internet banking is one of the best banking service provided by IPPB. However, a customer id is itself requires for the activation of internet banking.

But if the one has already activated the net banking services and just want to know the customer id of India Post Payment Bank, then one can follow the steps that we have given below.

  • One needs to visit the official net banking login page of IPPB.
  • Enter the user id and password.
  • Click on the login button, and within a few seconds, one will get redirected to the net banking dashboard.
  • Go through the profile or account information section.
  • The customer will find the customer id on the next screen.
  • That’s it.

Bank – 4

Last, if any of the above-given methods do not work for you, then you will have to visit the bank for getting the customer id of your India Post Payment Bank account.

However, do not forget to carry the original documents along with you for verification.

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We know that customer id is essential for the customers to activate several banking services. Therefore, we have added this article for the people who are looking for ways to know the customer id of IPPB Bank.

You can always reach us using the comments section in case of any issue.

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