SBI Money Transfer with ATM-How to transfer money from ATM of one SBI account to another SBI?

SBI or State bank of India is one of the most known banks which is providing their services all over the country. However, the bank focus on providing the services which make the everyday interaction with a bank easy, including making the transaction convenient. With that, they offer the money transfer with ATM-like options.  Well, here you can easily transfer your fund with the help of your SBI ATM card or debit card by visiting the earnest ATM you get. You can transfer funds to another account in the same bank, which is SBI.

How can you transfer SBI Money Transfer with ATM?

There was a time when the transferring funds to another account waste way too much time. Not just it was completely hassle filled, but also it was quite difficult for new users to get the whole process easily understood. 

State bank of India or SBI has the facility which they provide to their account holder. Well, here you can use your ATM cum Debit card for doing the fund transfer. Not just the process is easy, safe, but also it takes less time than any other options.  The ATM or debit card you get from the bank itself and its also known as plastic money. Mostly prefer for the safety and easy money keeping as you can put this in your pocket and use it anywhere and anytime.

 Well, the bank let you transfer up to Rs 15000/- on your per transactions.

However, there is a maximum amount set by the SBI, which is Rs 30,000 in a day. It means you can only transfer under rs30,000 funds in a day, and it should not be exceedingly more than that.

For transferring the funds, you need to follow certain steps.  Here are the mentioned steps you must follow for hassles free transfer funds from ATM of one SBI account to another SBI.

  • Find or visit the ATM centre that you get near you. Swipe the SBI ATM card or Debit card
  • You get the drop-down list where you can choose the option of the transfer. Well you get it mostly at the bottom side’s right of the screen
  • Now you get the box where you need to enter your PIN
  • Again, you get few options for deciding the transfer, go with the card to card transfer
  • Now you need to enter the beneficiary of the debit card number.  Mostly the debit card number of the Beneficiary has the 19 digits. After you enter, you need to do it again for confirmation.
  • When you are done, you have to enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Choose the account type as per the nature of existed, mostly in current or savings
  • After that, you successfully complete the transaction, and you get the message on your ATM screen. Also, the amount you transferred will be deducted from your total. You can check as it will be reflecting on your account as well.


Not everyone has access to the digital banking facility yet. Even not everyone knows the process of using SBI internet banking for various digital transactions. Therefore, transactions like money transfer cannot be occurred without visiting the branch. However, SBI brings the new and most convenient facility for the customers. So, they can transfer money using any SBI ATM point. The process of transferring funds via SBI ATM is mentioned here. You can through your questions in the comments section and will be happy to help you.

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