Lupin Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030: Can Lupin Reach 3000INR by 2030?

Lupin is a multinational pharma corporation with headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Paediatrics, anti-infectives, cardiovascular, asthma, diabetology and anti-tuberculosis are among the company’s primary emphasis areas. Lupin has moved more than 12.79% in last one month, and 59.79% in the last 6 months and is currently trading at a PE ratio of 50.

In this post we will see if it is a good idea to buy, hold or sell Lupin shares.

We will also see Lupin share price prediction from 2023 to 2030.

Lupin in Recent News

  • Lupin acquires French pharma company Medisol Rs 160 crore
  • Lupin’s report sales of 164,190 million, a 2.1% increase compared to the previous year
  • Lupin Reports Strong Q1 FY2024 Performance: Earnings Soar by 269.6%, EBITDA Margin Expands to 18.5%
  • Lupin’s Q1 FY2024 Highlights: North America Sales Surge by 57.4%, R&D Investment Reaches 7.8% of Sales

Lupin Q1 FY2024 Result Analysis

Here are the key points from Lupin Limited’s Q1 FY2024 financial results:

Sales Growth: Lupin’s consolidated sales for Q1 FY2024 were INR 47,421 million, showing a growth of 9.5% compared to Q4 FY2023 and a significant increase of 31.6% compared to Q1 FY2023.

Improved Earnings: The company’s EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) stood at INR 8,791 million, indicating a growth of 42.9% compared to Q4 FY2023 and a substantial increase of 269.6% compared to Q1 FY2023.

Margin Expansion: The EBITDA margin increased to 18.5%, a rise of 430 basis points (bps) compared to Q4 FY2023, and a significant improvement of 1190 bps compared to Q1 FY2023.

Profit Surge: Lupin’s Profit Before Tax (PBT) for Q1 FY2024 surged to INR 5,588 million, marking an impressive growth of 116.2% compared to Q4 FY2023 and an extraordinary increase of 24,516.3% compared to Q1 FY2023.

Sales Mix: The company experienced growth across key markets, including North America, India, and other regions. The North America segment’s sales increased by 2.6% QoQ and a remarkable 57.4% YoY. India formulation sales grew by 10.8% QoQ and 9.8% YoY. Growth Markets and EMEA regions also contributed to the overall performance.

How to buy Lupin Shares in 2023?

Some of the following websites can be used to buy the stocks:

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  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • Groww
  • AngelOne
  • ICICIDirect

LUPIN Share Price Target 2023-2030

Lupin Stock Value Predictions displays a substantial increase in the upcoming forecast period, ensuring its investors a high long-term return. The Lupin share price target 2030 will be Rs. 3218.84 at its peak.

LUPIN Share Price Target 2023 is 1019.52INR

As of August 19, 2023, Lupin is trading around Rs. 1065 per share.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
August 2023 ₹1149 ₹936.56
September 2023 ₹1168.91 ₹968.39
October 2023 ₹1127.53 ₹936.56
November 2023 ₹1190.28 ₹1000.22
December 2023 ₹1,219.52 ₹984.24

Lupin share price in August and September 2023 looks bullish.

The year 2023 has its ups and downs, but it appears to be a prosperous year for shareholders overall. This year, Lupin begins with a share price of Rs. 732 and is up 45.45% YTD.

For the month of August 2023, Lupin share price is expected to trade in between ₹1149 and ₹936.56.

Long-term investors will most certainly profit this year. Lupin stock value forecasts for December will hit a high of Rs. 1,219.52.

LUPIN Share Price Target 2024

Lupin Stock price Target Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 1197.514394 979.55854
February 2024 1237.643705 1016.039732
March 2024 1258.013914 1034.558104
April 2024 1284.558104 1122.325549
May 2024 1328.79842 1035.2712906
June 2024 1334.558104 1122.325549
July 2024 1396.286009 1178.441826
August 2024 1425.91461 1296.286009
September 2024 1497.21034 1361.100309
October 2024 1425.91461 1296.286009
November 2024 1468.692048 1335.174589
December 2024 1498.065889 1361.878081

The Lupin shares price forecast is expected to remain relatively stable in 2024.

At the beginning of the year, the maximum possible value is 1197.51INR, and the lowest possible value is 979.55INR. By the end of the year 2024, it is anticipated that the price of Lupin stock will reach a target of Rs. 1498.06 in the month of December.

LUPIN Stock Price Projection 2025 is 1474.16INR

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 1423.162595 1293.784177
February 2025 1352.004465 1229.094968
March 2025 1419.604688 1290.549716
April 2025 1267.504186 1152.276532
May 2025 1377.721941 1252.474492
June 2025 1515.494135 1377.721941
July 2025 1443.327748 1312.116134
August 2025 1312.116134 1192.832849
September 2025 1377.721941 1252.474492
October 2025 1312.116134 1192.832849
November 2025 1377.721941 1252.474492
December 2025 1474.162477 1340.147706

The Lupin share price target 2025 is exciting opportunity for stockholders since it promises a significant overall capital gain. Those who invest in the Lupin share price target 2025 will benefit from a steady increase throughout the year. Moreover, the December 2025 price forecast for Lupin shares is Rs. 1474.16.


Year WISE (in INR) Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 1739.511723 1565.56055
2027 2104.809184 1894.328266
2028 2525.771021 2273.193919
2029 2980.409805 2682.368825
2030 3218.84259 2896.958331

Lupin Share Price Target by Motital Oswal

Purchase shares of Lupin with a recommended target price of Rs 1120, as suggested by Motilal Oswal Financial Services. Motilal Oswal has earlier downgraded the stock, about which you can read here. (07-Aug-2023).

Lupin Share Price Target by KR Choksey

Reliance broking has given a buy rating to Lupin and has asked to accumulate Lupin upto INR 816.

Lupin Share Price Target by Sharekhan

Sharekhan suggested to buy Lupin with a price target of INR 780.

Lupin Share Price Target by Nomura

Nomura has given a buy recommendation to Lupin with a price projection of INR 1040.

Lupin Share Price Target by Gaurang Shah of Geojit

Gaurang Shah has recommended to buy Lupin with a price target of INR 2025.


What is Lupin’s 52-week high and low?

Lupin’s share price has ranged between Rs 1,143.95 and Rs 623.00 in the previous 52 weeks.

What is Lupin’s market capitalization?

Lupin stock is ranked 10th in the Indian Pharmaceuticals industry by market capitalization. Lupin has a market cap of Rs. 48,598 Crore INR.

What is Lupin’s Share Price target 2030?

Maximum Lupin share price target for 2030 is Rs. 3218.84259, whereas the minimum expected share price is Rs. 2896.958331.

What is Lupin’s Share Price target for 2025?

The maximum Lupin share price target for 2025 is Rs. 1474.162477. And the minimum expected price for Lupin shares is Rs. 1152.276532.

Can Lupin reach 1500INR?

Lupin can definitely touch 1500INR by June 2025.

Further Reading:

Final Conclusion: Should you have Lupin in your Portfolio?

The experts arrived to the following conclusion, after considering nearly every element of stocks. Lupin price trend analysis reveals that it is bullish, indicating that Lupin Ltd.’s price is expected to go up in the short term and long-term.

We are aware that the whole pharmaceutical industry is in turmoil as a result of the USFDA. This is why, for the past few years, a stock like Lupin has underperformed. It was expected that equities such as Lupin would ultimately emerge from this. 

This pharma stock is best suited for long-term investors.

Lupin Limited’s financial results for Q1 FY2024 showed an increase in net profit, increase in sales, indicating growth potential in a challenging market.

According to my analysis, Lupin is in bullish mode, and may continue moving upwards.  I think it could be a good Pharma stock to buy in 2023 (but not the best). However, I would not be buying Lupin myself at this point in time. I already have been holding LUPIN and this pharma stock in my portfolio has given negative. I plan to continue holding Lupin and sell once everyone is ready to buy Lupin. I will be patient till then. But if you are new to investing, and planning to add a few pharma stocks, do check some other stocks. Some of these are Aurobindo Pharma, Sun Pharma, Cipla etc.

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