Best Stocks to buy During Dip (in 2022)

Investments done in the stock market are often called smart investments. But are these investments really smart? What aspects of investing make these investments, “smart investments”. In my opinion, an investment made at the right time in the right stock to get optimum returns is a smart investment.

Buying stocks “Dip” is a great way of investing in stocks. You can get the stocks of some great companies at a lower rate. There are certain stocks in 2022 that are having a dip.

Best Stocks to buy During Dip: #BuytheDip

For you to make such smart investments. Here are 6 best stock to buy in 2022:

Asian paints: Best stocks to buy during dip

Asian paints is a well known company established in the year 1945, having a net worth of 3,29,777 Crore. Investment in stock of this company is definitely a safe option as the company has been consistent in the past track record. The current share price of the company is Rs 3375. The target price of the company by the end of the year is more than Rs 3500. The general investor pattern of the company consists of 52.62% promoters, 21.22% retailers and others and 18.51% of foreign institutions. Given the stats the Share price profit prediction in this stock can be high which can result in huge returns.

HDFC bank: Best banking stocks to buy during dip

HDFC is the biggest commercial bank of India. Isn’t it obvious it is one of the best stock investment options in the market? It is advisable to buy HDFC bank stock at dip because these stocks have so much potential and at the correct time they will give huge returns to its investors. HDFC has a huge customer base giving loan credits and other profit making aspects in the bank are also doing fine.

HDFC and HDFC bank are introducing a merger which joins the HDFC housing finance company with the HDFC bank. This is undoubtedly a very big step and may result in growth of the company. It is the best time to buy HDFC bank shares in dip because the price may tend to rise anytime soon the merger is finalised.

Amazon: Top stocks to buy during dip

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. The growth of amazon in recent years has been unbelievable. Every person wants to be associated with amazon anyhow, be it as an employee or as an investor or both. Amazon has faced a big dip in 2022. Many people even said that amazon has reached its bottom end. But still investing in amazon is a wise decision because of its market dominance. Even after such a dip amazon holds 40% of share. That’s how we can know how strong is the hold of amazon in the market and why it is a favourable investment option.

Another relevant reason to buy amazon stocks now is that amazon being a market dominator may grow and explode in the share market anytime. You never know how much growth you can see in the upcoming time. Hence it is the best advice to buy amazon shares at dip.

HUL: One of the best indian companies to invest in during dip

HUL stands for Hindustan Unilever Ltd. with its headquarters in Mumbai. It makes various goods for its customers like food, cleaning, hygiene, etc. HUL products have a great customer interest in them. The company has a networth of 52,704 crores INR. Now, what is it about the company that makes it a favourable option to be bought during dip? One of the most obvious reasons could be the demand and popularity of its products in the Indian market. The company with its growing trend is expected to rise in upcoming times as well. Dip aren’t a permanent thing, the share price may grow any time with increase in the demand.

The current share price of HUL stands at 2,700 INR and is expected to grow in the upcoming times having a share price forecast of more than 3000 INR by 2025. Like any other stock it is best to buy these stocks at dip is the probability of the high returns it will give.

Apple: Top stocks to buy during dip

The brand name of APPLE is not new to us. It is a brand well known for its smart electronic devices that is often called to be a premium experience product in a country like India. The share price of Apple has declined significantly in 2022. Here are the reason that still makes a Apple a favourable choice to be bought as a stock investment:

  • The price of the stock is expected to rise with profit in the total revenue of the company.
  • Apple has been keen on expanding its business with the launch of new hardware devices and service to customers.
  • Apple has also been expanding its business in India with the new manufacturing unit.
  • The business theory of Apple shows growth with a due course of time, the stock model also tends to follow the same theory.

ITC: Best growing stocks to buy in Dip

ITC Ltd. is an Indian company headquartered in Kolkata. The company makes consumer goods including food, clothing, software, packaging and what not. The company not just has a great market in India but also exports its products to 90 other countries. We can surely say that the company is a great shot to invest in the stock market.
Unlike the stocks above, ITC stocks have done consistently well in 2022. The current value of ITC stocks stands at 332.20 INR but the stock prediction says the target share price of ITC by the end of the year is 355 INR.
ITC stocks has outperformed everyone’s expectation and is expected to grow more in the upcoming times.

Adding During Dip Regularly vs Buying Lumpsum?

Adding during dip help you average out. Buying lumpsum at one go is risky, as you may end up buying the top and if the stock reverses, you will end up losing a lot of money.

I have been able to beat the inflation so far with the strategy I follow with these stocks. However, these are definitely not for short term. I am looking forward to keep adding them regularly. Now that you know which are the 6 stocks I add during the dip in 2022, tell us what do you think about these stocks?

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Disclaimer: None of stocks what is mentioned in this post – Stocks that I Buy During Dip is by any means a financial advice. We are not a SEBI registered advisor. Always consult a financial advisor before taking a decision. This post is just for information.

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