Best Personal Finance Apps in India 2022

Finance management is a skill every individual should learn. A person who does not know the importance of finance management or does not know how to manage their expenses might often be in a financial crisis even after having a huge income.

While on the other hand a person with low income but efficient finance management skills always has money for extreme circumstances and stays better prepared to face any financial issue.

These personal finance apps used in India is here to make it easier for you to manage your personal finance.

Why you need personal finance apps in 2022?

In the era of UPI transactions keeping record of your expenses has become even more difficult. Not only tracking of expenses but also the ease of payment through UPI is often making us spend more than our budget. To resolve the problem of expense tracking and management, there are many personal finance apps in the market. Here is a guide to make you aware about the best personal finance apps in India in 2022.

Top 6 Finance Management Apps in India

Wallet: Personal Finance App For Budget Expense Tracker

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Wallet is one of the best budget maintenance apps in India. It helps people keep a track of their expenses and helps them control that as well. The app works on the motto of Rich life. Some major facts and features of this app are:

Facts and Features:

  • 6.5M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Works of advanced AI.
  • The app is user driven and keeps the needs and preferences of the user in consideration.
  • The app maintains data privacy of the user by not sharing the data with any 3rd party app.

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Monefy: Handy personal finance tool for iOS and android.

Monefy is an app to make your life simpler. Money management is the need of the hour and this app helps you to achieve that. It does streamline expense tracking and helps and save money. Some important facts and feature about this apps are:

Facts and Features:

  • 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • 4.2 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • It simply breaks down the expenses.
  • It analyses your key expenditure patterns and helps you save your money.
  • The process of entering your transactions is simple.

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Goodbudget: Best home budget app for Android, iPhone

Goodbudget app

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Making it one of the best personal finance management apps, Goodbudget can make your life simpler and can help you maintain not just yours but the whole family budget with ease. The app was launched in 2009 by Dayspring Technologies. Like any other finance management app, Goodbudget helps you track down your expenses and keeps a check on it. Here are a few facts and feature that makes this app a favourable option to choose:

Facts and Features:

  • 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • Helps you manage your finances.
  • Sets bills list prior, to avoid last minute surprise expenses.
  • Keeps you on the same page with your family.
  • Crafts a budget that reflects their values, money is spent on wants more important.

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Money View: Instant Personal loan App upto 5 lakhs

Considered to be the most trusted finance management app in India, Money View justifies its name by keeping a view on the money being spent. There are some few important sets of values on which the team on Money View works, they are keeping it simple, doing the right thing, and nurturing the products. Some key facts and feature of this one of the top expense tracking apps are:

Facts and Features:

  • 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • Easy application process.
  • Own credit model- better offers.
  • Easy EMI- repay in 3-60 months as per convenience.
  • Hassle free.
  • No hidden charges or extra fee.

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Fortune City: A Gamified Finance App

The reason being this app is one of the best personal finance apps is its unique concept. It’s a gamified personal finance app. The finances in these apps are shown as finances in a virtual city. You can build and manage the complete city just like your expenses. The new concept makes the app interesting for its users to maintain their finances. Key facts and features of this apps are:

Facts and Features:

  • 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • 4.2 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • Shows customised expense reports and charts to give a better understanding of the expenditure.
  • The app gives the quick accounting feature.
  • Easy analysis of expenditure makes it one of the top expenditure management apps.
  • The app provides the feature of automatic sync with feature all your expenditure through UPI will automatically be displayed.

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Money Lover: No. 1 Expense Manager Budget Planner

Money Lover is another great finance management app. Just like any other expense tracking app, it helps you keep a track record of all your expenses making your life better and easier. The most unique thing about this app is apart from expense tracking it provides some amazing other benefits to its user making it a more favourable option over others. Here are some important facts and features of this app:

Facts and Features:

  • 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store.
  • 100K+ 5 star reviews.
  • Simple money tracking.
  • Painless budgeting.
  • The app has the multi device feature.
  • Give notifications on upcoming bills.
  • Travel mode- accepts all currencies with the latest exchange rate.
  • Saving plan
  • Debt and loan
  • Scan receipt.

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My Favorite Personal Finance App

Mentioned above are some of the top personal finance apps in India. Out of all the 6 apps I have mentioned, my most favorite personal finance app is Wallet Budget tracker. Before 2022, I used to lose a track of all my expenses, and by the end of the year, I would always end up spending more than I could offer. Thanks to Big Billion Day Offers running on Flipkart, and Amazon sale.

But now, I know exactly how much of my budget have I spent and in what. It helps me keep a track of all my expenses and automatically I end up saving more.

However, your choice of best personal finance app may be different from mine.  You can check them out to choose the best one to maintain your finances. Do not forget to comment the same.

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