ITC share price Target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030: Can ITC reach 1000INR?

If you are looking to invest in ITC, and not sure if it is the right decision to make, we are going to help you decide with our article on ITC share price Target 2023 to 2030. First of all, let’s look at some information around ITC.

ITC Limited is an Indian company formed by a bunch of many firms. It has a total of 13 businesses in around 5 segments. Its recent share value stands at Rupees 382.35 as of 5th March 2023.

There are various sectors in ITC including hotels, and various other companies merged. ITC currently exports to 90 countries.

ITC is known to be the second most popular FMCG company.

ITC Share Price target

ITC in Recent News

  • ITC wants to pursue ‘asset-right’ strategy for its hotel business: Chairman, Sanjiv Puri
  • ITC becomes the 14th most biggest companies in India, by Marketcap.
  • ITC has regained capitalization of Rupees 4 trillion very recently, showing an increase of 38%.
  • 31st January: 2023 – ITC starts a food manufacturing facility worth 450 crores in Telangana.

How To Buy ITC Share in India?

You can buy ITC shares in India from the following brokers:

  • Upstox
  • Groww
  • Zerodha
  • Olymp Trade
  • AngelOne

ITC Share Price Predictions and Target: 2023 to 2030

Now that we have learnt about the company, let us now look into its price target for future.

ITC Limited Share Price Target 2023 is 465INR

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2023 ₹400.10 ₹330.08
April 2023 ₹420.11 ₹320.08
May 2023 ₹388.43 ₹313.40
June 2023 ₹356.11 ₹300.08
July 2023 ₹343.33 ₹264.10
August 2023 ₹377.67 ₹290.51
September 2023 ₹396.55 ₹305.04
October 2023 ₹377.67 ₹290.51
November 2023 ₹415.43 ₹319.56
December 2023 465.28 ₹357.91

The prices are listed in Indian Rupees (₹).

In March 2023, the maximum price is predicted to be ₹400.10 and the minimum price is expected to be ₹330.08.

Prices for ITC are expected to fluctuate over the course of the year, with the highest predicted maximum price of ₹465.28 in December 2023 and the lowest minimum price of ₹264.10 in July 2023.

It is important to note that these predictions are subject to change and should be considered as estimates only.

ITC opening their manufacturing sector in Telangana could boost production in 2023, which should largely increase sales and profit in upcoming years.

ITC Share Price Prediction 2024 is 651INR

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹489.77 ₹376.75
February 2024 ₹550.31 ₹458.59
March 2024 ₹579.27 ₹470.95
April 2024 ₹526.61 ₹405.08
May 2024 ₹438.84 ₹337.57
June 2024 ₹526.61 ₹405.08
July 2024 ₹447.62 ₹346.99
August 2024 ₹492.38 ₹390.78
September 2024 ₹517.00 ₹397.69
October 2024 ₹608.23 ₹467.87
November 2024 ₹638.64 ₹491.26
December 2024 ₹651.42 ₹501.09

ITC Shares Price prediction for 2024 shows quite a high rise in the share value, proving to be beneficial for ITC Share holders. The highest share price is expected to touch 651 rupees in December 2024.

The lowest remains at 376 rupees in January 2024. From July to December, ITC shares is expected to show a  gradual increase in prices.

ITC Share Price Target 2025 is Rs.790

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹664.45 ₹511.11
February 2025 ₹699.42 ₹538.01
March 2025 ₹734.39 ₹564.91
April 2025 ₹655.70 ₹504.39
May 2025 ₹596.09 ₹458.53
June 2025 ₹655.70 ₹504.39
July 2025 ₹624.48 ₹480.37
August 2025 ₹650.50 ₹500.38
September 2025 ₹683.02 ₹525.40
October 2025 ₹724.01 ₹556.93
November 2025 ₹774.69 ₹595.91
December 2025 ₹790.18 ₹607.83

ITC share value in 2025 is expected to steadily increase in the price when compared to 2024. The share prices is expected to range in between at 511.11- 790 rupees. This is a pretty good share price with a constant up in the prices. So if you are wondering, if the share price for ITC in 2025 will be high or low, we think ITC will be bullish in 2025, and if invested now may give you more than 400%rise in value. Our price target for ITC Shares for 2025 is 790INR.

ITC Price Prediction 2026-2030

ITC Price Prediction Max Price Min Price
2026 ₹553.13 ₹387.19
2027 ₹470.16 ₹329.11
2028 ₹846.28 ₹592.40
2029 ₹1,738.39 ₹1,216.88
2030 ₹1,935.94 ₹1,355.16

Let us have a look at the long term share price predictions for ITC from 2026 to 2030.

In 2026, the maximum predicted price is ₹553.13 and the minimum predicted price is ₹387.19. The prices are expected to fluctuate over the next five years, with the highest predicted price of ₹1,935.94 in 2030 and the lowest predicted price of ₹329.11 in 2027.

It is important to note that these predictions are subject to change and should be considered as estimates only.

ITC Financial Condition (Last 5 years)

Annual FY 2022 FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018
Total Revenue 62,504 51,905 52,002 50,526 45,281
Total Revenue Growth (%) 20 0 3 12 2
Total Expenses 41,781 33,960 31,843 31,388 28,292
Total Expenses Growth (%) 23 7 1 11 -1
Profit after Tax (PAT) 15,243 13,161 15,306 12,592 11,271
PAT Growth (%) 16 -14 22 12 10
Operating Profit Margin (%) 34 37 41 40 39
Net Profit Margin (%) 25 27 31 26 26
Basic EPS (₹) 12 11 12 10 9

We can see the new profits of ITC is growing from the last 5 years. The company has been generating steady profits, but the rate at each the profit is increasing is very less. This is almost below 6% year on year.

ITC Share Price Target by Experts

ITC Share Price target by Antique:

Antique has given a buy call on ITC. Antiques’ ITC target is Rs. 419.

ITC Share Price target by Motilal:

Though Motilal has not given any target, but as per their recent comment, they are bullish on ITC.

ITC Share Price target by Axis Securities

Axis Securities recommends purchasing ITC stock with a target price of Rs 460.

ITC Share Price Target FAQS: Your All Questions Answered

What will be the share price of ITC in 2025?                  

The share price is predicted to reach a maximum of 790.18 rupees in December 2025 and the lowest at 511.11 rupees in January 2025.

Is it a good time to invest in ITC?                

It is absolutely a good time to invest in ITC because the share prices are low and show a considerable rise in the future. ITC has been staying at the same range for almost a very long time, and it has broken the range, and is now creating ATH every month.

Is ITC undervalued or overvalued?             

ITC is #14 most valued company in India, by marketcap. However, technical analysis of ITC shows, ITC is expected to rise for and hence undervalued at the current price.

Will ITC stock go up tomorrow?                  

Records show ITC share price shows a continued rise in the upcoming months. However, tomorrow it could decrease in the value.

What is the share price target of ITC in 2030?       

ITC Share price target 2030 is Rs. 1,935.94.

Can ITC share reach Rs.1000?

ITC Share price could reach Rs.1000 by year 2029. Max Share price target of ITC in 2029 is Rs. 1,738.39

Will ITC stock price grow in 2023?

It‘s hard to tell what ITC‘s stock will do in 2023. Nevertheless, it appears the stock price will keep rising as the company invests in new projects, broadens its enterprises, and keeps on producing profits and dividends. Moreover, the Indian economy is estimated to recover in 2021 and 2022 after the pandemic, which could lead to increased demand for ITC‘s products, pushing up their stock price.

What is the market cap of ITC?

As of 12th March 2023, the market cap is recorded to be Rs. 4,81,010 crores. ITC is among India’s largest companies.

What future is anticipated for ITC in 2025?

It‘s not easy to say what the future holds for ITC in 2025. But due to the firm‘s solid financial performance and optimistic outlook, it looks like ITC should remain a powerful and prosperous company in 2025. The company has been putting money into new projects and widening its businesses, which is expected to cause greater profits and bigger share prices down the line. Plus, the Indian economy is estimated to get back on track in 2021 and 2022 following the pandemic, which could result in increased demand for ITC‘s products, propelling their stock price.

Can ITC reach 1000 INR?

It is difficult to make a prediction on whether ITC can reach 1000 INR. However, given the company’s strong financial performance and positive outlook, it is possible that ITC can reach 1000 INR in the future around the year 2028. The company has been investing in new projects and expanding its businesses, which is likely to lead to increased profits and higher share prices in the future. Additionally, the Indian economy is expected to rebound in 2021 and 2022 after the pandemic, and this could lead to increased demand for ITC’s products, driving up their stock price.

What is ITC Share Price Target 2030?

ITC share price target 2030 suggest, it could be trading in between ₹2,163.70 to ₹1,514.59. ITC from the current price could go up by more than 6.5times.

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Final Conclusion: Is ITC Limited A Good Investment to make in 2023?

In my view, this is the best time to invest in ITC shares as the prices are low, promising to rise in the future. This would prove to be a good investment for shareholders. ITC is the second fastest growing FMCG, with lesser chances of risks. I also like ITC mainly that you also get dividends every year.

Note: We can now see ITC share prices going up post Union Budget 2023 announcement, despite the hike in cigarette hikes.

Disclaimer: All information in this article – ‘ITC Share Price Target 2023 to 2025 is for educational and informational purpose only, and not an investment advice.

Author: Ria Ganguly

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