HDFC Bank Stock Price Target: 2024, 2025 to 2030: Can HDFCBANK reach 5000INR?

HDFC Bank Ltd. is an Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai. It is India’s largest private sector bank by assets and the world’s fourth-largest bank by market capitalization as of October 23, 2023, following its takeover of parent company HDFC. The bank was founded in August 1994 and offers a wide range of services, including retail and wholesale banking, loans, credit cards, insurance, and asset management. Atanu Chakraborty is the Chairman, and Sashidhar Jagdishan is the CEO. HDFC Bank has approximately 177,000 employees and is known for its customer service and technological innovation.

Investors want to know is HDFC Bank is a good investment in 2023. Is HDFC Bank’s share price expected to rise? What is HDFC bank share price prediction for 2023 to 2030? We have answered all your questions in this post.

HDFC Bank Ltd Stock Price Target

Stock Price History of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank has had a strong stock performance over the years, with the stock price rising steadily since its listing in 1995. The stock has been on an upward trajectory since 2017 and has reached a peak of Rs. 1687 in October 2021. The stock has been well-received by investors and has been among the top gainers in the Nifty 50 index. HDFC Bank has also been part of several indices such as the Nifty 50, S&P BSE 200, and the Nifty Bank. HDFC bank, on the 22nd of September, 2023, is trading for 1530 INR.

HDFC Bank Ltd in Recent news

  • Sashidhar Jagdishan, CEO of HDFC Bank has raised concerns over post-merger funding risk, and says net interest margins are expected to take a hit in the next quarter result.
  • Chairman Atanu Chakraborty anticipates robust expansion across various sectors for HDFC Bank over the next 5-6 years.
  • Morgan Stanley has resumed its overweight stance on HDFC Bank, considering it a compounder with appealing valuations.
  • Following its merger with HDFC, HDFC Bank Limited has entered the prestigious $100-billion market-cap club, surpassing renowned institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Bank of China, and is now the 7th largest lender in the world.
  • HDFC Bank has reported a significant increase in its net profit for the first quarter, with a jump of 29% to reach Rs 12,370 crore.
  • According to Motilal Oswal, it is recommended to buy HDFC Bank’s shares with a target price of Rs 2070. (31st July, 2023)

HDFC Bank Q2 FY24 Results Highlights

  • Net profit increased by 6% YoY to ₹15,980 crore.
  • Net Interest Income (NII) rose by 6.7% YoY to ₹27,385 crore.
  • Operating profit saw a significant 30.5% YoY growth, reaching ₹22,694 crore.
  • Operating expenses surged by 37.2% YoY to ₹15,399 crore.
  • Net revenue witnessed a substantial 114% YoY increase, reaching ₹66,317 crore.
  • Gross Non-Performing Assets (NPA) stood at 1.34%, while net NPA increased to 0.35%.
  • The total balance sheet as of September 2023 was ₹34,16,310 crore.
  • Total deposits grew by 29.8% YoY to ₹21,72,858 crore.
  • The capital adequacy ratio came in at 19.5% as of September 30, 2023.
  • HDFC Bank’s CASA ratio stood at 37.6%.
  • Consolidated net revenue grew by 114.8% to ₹66,317 crore in Q2FY23.
  • The bank’s consolidated profit after tax for the half-year ended September 30, 2023, was ₹29,182 crore, up 40.9%.
  • HDFC Bank shares were down by 0.24% at the closing bell.

How to buy HDFC Bank Ltd Shares in India?

HDFC Bank Ltd. is available for purchase on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. To buy stock in HDFC Bank Ltd., you will need to open a trading account with a broker or financial institution.

You will need to deposit funds into the account and then place an order for the shares you wish to buy. Once the order is filled, you will have purchased the stock and it will be credited to your trading account.

Some of the online trading platforms to buy HDFC Bank Limited stocks are Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, Angel Broking, etc.

I, however, recommend PayTM Money for buying HDFC shares in India.

HDFC Bank Ltd. Share Price Prediction 2023-2030

HDFC Bank Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
December 2023 ₹1,703.52 ₹1,530.47

HDFC Bank is one of the strongest and most financially stable banks in India, but the share price has mostly been a silent mover.

Finances rule

HDFC Bank’s share price is expected to have a positive growth percentage in 2023.

It is considered the best private-sector Indian bank and is known for being a profitable bank, making it one of the best banking stocks to hold. Analysts predict that the minimum price target for HDFC Bank in 2023 will be around ₹1,703.52 by December 2023. The 52-week maximum price is Rs.1757.

Some brokerage firms Sharekhan and Jefferies have given a buy recommendation on HDFC bank, saying the share price could reach Rs.2100.

In its recent recommendation (dated 18th October 2023), KR Choksey has given HDFC Bank’s share price a target of Rs. 2060.

Although the share price may experience fluctuations throughout the year, it is expected to stay above ₹1,600 for the majority of 2023. With a strong reputation and consistent financial performance, HDFC Bank is expected to continue its upward trajectory, making it a promising investment option for the future.

Investors should keep in mind that this target is just an estimate and the real share price may differ.

Post the HDFC bank with HDFC merger, I am more bullish on HDFC bank.

As of December 6th, 2023, HDFC bank is trading at Rs. 1,626 with a PE ratio of 18.21 and a market cap of ₹12,35,322 Crore (post-merger).

The price dipped drastically in September, after Nomura downgraded HDFC bank, and set a price of Rs. 1,800 from its previous target of Rs. 1970.

HDFC Bank Share Price Target 2024 is ₹ 3128.72

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹1,782.35 ₹1,609.50
February 2024 ₹1,843.09 ₹1,602.57
March 2024 ₹1,882.20 ₹1,661.95
April 2024 ₹2,029.27 ₹1,945.59
May 2024 ₹2,107.72 ₹1,621.33
June 2024 ₹2,229.27 ₹1,945.59
July 2024 ₹2,149.88 ₹1,666.57
August 2024 ₹2,364.87 ₹1,876.88
September 2024 ₹2,483.11 ₹1,910.08
October 2024 ₹2,721.31 ₹2,247.16
November 2024 ₹2,967.37 ₹2,359.52
December 2024 ₹3,128.72 ₹2,406.71

HDFC Bank’s share price in 2024 is expected to continue its upward trajectory and turn a profitable year for HDFC shareholders.

The maximum price target for HDFC Bank in 2024 is expected to be around ₹3,128.72 in December, and the minimum price target is expected to be ₹1,602.57 in February. Throughout the year, the share price may experience fluctuations, but it is expected to stay above ₹2,000 for the majority of 2024.

With a positive growth percentage and a strong reputation in the banking industry, HDFC Bank remains a promising investment option for the future. Analysts predict that the share price will reach its maximum price in December, making it a potential high-growth investment opportunity.

HDFC Bank’s strong financial performance and reputation make it a popular choice for investors looking to invest in the Indian banking sector.

HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Target 2025 is ₹ 3795.18

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹3,191.29 ₹2,454.84
February 2025 ₹3,359.26 ₹2,584.04
March 2025 ₹3,527.22 ₹2,713.24
April 2025 ₹3,149.30 ₹2,422.54
May 2025 ₹2,863.00 ₹2,202.31
June 2025 ₹3,149.30 ₹2,422.54
July 2025 ₹2,999.34 ₹2,307.18
August 2025 ₹3,124.31 ₹2,403.31
September 2025 ₹3,280.52 ₹2,523.48
October 2025 ₹3,477.35 ₹2,674.89
November 2025 ₹3,720.77 ₹2,862.13
December 2025 ₹3,795.18 ₹2,919.37

The share price of HDFC Bank could reach the mark of ₹3,795.18 by the end of 2025 which is an optimistic target to reach but looking at the future road of it, this is looking easy to achieve.

 HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Prediction 2026 to 2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹2,656.63 ₹1,859.64
2027 ₹2,258.13 ₹1,580.69
2028 ₹4,064.64 ₹2,845.25
2029 ₹8,349.41 ₹5,844.58
2030 ₹9,298.20 ₹6,508.74

The stock prices after reaching the height of ₹ 3795, will fall to the mark of ₹ 1580 in the next two years i.e. by 2027. Further, it will witness a bull run for the next two years and will jump to ₹ 8349 by 2029.

The company’s stock prices will again rise slowly in 2030 and will reach ₹ 9,298.20 by the end of 2030.

HDFC Bank Financial Condition: Last 5 years

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Crore Rs.
105,161 122,189 128,552 135,936 170,754
Crore Rs.
53,713 62,137 59,248 58,584 77,780
Crore Rs.
34,856 45,459 52,457 56,557 65,388
Financing Profit
Crore Rs.
16,592 14,593 16,848 20,795 27,586
Financing Margin % 16% 12% 13% 15% 16%
Other Income
Crore Rs.
18,947 24,879 27,333 31,759 33,912
Crore Rs.
1,221 1,277 1,385 1,681 -0
Profit before tax
Crore Rs.
34,318 38,195 42,796 50,873 61,498
Tax % 35% 29% 26% 25% 25%
Net Profit Crore Rs. 22,446 27,296 31,857 38,151 46,149
EPS (Rs) 41.00 49.70 57.74 68.62 82.44
Dividend Payout % 18% 5% 11% 23% 23%

As of December 6th, 2023, HDFC bank financials look healthy.

  • HDFC Bank has demonstrated consistent revenue growth over the years, with a significant increase from Rs.105,161 Crores in 2019 to Rs.170,754 Crores in 2023.
  • The bank’s interest income has also shown a steady rise, reaching Rs. 77,780 Crores in 2023, indicating a robust lending portfolio.
  • Despite the growth in revenue and interest income, HDFC Bank has managed to control its expenses, maintaining a relatively stable range of 34,856 Crores to 65,388 Crores during the period.
  • The bank’s profitability, as reflected by its net profit, has consistently improved, rising from Rs. 22,446 Crores in 2019 to Rs. 46,149 Crores in 2023.
  • HDFC Bank has maintained a consistent dividend payout percentage, with 23% being distributed to shareholders in both 2022 and 2023, indicating a commitment to rewarding investors.

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by Experts

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by KR Choksey

Purchase HDFC Bank with a target price of Rs 2060, as per the buy recommendation from KR Choksey in their research report dated October 18, 2023. KR Choksey is optimistic about HDFC Bank’s prospects.

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by Nomura

Nomura downgraded HDFC bank and slashed its target price to Rs.1800 from Rs. 1970. (20th September, 2023)

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by Sharekhan

Sharekhan recommends buying HDFC banks, giving a price target of Rs.2100

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by Motilal

Motilal Oswal has increased their share price target for HDFC Bank. According to them, the real price target of HDFC bank should be Rs.1950.

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by Prabhudas Lilladher

HDFC share price target according to Prabhudas Lilladher is Rs.1925 INR

HDFC Bank Stock Price Target by Geojit

Motilal Oswal has maintained a buy call on HDFC bank shares. Geojit has given a price target of Rs.1890 per HDFC bank share.

HDFC Bank Stock Price Target by Emkay Global

Emkay Global has also maintained a buy call on HDFC bank shares. According to EG, one could keep buying HDFC bank shares with a price target of Rs.1800.

HDFC Bank Share Price Target by JM Financials

Rahul Sharma from JM Financial Services recommends purchasing HDFC Bank with a target price range of Rs 1725 to Rs.2000 in the next 3 to 6 months.

Summary table of HDFC Bank’s share price targets by different analysts:

Analyst HDFC Bank Price
Target (in INR)
K R Choksey Rs. 2060
Sharekhan Rs. 2100
Motilal Oswal Rs. 2070
Prabhudas Lilladher Rs. 1925
Geojit Rs. 1890
Emkay Global Rs. 1800
JM Financials Rs. 1725 – Rs. 2000

HDFC Short-Term Price Impact

Why do I think HDFC bank share price was under pressure post-merger?

HDFC Bank’s CEO, Sashidhar Jagdishan, identified funding as the most significant risk following the merger with HDFC, suggesting potential liquidity or solvency concerns that could deter investors. This sentiment might lead to a short-term downward pressure on HDFC’s share price.

Furthermore, Jagdishan pointed out an expected drop in the bank’s net interest margins (NIM) from the September quarter onwards, due to HDFC’s mortgage book carrying a lower spread. A declining NIM, being a vital profitability indicator for banks, might raise concerns about the bank’s future earnings, further impacting investor sentiment.

Additionally, the inherent challenges in integrating two large entities like HDFC Bank and HDFC, from systems to operations, can create uncertainties, making investors cautious and potentially influencing the share price.


Will HDFC Bank’s stock price grow in 2023?

HDFC Bank Ltd, after the merger, shows real signs of growth in 2023. Most of the brokerage firms are positive about HDFC bank share price targets. Analysts have projected that the stock price could reach Rs. 2100 by 2023. Investors should keep in mind that this target is just an estimate and the real share price may differ.

What is the Market Cap of HDFC Bank?

As of September 22nd, 2023, the market capitalization of HDFC Bank Ltd. is ₹ 12,35,332 Cr.. This makes HDFC Bank the largest bank in India and 7th largest in the world by market capitalization. The bank is all set to become the top 4th highest bank in the world by market cap by the end of 2023.

What future is anticipated for HDFC Bank in 2025?

The future of HDFC Bank in 2025 is expected to be positive, as the company is continually innovating and expanding its operations. The company has established a strong presence in the Indian banking sector and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Analysts have predicted that the stock could reach Rs. 3,795 by 2025. However, investors should bear in mind that this target is only an estimate and the actual share price may vary.

Can HDFC Bank Stock Price Reach 5000 INR?

It is difficult to predict the share price for any stock for a future date, including HDFC Bank Ltd. However, analysts have estimated the expected price target for HDFC Bank Ltd for 2025 to be around Rs. 3,795.

This is based on the current market trends and the company’s performance in the past few years. Investors should bear in mind that this target is only an estimate and the actual share price may vary. Although it is predicted for HDFC bank to cross Rs. 5000 in 2029.

What is the share price target of HDFC Bank for 2030?

HDFC bank could be trading between ₹9,298.20 and ₹6,508.74 per share, by 2030. So in another 7 years, the stock has a potential to grow by more than 400%.

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Conclusion: Is HDFC Bank a good investment in 2023?

HDFC Bank Ltd. is India’s largest private sector lender by assets and is listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. It has had a strong stock performance over the years, and after the HDFC bank- HDFC merger, the company financials are expected to get better.

Analysts have predicted that the HDFC bank stock could reach Rs. 3,795 by 2025. However, investors should bear in mind that this target is only an estimate and the actual share price may vary.

HDFC Bank has achieved a commendable profit growth of 20.0% CAGR over the past five years. Additionally, the bank has demonstrated strong sales growth of 15.0% CAGR during the same period. It has consistently operated with healthy profits, consistently posting positive quarterly results. Moreover, the bank’s cash flow has been on an upward trajectory, reaching Rs. 41,330 Crore as of March 2023.

HDFC has been one of the most profitable banks in India for a long time now. It is therefore according to me a good decision to invest in HDFC Bank in 2023.

Disclaimer: I hold HDFC Bank in my portfolio and is one of the top 3 holdings by current value. This post on HDFC bank share price target 2023 to 2030 is not financial advice and should only be treated as an educational piece. Please consult a financial advisor before investing in HDFC Bank.

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