HDFC Bank Share Price Target: 2024, 2025 to 2030: Can HDFCBANK reach 5000INR?

HDFC Bank Ltd. stands as a stalwart in India’s banking landscape, tracing its roots back to the merger of HDFC Limited and HDFC Bank in April 2022. Established in 1994, HDFC Bank swiftly secured approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to embark on its journey as a private sector bank, pioneering a new era in Indian banking. Over the years, it has cultivated a robust presence with an extensive network of branches and ATMs spanning across the nation, catering to the diverse financial needs of urban, semi-urban, and rural communities. At its core, HDFC Bank remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, leveraging cutting-edge technology, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and upholding the highest ethical standards. This dedication has propelled HDFC Bank to the forefront of India’s banking sector, earning it the trust and confidence of millions of customers nationwide.

Investors want to know is HDFC Bank is a good investment in 2024. Is HDFC Bank’s share price expected to rise? What is HDFC bank share price prediction for 2024 to 2030? We have answered all your questions in this post.

HDFC Bank Ltd in Recent news

HDFC Bank CEO Sashidhar Jagdishan recently reaffirmed the bank’s focus on quality amidst increased competition. The bank reported a 37% year-on-year increase in net profit to Rs 16,512 crore in the last quarter, with marginal quarter-on-quarter growth affected by a floating provision. Looking ahead, HDFC Bank aims to improve profitability metrics, sustain its retail deposit franchise, and enhance customer engagement. The bank also announced an ex-gratia payment of around Rs 1,500 crore to staff to acknowledge their efforts during the merger and motivate them amid high attrition rates. Despite healthy deposit growth, the bank remains vigilant, acknowledging transient flows and emphasizing robust retail growth.

HDFC Bank Q4 Earnings 2024 Highlights: Net profit at ₹16,512 crore, Retail loans lead with 108.9% growth

  • Net Profit: HDFC Bank reported a standalone net profit of ₹16,512 crore for Q4FY24, a slight increase from the previous quarter.
  • Provisions and Contingencies: Allocated ₹13,500 crore for provisions, including floating provisions of ₹10,900 crore. Total profit for FY24 stood at ₹64,060 crore.
  • Asset Quality: Gross NPAs ratio at 1.24% in March, down from 1.26% in the previous quarter. Net NPAs stood at 0.33%.
  • Revenue and Margins: Net revenue surged to ₹47,240 crore, bolstered by transaction gains. Stable lending margins, despite challenges from higher borrowing costs and lower-yielding loan book.
  • Loan Growth: Total advances saw a significant increase of 55.4%, with retail loans leading with a growth of 108.9%. Retail deposits surged by 27.8%, contributing to a 26.4% increase in total deposits.
  • Dividend Proposal: Proposed a dividend of ₹19.5 per share, reflecting commitment to shareholder returns.
  • Market Performance: Shares traded positively post-earnings, indicating investor confidence in performance.
  • Outlook: Despite challenges like rising interest rates and deposit competition, HDFC Bank remains optimistic about long-term prospects, focusing on sustaining deposit franchise, improving profitability metrics, and enhancing customer engagement.

How to buy HDFC Bank Ltd Shares in India?

HDFC Bank Ltd. is available for purchase on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. To buy stock in HDFC Bank Ltd., you will need to open a trading account with a broker or financial institution.

You will need to deposit funds into the account and then place an order for the shares you wish to buy. Once the order is filled, you will have purchased the stock, and it will be credited to your trading account.

Some of the online trading platforms to buy HDFC Bank Limited stocks are Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, Angel Broking, etc.

I, however, recommend PayTM Money for buying HDFC shares in India.

HDFC Bank Ltd. Share Price Prediction 2024, 2025 to 2030

HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
April 2024 1,521.30 1,322.87
May 2024 1,498.82 1,303.32
June 2024 1,552.78 1,350.24
July 2024 1,537.25 1,336.74
August 2024 1,598.74 1,390.21
September 2024 1,662.69 1,445.81
October 2024 1,630.09 1,417.47
November 2024 1,695.29 1,474.16
December 2024 1,712.24 1,488.91

In April 2024, HDFC Bank is expected to witness maximum prices reaching ₹1,521.30 and minimum prices at ₹1,322.87. As the months progress, May could see a slight dip with maximum prices at ₹1,498.82 and minimum at ₹1,303.32. However, by December, HDFC Bank is anticipated to experience a peak with maximum prices soaring to ₹1,712.24 and minimum prices rising to ₹1,488.91.

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HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 1,883.47 1,448.82
February 2025 1,902.49 1,463.45
March 2025 1,942.44 1,494.19
April 2025 1,923.21 1,479.39
May 2025 1,867.19 1,436.30
June 2025 1,951.22 1,500.94
July 2025 1,912.96 1,471.51
August 2025 1,972.12 1,517.02
September 2025 1,995.79 1,535.22
October 2025 2,047.68 1,575.14
November 2025 2,098.87 1,614.52
December 2025 2,193.32 1,687.17

In January 2025, HDFC Bank is projected to observe maximum prices climbing to ₹1,883.47, while minimum prices are anticipated to be at ₹1,448.82. As the year progresses, February is expected to see a further increase with maximum prices reaching ₹1,902.49 and minimum prices at ₹1,463.45. By December, HDFC Bank is forecasted to experience its highest prices of the year, with maximum prices peaking at ₹2,193.32 and minimum prices rising to ₹1,687.17.

 HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Target 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 2,259.12 1,737.78
February 2026 2,317.05 1,782.34
March 2026 2,407.41 1,851.85
April 2026 2,360.21 1,815.54
May 2026 2,291.46 1,762.66
June 2026 2,394.58 1,841.98
July 2026 2,347.63 1,805.87
August 2026 2,420.23 1,861.72
September 2026 2,504.94 1,926.88
October 2026 2,570.07 1,976.98
November 2026 2,634.32 2,026.40
December 2026 2,700.18 2,077.06

HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 2,754.18 2,118.60
February 2027 2,824.80 2,172.93
March 2027 2,934.97 2,257.67
April 2027 2,877.42 2,213.40
May 2027 2,793.61 2,148.93
June 2027 2,919.33 2,245.64
July 2027 2,862.08 2,201.60
August 2027 2,950.60 2,269.69
September 2027 3,053.87 2,349.13
October 2027 3,133.27 2,410.21
November 2027 3,211.61 2,470.47
December 2027 3,291.90 2,532.23

HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Prediction 2028

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 3,357.73 2,582.87
February 2028 3,443.83 2,649.10
March 2028 3,578.14 2,752.41
April 2028 3,507.98 2,698.45
May 2028 3,405.81 2,619.85
June 2028 3,559.07 2,737.74
July 2028 3,489.28 2,684.06
August 2028 3,597.20 2,767.07
September 2028 3,723.10 2,863.92
October 2028 3,819.90 2,938.38
November 2028 3,915.40 3,011.84
December 2028 4,013.28 3,087.14

HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Prediction 2029

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2029 4,093.55 3,148.88
February 2029 4,198.51 3,229.62
March 2029 4,362.25 3,355.58
April 2029 4,276.72 3,289.78
May 2029 4,152.15 3,193.96
June 2029 4,339.00 3,337.69
July 2029 4,253.92 3,272.25
August 2029 4,385.49 3,373.45
September 2029 4,538.98 3,491.52
October 2029 4,656.99 3,582.30
November 2029 4,773.42 3,671.86
December 2029 4,892.75 3,763.66

HDFC Bank Ltd Share Price Target 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2030 4,990.61 3,838.93
February 2030 5,118.57 3,937.36
March 2030 5,318.20 4,090.92
April 2030 5,213.92 4,010.71
May 2030 5,062.06 3,893.89
June 2030 5,289.85 4,069.11
July 2030 5,186.13 3,989.33
August 2030 5,346.52 4,112.71
September 2030 5,533.65 4,256.65
October 2030 5,677.52 4,367.33
November 2030 5,819.46 4,476.51
December 2030 5,964.95 4,588.42

As we step into January 2030, HDFC Bank is expected to witness maximum prices soaring to ₹4,990.61 and minimum prices settling at ₹3,838.93. Over the following months, February may see a further increase with maximum prices reaching ₹5,118.57 and minimum prices at ₹3,937.36. By December 2030, HDFC Bank is projected to experience its highest prices of the year, with maximum prices peaking at ₹5,964.95 and minimum prices rising to ₹4,588.42.

HDFC Bank Financial Condition: Last 5 years

Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023 Mar 2024
Revenue 122,189 128,552 135,936 170,754 283,649
Interest 62,137 59,248 58,584 77,780 154,139
Expenses + 45,459 52,457 56,557 63,042 177,288
Financing Profit 14,593 16,848 20,795 29,932 -47,777
Financing Margin % 12% 13% 15% 18% -17%
Other Income + 24,879 27,333 31,759 33,912 124,346
Depreciation 1,277 1,385 1,681 2,345 0
Profit before tax 38,195 42,796 50,873 61,498 76,569
Tax % 29% 26% 25% 25% 15%
Net Profit + 27,296 31,857 38,151 46,149 65,446
EPS in Rs 49.7 57.74 68.62 82.44 84.33
Dividend Payout % 5% 11% 23% 23% 23%

Over the past five years, the company has demonstrated impressive financial performance, marked by consistent revenue growth from ₹122,189 crore in March 2020 to ₹283,649 crore in March 2024. This upward trend extends to interest income, which has more than doubled during the same period, indicating strong lending activities. Despite increased expenses, the company has improved its financing margin percentage, reflecting enhanced operational efficiency and profitability. Other income has surged significantly, contributing substantially to the overall profit before tax, which has shown consistent growth year on year. With a stable tax rate and a robust increase in net profit from ₹27,296 crore to ₹65,446 crore, the company exhibits strong financial health and operational resilience. Steady growth in earnings per share further underscores its ability to create value for shareholders. The consistent dividend payout percentage reflects a balanced approach to rewarding shareholders while retaining resources for future growth initiatives. Overall, these financial indicators point towards a solid foundation for sustained growth and profitability in the future.


Will HDFC Bank’s stock price grow in 2024?

HDFC Bank Ltd, after the merger, shows real signs of growth in 2024. Most of the brokerage firms are positive about HDFC bank share price targets. Analysts have projected that the stock price could reach Rs.1,712.24 by 2024. Investors should keep in mind that this target is just an estimate, and the real share price may differ.

What is the Market Cap of HDFC Bank?

As of April 22nd, 2024, the market capitalization of HDFC Bank Ltd. is ₹11,51,692Cr.

What future is anticipated for HDFC Bank in 2025?

The future of HDFC Bank in 2025 is expected to be positive, as the company is continually innovating and expanding its operations. The company has established a strong presence in the Indian banking sector and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Analysts have predicted that the stock could reach Rs.2,193.32 by 2025. However, investors should bear in mind that this target is only an estimate and the actual share price may vary.

Can HDFC Bank Stock Price Reach 5000 INR?

It is difficult to predict the share price for any stock for a future date, including HDFC Bank Ltd. However, analysts have estimated the expected price target for HDFC Bank Ltd for 2025 to be around Rs.2,193.32.

This is based on the current market trends and the company’s performance in the past few years. Investors should bear in mind that this target is only an estimate and the actual share price may vary. Although it is predicted for HDFC bank to cross Rs. 5000 in 2030.

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Conclusion: Is HDFC Bank a good investment in 2024?

HDFC Bank Ltd. is India’s largest private sector lender by assets and is listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. It has had a strong stock performance over the years, and after the HDFC bank- HDFC merger, the company financials are expected to get better.

Analysts have predicted that the HDFC bank stock could reach Rs.2,193.32 by 2025. However, investors should bear in mind that this target is only an estimate and the actual share price may vary.

HDFC Bank’s Q4 2024 results underscore its resilience and adaptability in the face of evolving market conditions. The substantial net profit of ₹16,512 crore and robust growth in retail loans reflect the bank’s ability to effectively navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Moreover, the proposed dividend payout reaffirms HDFC Bank’s commitment to delivering value to its shareholders.

With a strategic focus on enhancing profitability metrics, sustaining its retail deposit franchise, and prioritizing customer engagement, HDFC Bank is well-positioned for continued success in the years ahead. As a stalwart in India’s banking sector, HDFC Bank’s strong financial performance and customer-centric approach solidify its position as a trusted leader, poised to thrive amidst ongoing market dynamics.

HDFC has been one of the most profitable banks in India for a long time now. It is therefore according to me a good decision to invest in HDFC Bank in 2024.

Disclaimer: I hold HDFC Bank in my portfolio and is one of the top 3 holdings by current value. This post on HDFC bank share price target 2024 to 2030 is not financial advice and should only be treated as an educational piece. Please consult a financial advisor before investing in HDFC Bank.

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