Tata Motors Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

In this article, we are going to see Tata Motors Share Price target for 2022 to 2025, and if it is a good decision to have the stock in your portfolio. We will also be discussing the fundamental and business analysis of Tata Motors.

But before we do, let us have a look at who Tata Motors is, and a brief background of the same.

Tata Motors: Introduction

Tata Motors is an Indian automotive brand that is working in the country for the last 77 years. It has many subsidiaries and is working in many joint ventures. 

Tata took over Daewoo the biggest truck manufacturer in South Korea in 2004, and its most popular take over is Jaguar and land rover which took place in 2008 from ford. 

Tata motors employ over 81,000 of its employees. And is a market leader in the commercial vehicle segment with over 42% market share.

It is working internationally with different companies in joint ventures like an alliance with fiat and has R&D facilities in the UK, Italy, India, and South Korea.

Tata motors price

Tata motors in Recent News

  • Tata Motors is to develop a 4MWp solar project in the Pune plant.
  • TataMmotors inaugurate its first all-women passenger vehicle showroom
  • Tata Motors gets an investment of 1 billion dollars for its EV division
  • Tata Motor aims to make India an EV hub
  • Tata Motors Price Target of 500 INR is is sight: Businesstoday

How to buy Tata motors shares?

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Tata Motors Share Price Target 2022 (Updated)

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
September 2022 465 418.5
October 2022 489.4736842 440.5263158
November 2022 553.1052632 497.7947368
December 2022 591.8226316 532.6403684

Tata motors have been performing well in the current year. It was the biggest Indian car maker in the previous quarter. Recently it crossed 40,000 units in sales in one quarter. Looking at those achievements, our prediction for this month is Rs.465 maximum price to Rs.418 minimum price. 

For October we predict the maximum price would be Rs.489 and the minimum for the month would be Rs.440. 

In November we expect to see a slight jump and that will cross the 500 mark the maximum can hit Rs.550 rupees per share and the minimum price per share can be around Rs.497.

In December we see a huge jump in maximum price from Rs.553 predictions last month to Rs.591 in December. The minimum price can be around 532 rupees per share. 

This year can end well for Tata Motors as the company is growing rapidly and launching more safer cars every year. 

Tata Motors Share Price Prediction for 2023 (Next Year)

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2023 633.2502158 575.6820144
February 2023 645.9152201 587.1956546
March 2023 484.4364151 440.396741
April 2023 532.8800566 484.4364151
May 2023 444.0667138 403.6970126
June 2023 532.8800566 484.4364151
July 2023 639.4560679 581.3236981
August 2023 703.4016747 639.4560679
September 2023 738.5717584 671.4288713
October 2023 703.4016747 639.4560679
November 2023 773.7418422 703.4016747
December 2023 866.5908632 787.8098757

We predict a great year for Tata motors with a great start in January. The share price can go up to Rs.633 per share and the minimum price can be 575 per share. February would remain the same as January but can go up a few points. 

In March we can see a dip in share price, with a maximum price of Rs.484 and a minimum price of around Rs.440. 

In April we can see a sight recovery from the drop the maximum can hit Rs.532 and the minimum can hit Rs.484 per share.

We might see the prices go down in May again with a minimum of Rs.403 per share and a maximum of Rs.444 per share.

After June we see an incline every month and it can end the year with a maximum price of Rs.866 per share with a minimum of Rs.787 per share in December.  

Tata Motors Share Price Prediction for 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 912.2009087 829.2735533
February 2024 1024.944841 931.7680374
March 2024 1366.593122 1242.357383
April 2024 1242.357383 1129.415803
May 2024 1035.297819 941.1798358
June 2024 1242.357383 1129.415803
July 2024 1490.82886 1355.298964
August 2024 1639.911746 1490.82886
September 2024 1721.907333 1565.370303
October 2024 1639.911746 1490.82886
November 2024 1803.90292 1639.911746
December 2024 2020.371271 1836.701155

2023 can be a great year and prices can skyrocket that year, we predict that it will be a bull year for Tata Motors and investing in that period can be very beneficial.

January can be a maximum of Rs.912 per share and a minimum of Rs.829 per share which will increase in February, the maximum can go 1024 per share and a minimum of Rs.931 per share. In March, we can see a bullish market with a maximum price of Rs.1366 per share and that will go to a maximum of 2020 per share in December 

Tata Motors Share Price Target for 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 1717.31558 1561.195982
February 2025 1631.449801 1483.136183
March 2025 1713.022291 1557.292992
April 2025 1529.484189 1390.440172
May 2025 1662.482814 1511.348013
June 2025 1828.731095 1662.482814
July 2025 1741.648662 1583.316966
August 2025 1583.316966 1439.37906
September 2025 1662.482814 1511.348013
October 2025 1583.316966 1439.37906
November 2025 1741.648662 1583.316966
December 2025 1950.646502 1773.315001

In 2025, we might see that the market can be a little slower. We cannot say that it is bearish but can see that the prices might not be like the previous year of 2024.

Tata Motors Financial Condition: Last 5 years

Long Term Borrowings 14,102.74 16,326.77 14,776.51 13,914.74 13,155.91
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net] 173.72 266.5 198.59 205.86 154.61
Other Long Term Liabilities 1,212.34 1,786.93 1,646.56 404.11 502.37
Long Term Provisions 1,474.11 1,371.94 1,769.74 1,281.59 1,009.48
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES 16,962.91 19,752.14 18,391.40 15,806.30 14,822.37
Tangible Assets 12,065.89 19,922.06 19,540.25 18,316.61 18,192.52
Intangible Assets 2,009.87 6,501.04 5,667.73 3,970.22 3,411.23
Capital Work-In-Progress 585.21 1,400.82 1,755.51 2,146.96 1,371.45
Cash And Cash Equivalents 2,605.43 4,318.94 3,532.19 1,306.61 795.42

This is the balance sheet of Tata motors comparing the growth of the company for the last 5 years.

As we can see that the assets and liabilities of the company have not changed much but the cash reserves of the company have grown by a lot of margins.

We know that recently Tata motors bought a factory from Ford in Sanand and plans to manufacture EVs in that factory so we know that Tata motors will become huge in India for its EV division and its Share price can skyrocket.

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Tata Motors Share Price Target: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tata Motors in loss or profit?

Tata motors is in a Net loss of Rs.181 crores which in the previous year was 1321 crore. And now they have increased revenue by about 8% more than the previous year.

Is Tata Motors in debt?

Tata motors is in net debt of Rs48,679 crores in FY22

What will be the price of Tata Motors Share in 2025?

Tata Motors Share Price Target of 2025 suggests it could be trading in between 1390 to 1950 INR. 

Will Tata Motors rise?

Tata Motors is expected to rise in future as well. As we said, we are bulling on this stock because of the expansion of TM into the EV sectors. This according to us a is a long term hold.

What is the Tata Motors Share price target for tomorrow?

Tata Motors may drop by 1 to 1.5% tomorrow.

Should You Invest in Tata Motors Share?

For the past few days, Tata is losing money in the market, its share price is going down for the last 5 days. But we predict that there is a lot of potential in the company and we have already shared Tata Share price Target for 2022 to 2030. The reason we are bullish on Tata Motors is because of the EV sector. There is a great future of EV in India, looking at the population, and Tata is already preparing for that.

We are bullish on Tata Motors long term, but before investing in the company we say that, beware of the risks of the market and do not invest all your money at one time. Invest your money in parts and invest wisely.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article ‘Tata Motors Share Price Target 2022 to 2030′ is creating an AI tool, and it in no way guarantee that the actual price will be exactly as predicted. Please do your own research before investing in Tata Motors.

last Updated:  23rd September, 2022

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