How to Stop Cheques Payment using SBI Internet Banking

Well, it’s not new that sometimes you need to stop the cheques after you submit it. There might be an issue with the wrong syllabus, wrong spellings, or etc. which can transfer the money to the wrong account. In another case, you just changed your mind, and now you don’t want to continue the cheque transaction anymore. Whatever your reason is, With the SBI, you can simply stop the payment of the cheque by using internet banking.

Here is how you can stop the payment of the cheque using internet banking

Stop SBI Cheques Payment

Even other banks say it’s impossible to stop the transaction which has been done by using the cheque. Well the SBI says you can do it without any hassle.  The bank offers the facilities by which you can stop your cheque payment within a minute, and also it’s completely secure as well as safe.

The bank introduced the new feature where you can do it without getting too much stress. However, there are some steps as well as terms and condition that you need to follow. You can only use the feature between the 8 am and 8 pm. 

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If you missed the slot, then you need to visit the nearest SBI branch. Apart from this, the feature is not free. There is a certain fee that bank charges for cancelling your cheque transactions. You can find it as it will reflect on your bank account after the deduction. Make sure that you are entering all the right details during the cancellation process, if you are in doubt then check again to be sure and after that submit.

  • First thing you are going to need is your net banking must be activated
  • Visit the official website of the SBI bank
  • You will find the E-services on your right-hand side
  • It will take you another display where you find different services where you need to click on the stop cheque payment
  • It will redirect you to mentioned request
  • In the page, you will find your all accounts that you have with SBI
  • Now choose the account by which the cheques have been requested
  • Keep your chequebook with yourself as the next page is going to ask some related information’s
  • Now add the starting and last cheque numbers of which you wanted to cancel.
  • Here you will get the options, either you can cancel the single cheque, or you can choose multiple options
  • This is helpful in case when you lost the book or the cheque. Also, the Bank has the facility if you lose the cheque book, as you can click on the Cheque book. here you will get the look of the cheque book which has been released by the bank to you
  • Now identify the cheque’s type which you activated. You get two options i.e., normal cheque or cheque
  • Well, now you have to give the reasons behind why you are cancelling your cheque. You get the options, choose the one you find suitable for yourself. Now you successfully stopped the cheque
  • Submit the process and you are done.


We know that the state bank of India is one of the largest Indian and government sector bank. It is always a better idea to stop any payment if we don’t have sufficient balance in our bank account to avoid any charges or penalty. In this post, we have mentioned the same details that how can you stop SBI Cheque payments using internet banking. You can always write to us in the comment section for any query.

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