How To Request for Cheque Book in HDFC Online

Cheques are the most vital method of payment used many of the business, and even in the 21st century. You are wondering why, cheques? To keep a legal record of the transaction and also to receive or send the money in a legal form. However, Private banks are good compared to the government sector in terms of providing better facilities to account holders.

If you recently had opened your account with HDFC bank and forgot to request for your cheque book. No worries, you can even do this later. The things are changed and gone the days where you need to visit your branch for requesting cheque books again and again. In the world of digitalization, you can quickly request your HDFC Bank cheque book by sitting at your home, and the same will be delivered to your address automatically.

How To Request for Cheque Book in HDFC Online:


HDFC Bank is one of the best private banks, among others in terms of providing the best facilities to their account holders. It also supports customizing the banking services for consumers as per their convenient to get their most of the work done online.

There are four ways from which you can request your cheque book online. 

  1. Net Banking
  2. Phone Banking
  3. SMS Banking
  4. ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

#1. Net Banking:

Internet Banking is all that you need to minimize the workload of visiting the bank again and again. Internet banking is all made for to help the consumers from transferring funds to requesting a cheque book online by themselves. Here is how can you use Internet banking for getting the new copy of your cheque book leaves.

  1. First, you need to login into your Internet Banking; you can do this by clicking here:
  2. Then, you need to fill up your customer ID and password in the login page. (if you don’t have one then for the very first time you need to visit your branch for same)
  3. On the next screen and the left drop-down menu, you will find the “Requests.” Tab click on it.
  4. Scroll down, and click on cheque book.
  5. Select your account number and then proceed.
  6. Confirming your address and account details would be the final step of requesting a cheque book online. That’s it.

Important Note: 25 Cheques leaves are free per 4 months. If you exceed the limit, then Rs 50 will be charged per 25 Leaves.

#2 Phone Banking:

The second option to request a new cheque book from HDFC bank is calling customer care. You can do this by calling the toll-free number: 18002703366 from your registered mobile phone. (Put your debit card details for account verification if asked)

#3 SMS Banking:

The third option is via SMS. Yes, you heard it right. You can also apply for cheque leaves by sending a simple SMS by typing ‘chq ‘and send it to 5676712. (Make sure your mobile number updated with the bank records)

#4 ATM (Automated Teller Machine):

The last option is by visiting nearest HDFC bank ATM and apply for the cheque leaves by using your Debit aka ATM card.

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Modern business requires modern solutions. That’s the reason HDFC Bank is all up to provide the vast & best consumer experience. Providing the facilities, so you no longer need to visit your branch. 

One of the reasons that most of the account holders visit their branch is cheque book, but due to the facility provided by the HDFC bank, we no longer need to wait in banks for our turn.

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