Happiest minds (HAPPSTMNDS) share price target: Can HAPPSTMNDS reach 5000 INR by 2025?

Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd, established in 2011, stands as a pioneering force in the realm of IT solutions and services. With a strategic focus on digital transformation, enterprise solutions, product engineering, and an array of specialized domains, the company offers a spectrum of expertise, including security, mobility solutions, and M2M. Notably, their revenue distribution spans across India, the USA, the UK, and other regions, marking a substantial global presence. Recent expansions, including a new development center in Bhubaneswar and a deeper foray into healthcare and BFSI sectors, reflect their commitment to sustained growth.

This article delves into the comprehensive landscape of Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd, exploring its evolution, innovations, and industry impact.

Q2 Insights: Happiest Minds Technologies’ Financials, Expansion, and Market Performance

  • Financial Performance: Q2 saw a slight dip in net profit by 1.6% compared to the previous year, amounting to Rs 58.46 crore.
  • Revenue Surge: Despite the profit decline, revenue spiked significantly, marking a 19.3% year-on-year increase to Rs 428.83 crore.
  • Market Performance: Happiest Minds shares fell by over 2% on October 18, contributing to a year-to-date underperformance of 4.5% against the Nifty’s 8% rise.
  • Dividend Declaration: An interim dividend of Rs 2.5 for FY23 was approved, with a record date set for October 30 and payment scheduled from November 13 onwards.
  • Revised Growth Outlook: Forecast for FY24’s organic growth was revised to 12% from the previously anticipated 15-20% at the start of 2023.
  • Business Expansions: The company announced the establishment of Generative AI Business Services and a new product and digital engineering services unit, reflecting a strategic diversification.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Engaged in discussions with two firms for potential mergers and acquisitions, with a positive pipeline of 2-3 acquisition candidates, focusing on Generative AI’s adoption for process optimization and revenue generation

Things to Note About Happiest Minds – Why I have Included Happiest Minds in My Portfolio

  • Happiest Minds has achieved a remarkable profit growth of 63.0% CAGR over the last 5 years.
  • The company boasts a strong track record of return on equity (ROE), with a 32.0% ROE over 3 years.
  • Happiest Minds consistently maintains a healthy dividend payout ratio of 30.2%.

How to buy HAPPIEST MINDS Shares (HAPPSTMNDS) in India?

Happiest Minds is available for trading on NSE and BSE. There are many platforms available for you to buy HAPPSTMNDS. Some of the platforms are:

➔ Upstox 

➔ Groww

➔ Zerodha

➔ Olymp Trade

➔ AngelOne

HAPPSTMNDS Last 5 Years Chart (2019 to 2023)

happiest minds share July 2023

HAPPSTMNDS was trading below 500 INR before 2021.

Finances rule

In last 2 years, it went from 500 INR to 1500 INR, a jump in 300 percent from where the price consolidated and is currently trading at 946 INR.

HAPPIEST MINDS Share Price Target 2023-2030

HAPPSTMNDS Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 ₹892.08 ₹775.72
December 2023 ₹921.52 ₹801.32

In November 2023, Happiest Minds Technologies’ projected share price ranged between ₹775.72 and ₹892.08. Moving into December, the estimated values varied from ₹801.32 to ₹921.52.

As of November 11th, the stock was trading at ₹826 with a Price/Earnings ratio of 57.0. The company’s Market Cap stood at ₹12,576 Cr. These anticipated price targets reflect potential fluctuations within the market, suggesting a scope for an increase from the current valuation, projecting a positive trajectory for the company’s shares through the end of the year.

HAPPIEST MINDS Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹940.33 ₹817.67
February 2024 ₹959.52 ₹834.36
March 2024 ₹979.10 ₹851.39
April 2024 ₹950.58 ₹826.59
May 2024 ₹936.53 ₹814.38
June 2024 ₹970.25 ₹843.69
July 2024 ₹960.54 ₹835.26
August 2024 ₹998.97 ₹868.67
September 2024 ₹1,038.93 ₹903.41
October 2024 ₹1,018.55 ₹885.70
November 2024 ₹1,049.11 ₹912.27
December 2024 ₹1,075.34 ₹935.08


  • Maximum Happiest Minds share price 2024: ₹1,075.34
  • Minimum Happiest Minds share price 2024: ₹817.67

HAPPSTMNDS Share Price Target 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹1,096.85 ₹843.73
February 2025 ₹1,124.97 ₹865.36
March 2025 ₹1,168.84 ₹899.11
April 2025 ₹1,145.92 ₹881.48
May 2025 ₹1,112.55 ₹855.81
June 2025 ₹1,162.61 ₹894.32
July 2025 ₹1,139.82 ₹876.78
August 2025 ₹1,175.07 ₹903.90
September 2025 ₹1,216.20 ₹935.54
October 2025 ₹1,247.82 ₹959.86
November 2025 ₹1,279.01 ₹983.86
December 2025 ₹1,310.99 ₹1,008.45

In 2025, Happiest Minds presents a promising landscape for investors. The year kicks off with a projected maximum of Rs. 1,096.85 and a minimum of Rs. 843.73 in January, showcasing potential growth. The anticipated trajectory for the company’s share prices continues to rise steadily throughout the year, reaching a high of Rs. 1,310.99 and a low of Rs. 1,008.45 by December, indicating a robust upward trend in stock values.

HAPPSTMNDS Share Price Target: 2026 – 2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹1,376.54 ₹963.58
2027 ₹1,514.19 ₹1,059.93
2028 ₹2,119.87 ₹1,059.93
2029 ₹1,835.38 ₹917.69
2030 ₹2,386.00 ₹1,670.20

Happiest Minds appears set for an upward trajectory from 2026 to 2030, showing a consistent pattern of growth. The projected share prices indicate a promising future for investors, with anticipated maximums ranging from Rs. 1,376.54 in 2026 to Rs. 2,386.00 in 2030. The minimum values follow a similar trend, starting from Rs. 963.58 in 2026 and rising to Rs. 1,670.20 in 2030. This forecast suggests a substantial potential for appreciation in the company’s stock value over the coming years, showcasing a consistent pattern of growth and investor optimism.


2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Sales (in Rs. Crores) 590 698 761 1,034 1,333
Expenses (in Rs. Crores) 531 599 571 788 1,012
Operating Profit (in Rs. Crores) 59 99 190 246 321
OPM % 10% 14% 25% 24% 24%
Other Income (in Rs. Crores) -19 5 23 38 22
Interest (in Rs. Crores) 16 8 6 8 22
Depreciation (in Rs. Crores) 20 20 21 24 30
Profit before tax (in Rs. Crores) 4 75 186 251 292
Tax % 0% 3% 13% 26% 26%
Net Profit (in Rs. Crores) 4 73 162 186 216
EPS (in Rs.) 1.11 14.87 11.03 12.70 14.73
Dividend Payout % 0% 0% 0% 26% 36%


According to The Economic Times, the company’s yearly sales growth of 41.76% outpaced its three-year CAGR of 23.14%.

The firm reported strong results for the prior quarter, with margins expanding due to revenue growth, improved utilization and realization, and decreased attrition at Happiest Minds.

“The cause for the rapid surge is its management’s confidence about its future expansion.”

The corporation anticipates that sales will increase more this year, resulting in increased earnings and revenue.

“Its prognosis seems to be hopeful with its concentration on cloud and cloud-based computing enterprises,” stated Likhita Chepa, Senior Research Analyst at CapitalVia Global Research.

HappiestMinds Tech Share Price Target by YES Securities

On October 18, 2023, YES Securities expressed a bullish stance on Happiest Minds, issuing a buy recommendation for the stock and setting a target price of Rs 1100 in their research report.


What is Happiest Minds’ current market cap?

The current market cap stands at ₹12,576 Crores.

What is the current share price target?

As of November 11th, the share was trading at ₹826.

What’s the projected 2025 share price target for Happiest Minds?

The estimated range for December 2025 is ₹1,008.45 to ₹1,310.99.

What’s the 2030 share price target for Happiest Minds?

Projections suggest a range from ₹963.58 to ₹2,386.00 for 2030.

What is the current Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio?

The current P/E ratio stands at 57.0.

What is the dividend payout ratio?

Happiest Minds maintains a healthy dividend payout ratio of 30.2%.

How has Happiest Minds’ sales trended over the last five years?

Sales have shown remarkable growth from 2019’s ₹590 Crores to 2023’s ₹1,333 Crores.

What is the company’s history in terms of profit growth?

Over the last five years, Happiest Minds has demonstrated a 63.0% CAGR profit growth.

What’s the track record for Return on Equity (ROE)?

The three-year ROE stands at a strong 32.0%.

What do experts foresee for Happiest Minds’ share price?

Analysts predict positive growth with price targets ranging from Rs. 1,120 to Rs. 1,190.

What’s the recent trend in Happiest Minds’ share price movement?

The stock has seen significant growth, from trading below 500 INR before 2021 to consolidating around 946 INR.

Further Read:

HAPPSTMNDS: Can the share price reach 5000INR by 2025 (to 2030)?

Happiest Minds is anticipated to do well till 2030 atleast.

Over the previous five years, HAPPSTMNDS has produced 69% CAGR profit growth (till March 2023). Happiest Minds Target Share values show that the firm has a solid return on equity (ROE) track record, with a three-year ROE of 32%. The corporation has been paying out a strong dividend of 30.2%.

As a result, the Happiest Minds Stock projection suggests a favourable return for its investors. Although there had been mixed reviews on the share as it is not doing well from past few months. 

Disclaimer: All information in this article ‘HAPPSTMNDS Share Price Target 2025‘ is generated using AI tool and is not a guarantee that the price will follow exactly the same trajectory. Please DYOR before investing. 

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